The Allies

These men behind the scenes have changed our game. A total force on our behalf, we call them our “allies” or our “friendlies” and we couldn’t do this without them. Want to join their ranks? Ask how…

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The men who have changed our game.

This list comes from behind the scenes and is comprised by the women at HQ, our chapter cities and our board members. The men on it never asked to be featured, listed or mentioned. But because of something they have done along the way, here they are…

Their actions may have been a tremendous donation of time, wisdom or financial support. We’ll leave that to your imagination. Want to join the list? Contact us.

There should be more men on this list. Join them.

Thank you. Kudos to the brands behind the guys above.

September 18-20, 2019

800+ Women (and a few good men)
Rock star speakers
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