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Connect the dots between key UX design principles and your professional goals.

Breonna Rodriguez | Lead Digital Designer, Sesame Street

When it comes to designing an e-commerce site for candles or an app to take notes, most digital designers can find a solution with their eyes closed. But when it real-life challenges, like designing our career paths or turning negative feedback into a positive motivation, many of us barely pass the QA test. Instead of proactively creating a positive experience for ourselves, we often tend to go with the flow … and run into the same errors over and over again.

In this talk, Breonna will help you to connect the dots between key UX design principles and their professional goals (which probably brought them to the conference in the first place). With the conscious effort of noticing our common user pitfalls, break bad practices (i.e. our insecurities) that have not been upgraded years, and inspire you to approach your life with the confidence you exude in solving a digital project.

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