Make the most of your membership when you join a Women in Digital Peer Circle.

Your circle will be based in your city and comprised of your digital peers and mentors. You’ll meet once a month at a time you choose to confidentially solve your most challenging professional obstacles or hurdles. You’ll also build a sisterhood that will last a lifetime.

What does a Peer Circle require?

2.5 hours of your time to meet once per month.

Commitment to grow and an open mind to peer advice and counsel.

Women in Digital Membership. Become a member here. 

And finally, you must read the Women in Digital Peer Circle Guide before your first meeting.

When will I be assigned to my Peer Circle? 

After submitting this form, your local chapter Circle Chair / board will match you to a peer circle in your city. This process can take up to 7-10 business days.

(Please note! We just overhauled our Peer Circle process, so assignments are taking a bit longer. Hang tight and contact your chapter Peer Circle Chair for updates.)

What happens if I don’t feel my peer circle is a match? 

Please fill this confidential form out and we will be in touch.

  • If placed in a brand new Peer Circle, I am open to taking the initial responsibility of initiating/scheduling the first Peer Circle meeting.
  • Are you interested in an in-person peer circle or a virtual peer circle (or check both for both)!
  • Give us more info on what region / area of town would be best and what times work well for you!

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