Paraguay Women

Paraguay is a state located in the central part of the South American continent and named after the river that flows throughout the country. Due to its location, Paraguay is often called the "Heart of America" (“Corazon de America” in Spanish). In the Guarani language, Paraguay means "the great river" or "the sea source." The most potent symbols of the country’s culture are the Guarani language and national history, primarily related to previous wars. The indigenous heritage of Paraguay also includes traditional harp music, local food, and various crafts.

Until the early 19th century, Paraguay was a Spanish colony. Since the beginning of European colonization, The Roman Catholic Church has been a powerful force and unshakable authority in Paraguayan society. For centuries, Spanish did not manage to replace Guarani, the local language. At present, The Republic of Paraguay is mostly a bilingual country. Spanish is spoken by more than 85% of the local people, while 90% know Guarani. Both Spanish and Guarani languages have official status in this country, and the mixture of these languages is called Jopara. 

Up to 70% of the country’s male population was killed during The War of the Triple Alliance (1864 -1870). This war went down in history as the bloodiest confrontation, in which Paraguay was practically destroyed. The skewed gender ratio resulting from that military conflict is the reason for the current low marriage rates, frequent out-of-wedlock births, and machismo. The burden of restoring the Paraguayan economy, or rather, preserving the entire Paraguayan nation, was placed on frail women's shoulders. Therefore, Paraguay women are the primary matter of national pride.

The main feature of this country is local women. Contemporary Paraguay girls are beautiful, gentle, and sexy. At the same time, they are level-headed and responsible persons. Despite the typical hot temperament inherent to all Latin Americans, Paraguay females are surprisingly calm and sedate. Paraguay women deserve particular attention and special respect. Because of their unusual beauty and outstanding character traits, many single men from other countries dream of meeting Paraguay girls and building serious relationships with them.

What Do Paraguay Women Look Like?

Paraguayan society is considered one of the most ethnically homogeneous in Latin America. More than 95% of the country's population consists of Paraguayans, a unique ethnic group, the descendants of mixed marriages of white colonists with the indigenous tribes. The remaining 5% are Spaniards, Guaraní, Germans, Brazilians, Italians, Slavs, Japanese, Koreans, and African descendants. Most Paraguayans are mestizo. The combined Indian and European descent means that you cannot find two Paraguay women looking alike.


Paraguay is the best country in South America if you are looking for unusual, feminine, and very natural Paraguay brides. Some of these young women look like pure Nordic beauties, while others have indigenous blood. No matter what type of woman you prefer, you can find such a girl in Paraguay. You might be surprised by their fantastic femininity probably achieved by creating a sexy and feminine look, smooth movements, and a serene facial expression.


We can state that charming and hot Paraguay women are found among the world's most beautiful women. Many of them boast slender figures, tanned skin, black wavy hair, and mesmerizing dark brown eyes. However, sometimes you can meet striking blondes in this country who might be the descendants of Teutonic Order knights. Local women always try to look well-groomed, although they often have limited resources for that. Most Paraguay women are very feminine. Simultaneously, they are timid and not prone to flirting or displaying affection for men publicly.

Paraguay girls usually have a perfect complexion. Most of them are dark-skinned. Their skin color ranges from light brown to milk chocolate. It can be explained by the fact that they do not spend time on the beaches, or it could be due to unique genetics. Whatever the reason, Paraguay girls always look fresh and youthful, and this applies even to older women. Thus, you can be sure of one thing: in the morning, your Paraguay girl will remain as beautiful as the evening before.


By their nature, Paraguay women are amiable, optimistic, and good-humored. They are almost always very kind, good-natured, and smiling. Calm and relaxation reign in Paraguay. The pace of life is slow in this country, and sexy Paraguay women are often late for a date by half an hour or even more. They may not be free to do whatever they want and can be afraid of breaking social norms. However, they know how to deal with rude men eloquently and calmly to find a compromise that will benefit everyone. They know how to see the essence of a person. 

