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If you're like most foreign daters, you're always hunting for the secret jewels ␓ the places that beautiful single ladies always have chances to meet and date on. The dilemma with most guys is that they're continually wandering through the same old dating areas without really getting a deep dive through the world's countries that aren't overcrowded by dudes trying to get laid and/or married to international ladies. Yeah, there are plenty of hot venezuelan singles here, and to date they are more than content marrying gringos. Although there is more to it than that since venezuela now has more in common with the soviet union around 1994 than with any of today's south america. The nation is situated on south america's northern edge, with a lively population of just under 32 million. With venezuela nestling between the caribbean sea and the atlantic ocean, tourists and locals alike can appreciate 3,000km of coastline. It's a green, tropical country with plenty of oil and gold deposits, and some of the world's most beautiful scenery, with angel falls being a prime example of the sights you can hope to see here.

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Why do so many venezuelan women want to sign up for bridal bride pages for mail order? Well, because of venezuelan men that is simple. Venezuelan men owe you many favours about how they treat their ladies, which is like trash. Like something they have found at the bottom of their shoe, actually, and want to get rid of it. They're too macho, and not in a defensive manner ␓ but in the very cheesy south american "man guy" style, where it's just about puffing up your chin, screaming at the top of your lungs and shaking your fists, while still suffering from a terminal case of chronic unemployment.

These guys have been confirmed to be the world's vainest men, statistically. Some of the guys here cheat on their wives, so getting side girls is what they do without giving it another thought. Here women's sexual abuse is at an alarming level and is linked to the higher than average rate of domestic violence experienced by venezuelan women. Being a well-behaved, well-dressed western man here is the equivalent to showing up at a party with a fat kid looking as willy wonka - they're going to be white on rice all over you. You are clearly a much, far better choice than 90% of local guys for dating, sex, passion and marriage.

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Now let's get down to the business of what these ladies are like here. Well for instance, venezuelan women have won more than women from any other nation to miss world. In reality, it has won twice as many times as you would have expected other countries to produce spectacular winners like russia, iceland or sweden. Also since 1979 venezuelan women have held the title of miss universe seven times. Yeah, that is sweet. Could this mean that you can bump into your own miss universe while enjoying those night's beers? My friend is guaranteed nothing in life so the chances are certainly in your favour if you spend any time here dating and getting to know as many people as possible. Venezuelan girls are, in terms of appearance, a smorgasbord of native american elements, mixed together with a touch of something from spain, portugal, italy, germany and africa. Nailing down exactly what they look like is complicated because a girl with spanish and german roots would look entirely different from a girl with native american and african backgrounds. Basically there are women here in race, house, intellect, and attitude to fit any taste.

The loveliest girls in the world?

Their beauty lies as much about their physicality as their visual appeal, ensuring that most women here have bodies to complement their looks. If you're from a western country, you're probably used to lazy women, apathetic slobs with a sense of self-entitlement that could choke an elephant, and that's why women in south america are such a breath of fresh air! They love to live their lives, they waste time with their beauty, they are really giving a shit what you think of their looks, because they keep in shape because if they don't realize they have no chance of finding a man to settle with. Being with a venezuelan woman would mean appreciating that with any single date or social function that you attend together, she is late.

And she's not going to be just a couple of minutes late - we're talking about at least 30 minutes, and probably more. If you give her a call or text and she responds, "i'm just going now," that means she's actually getting ready to shower. By this, don't get bent out of shape, for it's what all women do here habitually. Socializing is an important part of life here, with both men and women spending the rest of their spare time only drinking and loving life - this is characteristic of the venezuelan mentality. This plays in favour, as you will have more than ample chances to find the very sort of woman you are looking for. Venezuelan women are fond of joking, and their sense of humor spreads to mocking men. Just don't read into the humor, because it doesn't really mean any harm. Women here are heavily sexualised, but sex to them does not always mean marriage and particularly because they are so used to cheating on them by their former venezuelan boyfriends.

Dancing is another major part of their social life, so if you want some way to crack the ice with women here you need to learn how to dance ␓ or at least pretend it. one very strange part of the society here is that more and more people are dabbling in plastic surgery to change their looks - even those who obviously don't need it. The reasons for this are that getting plastic surgery is an sign of personal privilege, but it is also linked to the achievement of physical beauty by venezuelan women. It's a shame that in the end they wind up looking like a melting star, in the same way as other actors in hollywood. does venezuela have any downsides to dating women? Ok, the first is that if you're a venezuelan girl's boyfriend her possessiveness gene turns on. And we expect nuclear detonation at low-level by switches on. Like the possessive boil-a-small-animal-in-a-large-pot-of-water. Know, any guy she's ever met before you obviously cheated her, so she's going to do the damnest best to deter you from making the same error.

