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Slack is an incredible resource for our roughly 2000 members to meet, share ideas, network, find jobs, find contractors, and much more. One you sign up as a Women in Digital member, you will find an invite in your inbox. Contact us if you need assistance.

The Women in Digital Workspace – You’re In!

Be sure to complete these important tasks when you sign into Slack for the first time:

1. Create your display name: We ask our members use the same standard format: First name (city). For example: Caroline (Columbus). If you discover someone else in your city with the same name, feel free to add the first letter of your last name.

2. Complete your public profile in the Slack Member Directory: Upload your photo and complete the additional information so other members can see who you are. Find instructions on how to do that here. PRO TIP: this is how you can find other members in your city. Just search your city name or a specialty focus. Choose your keyword and power on.

3. Find your city channel: Click on “Channels” on the left tool bar and search “your city name” to find the channel dedicated to your city. 

4. Find more amazing channels: scroll through or search to find the channels that are of interest. There are so many to choose from that include special topics, podcast and book discussions, advice on searching for jobs, and much more. You are also automatically signed into a couple of very important channels:



This channel is to extend public asks. Keep in mind these asks will be read by every member of our group. It is best to post an Ask here if you want to cast a wider net and get more responses. Send anonymous asks to or through our confidential Ask form.


A Give is a woman in digital offering potentially life-changing advice on salary, career advancement, paid family leave, leadership and more!


Nothing is too small to celebrate! A win for you is a win for all of us, and we can’t wait to hear about it. 🙂



A channel to discuss your experiences with mansplaining and how to handle it.



A place to post about job opportunities. This also includes an automatic feed of jobs posted to the WID Job Board.


A place to connect, discuss peer circles, and ask questions.

Auto-Join Channels
Every member is added to these channels upon invitation to Slack.


Find Your Niche Channels
We have a ton of awesome channels for specific sub-groups, such as moms, content-marketing, and LGBTQ.

Find like-minded women by clicking on the word “Channels” in your Slack sidebar.

Create a New Channel
Don’t see a channel for your niche? Email or post in the #general channel with your idea and we’ll create a poll.

If 20+ other members are interested, we’ll make a new channel and help encourage others to join!

Need help?

Read our FAQs below to get your most common questions answered and also please read our community guidelines.

We have a group of Slack community managers volunteering their time to help you. These volunteers have next to their names. Feel free to reach out to them if you’re stuck!

Deb (Austin)

Deb de Freitas • Austin Community Management Chair

Erika (Twin Cities)

Erika Voeller • Twin Cities Community Management Chair

Debbie (Columbus)

Debbie Gillum • Columbus Secretary

Emily (Denver)

Emily Schantz • Denver  Community Management Chair

Morgan (Cincinnati)

Morgan Hamilton • Cincinnati Community Management Co-Chair


How do I find my city channel?

Each city name follows the same format: loc-(cityname). To find your city channel, click on “Channels” in the left menu, type in “loc-” and then the first few letters of your city name. The channel should come up.

How do I join a board channel?

Each city has a Board of Directors, which has their own private Slack channel. The name follows the same format: db-(cityname). When a board member is added, a current member must invite them to the private channel. If you are a board member not in your board channel, contact your city champion.

How do I browse channels?

To browse channels and find something of interest, click on “Channels” in the left menu. This list will show all available channels!

When should I use @channel?

Channel-wide announcements are restricted to slack admins (listed above) and WID staff and should be used sparingly for truly time sensitive announcements.  You can request an announcement from a slack community manager or from HQ.

How do I change my icon and availability?

You can use an emoji next to your name to set your status and availability or just include something for fun. To do this, click on the arrow next to “Edit status” on the top left of the menu. To change your icon, click the icon and choose from the options. Women in Digital has some custom emojis included on the bottom of the list. FYI only headquarters staff can use the HQ emoji. 

To set your availability, go to edit status, and you can either choose one of the suggested options or type in a status (e.g. on a retreat!).

Why do I see a lock next to some channels?

A lock icon next to a channel means it’s a private channel and is invite-only. This is usually because it is a channel only for board members in a specific city or a peer group.

How can I create a channel?

Women in Digital and its Slack community managers work very hard not to overload our members with redundant Slack channels. Only WID staff or community managers are able to create new channels. If you have an idea for a channel, please contact one of them!

How can I find an old post or message?

You can use the search bar in the upper right corner of the workspace to search for old messages. Our Slack account allows the past 10,000 messages to be searched.

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