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From trolling right back and trouncing Thuggy D to out RT’ing Ellen DeGeneres, the Wendy’s social team has dominated the Twitterverse for months and months now.

Kerry Flynn | Business Reporter, Mashable

Meredith Ulmer | Social Media Specialist, Wendy’s

Christina Miller | Associate Channel Director of Social Strategy, VML

The work between Wendy’s digital and their agency, VML has earned Cannes Awards, recognition from AdWeek and their Twitter account is often credited next to Donald Trump’s as keeping Twitter alive and well. So, how do they do it? Everyone wants to know so we can take their mastery and teamwork back to our own social teams to make the magic happen for our own brands.

During this candid interview with Meredith Ulmer, Social Media Specialist, the Wendy’s Company and Christina Miller, the VML Associate Channel Director in Social Strategy working on the Wendy’s account, we’ll dive into the behind the scenes strategy of the Wendy’s social account and take questions from the audience.

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