Customs Venezuela brides

You will make your dating time here even easier by knowing what is expected of you on every day. The first thing is you're supposed to pay for dinner and alcohol, with almost no suggestion of dividing the bill by yourself. Women here have no idea what "going dutch" entails so don't bother to inquire. If you can't get her back to your own hotel (though this is always a problem), so you'll still be forced to pay for your "heart hotel" for either the night or how many hours you may need it. Small presents like chocolates or roses, and particularly on a first date, are often welcome. Now, that might sound seedy, but the truth is that she and her parents live at home, so even though you only want to spend some time relaxing or hanging out on your own, booking in a "sex hotel" may be your only choice. Small presents like chocolates or roses, and particularly on a first date, are often welcome.

Only don't overdo it, because the ladies here are like caring guys but not insecure people, and if you don't appreciate the distinction you can need to check yourself before you arrive. Do not be ashamed to prove that by planning a picnic or beach date you want to spend time with her, and unlike western ladies, she would understand that you've taken the initiative to do this. After your first date, or two, you'll meet her friends and family. And whatever you can to be respectful with them, even though they are total assholes. Venezuelan women love their family relationships a lot and if you look or sound rude then she would drop you on the spot. And then, make up your date nicely. That doesn't mean a 3-piece suit, but it does mean showered, trimmed, sprayed cologne, combed hair, sweater, trousers, and perfectly pressed shirt. You remember, please don't look like a backpacker or a hobo. If you just follow the tips we discussed here, the venezuelan dating community won't give you any headaches.

Politik und liebe

The political and economic condition in venezuela is more of a mess. We can't get around this topic because you may have seen some of the media reports before, so we won't pursue it. Perhaps more than you can imagine. Nowadays the condition in caracas is worse than in 1996 in moscow. The crisis in weimar germany during the 1920's is changing. In deprived parts of the country, actually, there are people starving. And what you need to know is that venezuela has a huge abundance of oil and gold, and is one of south america's most prosperous nations. The issues you're hearing about on the television are because of successive marxist regimes that have ripped the economy to teeny, tiny bits. It all began with a guy named hugo chavez, a activist who later became president. He privatized the country's wealth-generating businesses, wrecking the economy in the process. His replacement is cut from the same fabric, a guy named maduro. In short, two fools with marxist values have done more evil to the venezuelan people than the typical zombie apocalypse.

Inflation currently stands at nearly 700% and projections predict that it will cross approximately 2000% by 2018. In an attempt to combat inflation, the nation has adopted a new currency ␓ the bolivar fuerte, but the jury is still out on that one. But people are marching through the streets right now to demonstrate against the lack of food, medical treatment, and even electricity. What you should reflect on here is that this stuff is only fleeting, and it offers you an chance in any lifetime to only have once or twice ␓ millions of single people who are simply desperate to meet westerners. It's the same thing that happened in the late 1980s in the soviet union, so the economic crisis can pass, but there's never been a better time for you to search, meet, and/or marry a venezuelan bride in mail order. Those people are searching desperately for a white knight. So maybe nobody has ever mistaken you with sir lancelot or with an action hero, so this is your chance to rescue a beautiful princess.

It's not all the cash

So, the economic crisis that the world is overcoming is producing a lot of venezuelan brides in mail order, but that does not scare you. Some internet trolls say that all brides in the mail order are gold diggers but that's not the case and we have evidence to support the assertion. Check out this post and find out the truth about western men's and brides marriages from developing nations. Yeah, gold diggers are searching for an escape route into another world. Yet south alabama is home to gold diggers struggling to break out of the trailer park. In romance there are still traces of income. A connection is lubricated by capital. It allows you access to women so it takes more than money for a decent friendship. There are thousands of genuine brides-to-be from venezuela who want to get married for all the right reasons, and only to the right man. They are completely no different from the people you may encounter in peru, argentina or chile, except that they have the misfortune of living in a country where their economic conditions are not their own at all. If that means going to north america, europe or australia, then they are able to make this decision. Just don't believe you should buy women here - in any country it doesn't work. While we talk about money, we would like to share some advice with some percent of the guys reading this guide. If you're still stuck under a huge mountain of personal debt, don't go chasing an overseas girlfriend or wife. Dating abroad can be made inexpensive but it's far from free.

Where to find Venezuela brides

Caracas now one of south america's most prosperous towns, has a population of just under 3 million. The city is often a hive of activity, particularly when people are searching for the best places to relax and have fun at night and weekends. There are plenty of bars and clubs to enjoy, and you can even find the best restaurants in the country here. Caracas violence is terrible outside the central business district, which is packed with police security, so don't go out to the village to visit the family of a child. It is all too risky before the economy gets stronger. Malls are the best places to start, sambil mall, followed closely by fashion mall tolon, is one of the best places to meet women during the day. even you should use the smaller shopping malls to attract people and there are plenty to pick from. It's a no-no policy to people on the highway, even though they know you're a visitor. The district of las mercedes is where all the fun begins, so do your best to stay in a nearby hotel or airbnb.

