For the most sensitive of Asks & Stories.

While the Women in Digital community is always available for story sharing in confidence, some of our stories and Asks are far too sensitive to share in Slack or a Peer Circle. If that is the case, please use these confidential forms and we will be in touch to provide assistance as soon as possible.


Reserved for the most urgent of Asks or for those Asks which must be kept in the strictest of confidence, our SOS Ask is here for members only. Please share as much as you can on this form and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

Your Story

Your story is our story. But some stories are too sensitive to share in the #yourstory Slack channel. For those most awesome, yet confidential of stories, we encourage you to leave yours here. Your story will never, ever be publicly shared without your consent beforehand. Should you fill out this form and we do choose to publish your story, you will be notified. Your email and name will be kept in absolute confidence, however, and will never be shared publicly.

  • Your #metoo moment, or why did you join Women in Digital?

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