The Pledge

Our members pledge to empower each other through Asks & Gives. It’s a bargain we strike and a total game changer.



 As a member of Women in Digital, I acknowledge that there is far more work to be done to achieve true equality in the digital advertising, marketing and communications industry. And that while my particular employer may embrace gender equality and diversity; other women are still battling against internal forces which prohibit them from achieving their personal and professional goals.

I pledge to support my fellow members in any way I am able and to believe in myself, never forgetting my own strength. I also understand that even the smallest steps will have a significant impact on our collective goals.


I understand and accept that the major issues we as a group collectively promise to combat are:

  • Inadequate acknowledgement or recognition for achievements in the way of promotions or salary increases
  • Lack of inclusion in key meetings
  • Unequal representation in leadership and C-level positions
  • Lack of paid maternity and family leave
  • Lack of child care pay or coverage
  • Sexual harassment
  • Unequal pay or promotions


Over the next twelve months I will:

  • Make 12 “Gives” to another Woman in Digital member
  • Make 12 “Asks” to another Woman in Digital member
  • Volunteer at least 12 hours of my time to a group, outside of our own, dedicated to empowering children or women

I pledge to be my own champion and the champion of all of our members by accepting that we have won some battles, but not the war. And until we’re equal, no woman will be.



Some Asks come from a place of total vulnerability others are far more straighforward or technical in nature. All are hard to make as so many of us have been trained not to ask for help, especially from each other.

“What’s the best social conversation monitoring tool?”

“How do I handle a mansplaining developer?”

“How can I interview for jobs while pregnant, or should I?”

“How much should I be making? Should I ask for raise?”

“My boss actually yelled at me yesterday – how should I respond?”

“I need to learn SEO. What’s the best resource?”

Asks are easy once you start and the gives you receive are incredibly valuable. Every day members are asking in the Slack account where an HR rep is standing by for urgent or more complicated employment issues. 


Gives come easily by nature for us women. So, this is the most natural part about the group. What’s most amazing is our uncanny ability to help each other with our very specific needs directly related to digital, marketing, communications and advertising.

“Happy to teach you Google Analytics.”

“There’s a designer you should meet who would be perfect for that project.”

“There’s a new job at my company – here’s the listing.”

“I can give you a LinkedIn recommendation during your job hunt.”

“Here’s what I heard about your company and their promotion policy.”


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