The best of venezuelan nightlife is found in caracas' bars and clubs, with something to fit any palate. Just note that for most of the best bars and clubs the dress code is formal, meaning clean pants, shoes and a tie, so there's no need for a tuxedo. Face regulation is a fact of life here, so do your best to appear like you're part of the club, or the bouncers will just hurry you out of your way. By the way, "face regulation" is when bouncers prohibit people from posing and behaving depending on how they look ␓ if you don't hit the mark then you're pushed to one side. Some of our favorite bars here include 360 roof bar, situated on avenida de luis roche, a popular local girls' group hangout. Hog heaven might sound like some sort of rough-and-tumble biker bar, but it's really one of the city's trendiest. Lots of live music, and lots of pretty people.  Juan sabastian bar (avenida venezuela) is a perfect place to hang out if you want to listen to live music, when you don't feel like you've been stuffed in a sardine box. If you're looking for bars and clubs specifically to meet ladies, then add birosca and maison de cibeles to your list -both of these places are incredibly popular with younger people and students, and it's almost impossible not to find a girl here to hang out or hook up. only keep in mind that drinks have been overpriced by the finest bars and clubs and there is always a door fee. This is very descriptive of getting fun at every south american upmarket bar.

Beer and dine

A mixture of romantic gifts and passion is the best way to get a venezuelan woman's heart, but the next quickest way to please her is through the magic of fine dining. Well all right, maybe it's not good, but by doing that you'll earn a lot more points than being a cheapskate ␓ venezuelan girls hate cheap guys with a special kind of zeal. What's on the line, then? Serving south american cuisine, renowned for its 8-course meals and using local ingredients, is the first on our list. The workers are nice and knowledgeable, and the desserts alone are worth coming here. Poor but you're going to make a big impact because it's the city's #1 restaurant. The maute barbecue, which is your usual steakhouse, or meat restaurant, is second on the list. Here you get the best steaks in town, but there's also a reasonably comprehensive seafood menu. If you have a more limited budget, then try out la cita, which serves mediterranean cuisine. Nice service, and don't skip the lobster and at least one dessert to treat your date.

Where to live in caracas

Budget hotels may seem hard to come by by local standards, but that's only because they cost at least ???50 a night, which is the equivalent of a month's wage for certain people living here. If you want to stay at what is potentially the city's best hotel, then book yourself at the cayena-caracas hotel. Rooms here start at about us$300 a night, and you'll be able to enjoy the kind of luxury hotel with its own rooftop pool and a sanctuary of security and quiet in a hectic area. The hotel chacao & suites is next on the list, with rooms beginning at about us$150 per night. The staff is highly friendly and it also has all the facilities that you can expect from this sort of hotel, including its own spa. Your budget accommodation choice in caracas is the renaissance caracas la castellana hotel, with rooms beginning at about us$80 per night. This may be the cheapest hotel in our list, but as is the workers, the food is world class. Do not want to linger here in hostels - they are simply concrete cells with a floor-shaped mattress. They pay barely anything to stay in so you're not going to love the ride.


In south american countries, finding out the exchange rate for your dollars or euros is typically fairly straightforward. Unfortunately venezuela's currency unit is the bolivar fuerte (vef), which replaced the venezuelan bolivar standard in 2008. The exchange rate is us$1 to 10 bolivar fuerte at the time of writing, but each of the new bolivars is worth 1,000 of the old units of currency. There's a black-market currency here so get able to use it. Your regular expenses here vary from $100 a day for any guy who has a limited budget, to $500 a day for wealthy guys who want to live like a dictator.


If you intend to spend much of your time in caracas then you'll find plenty of people who speak fairly well in english. However, elderly citizens and people living elsewhere in the world can still understand spanish so be prepared for it. By spending a few weeks taking regular lessons via duolingo you will spare yourself a lot of headaches, and also a bit of shame.

Common awareness guidelines

Venezuela is a roman catholic republic, so people aren't all fans of using condoms, with the immediate drawback that if you have casual sex, the chance of having an std here is much higher. So if you're not loving tossing the dice of your body, wear a condom still. Don't cart huge sums of cash around, and look out for money cloning fraud and atm skimmers too. Also, it's critical that you don't travel to the colombian border because of the possibility of abduction. Also, don't even imagine carrying illicit drugs with you to the world or taking them back with you ␓ any of these would land you inside a venezuelan prison. How horrible things might be? In one of these jails a few months would leave you wishing you had died in a plane crash. The tap water here is not fit for drinking, and the same applies to using ice in your drinks - don't do it unless you want to waste some days stuck to the bathroom of your hotel room.

How to have it

Visitors to venezuela are not expected by british, canadian, australian and eu residents. However, american and israeli residents need a visa, and it must be sought at least 5 days before you intend to travel. However, a ninety-day visa is just $30 and is valid for a year. Direct flights from both europe and the united states service the region, including air france, delta airlines, american airlines, turkish airlines, and air europa. Anyone travelling from north america to venezuela should anticipate at least 4 hours of travel time, which is much less than the 14 hours you would have to experience if you fly from continental europe. Then again, to spend a few weeks in paradise, that is a small price to pay for.