Paraguay women are proud of themselves, and they know how to fight and forgive. They know what it means to fall and get up again, and they know how to win. When a Paraguay woman becomes a wife, professional, and mother, she turns to be the family's heart. She knows how to unite people around her. She remembers everyone's birthdays. Also, she does little things to make children feel loved. This woman can organize every family holiday like a professional event planner and never miss a single detail.


Paraguay women are extremely family-oriented and take their familial ties very seriously. Ethnic customs and family values have always distinguished these Latinas. The family is the backbone of society for Paraguayans. Hot Paraguay women are entirely responsible for the household, and, at the same time, they feel obliged to contribute to the family budget. Women of all ages make up 75% of the workforce in this country. They keep strong respect for their men, and the strength of their families is unmatched.

Large families in Paraguay usually include parents, children, close relatives, and even godparents. The consequence of close family ties is one characteristic feature of any Paraguay woman. However, they treat those who do not belong to their family, except for close friends, with a certain degree of indifference and vigilance. The cult of family values ​​often leads to situations that outrage many foreigners. They can be ignored and wait for hours when an official or a seller is talking with a visiting family member.

Paraguay Women vs. Colombian Women

Although Paraguay girls do not win in world beauty contests as often as Colombian models, they definitely have everything a single man needs. Paraguay is a developed and mostly agricultural country. Therefore, you can be sure that your girl from Paraguay will not be demanding and capricious. Colombian girls are more ambitious and often resort to the services of plastic surgeons. In contrast, sexy Paraguay women feature more natural beauty and they are not at all inclined to be overweight.

Stereotypes about Paraguay Women

1. Paraguay women are very conservative and unapproachable

This statement is only partly true. Many of these girls grew up in conservative and religious families. If we talk about manifestations of female sexuality, hot Paraguay women do not openly flirt and behave immodestly in public. In Paraguay, adultery was decriminalized only in 1990. However, they may well show you all their sensuality and passion behind closed doors. Except for some very religious women, most of the local females are open to premarital sex. However, they want to get married successfully. Thus, they are not ready to ruin their reputation.

2. Paraguay Ladies Do Not Speak English

Of course, the mother tongue of Paraguay girls is Spanish. However, times are changing, and more and more local girls are trying to speak English. They understand the importance of this language in communicating with people from other countries. You will be able to see that Paraguayan mail order brides can easily chat on dating sites. However, if you happen to meet the girl of your dreams who does not speak English, you will have an excellent reason to learn Spanish (unless, of course, you do not know this language).

3. Paraguay Girls Prefer to Marry Local Boys

Early marriage is common in Paraguay. According to official statistics, about 17% of girls aged from 15 to 19 years old are married, divorced, or widowed. The legal minimum age for marriage in Paraguay is 16 years old. Divorces were legalized in Paraguay only in 1991. The divorce rate in Paraguay is the lowest in Latin America. Although many Paraguay girls want to get married as early as possible, you still have an excellent opportunity to meet a single and beautiful young woman from this country. For many Paraguay brides, meeting a handsome and wealthy foreigner is a godsend. 

Tips on Dating a Paraguay Woman

  1. If you come to Paraguay and have a goal to meet Paraguay brides, stay at the capital city Asuncion. It will not be a good idea to go to other cities in the country. Asuncion is not an entirely touristy and authentic city, but the girls living in the capital are more likely to speak English than in other country locations. Remember also that you are in a developing country. However, you will have some advantages, as the cost of living, food, and entertainment is not high.
  2. You should be careful when meeting girls in public places. In pubs and nightclubs, it is not customary to get acquainted with strangers. Also, men in Paraguay can be very possessive, so watch before approaching a girl and introducing yourself. When meeting a young woman you liked, you should not ask whether she is married or not. Instead, offer her a cup of coffee and tell her that you want to practice Spanish. Most probably, she will not mind helping you.
  3. You can easily go beyond your budget if you are going to hang out a bit in Asuncion. Taxis in the capital of this country may seem very expensive to you. Get ready to splurge if you are planning to visit the best nightclubs. However, alcoholic drinks in bars and pubs are relatively cheap, so you should be fine. Even in luxury restaurants, you will be able to have a meal for only $15 - $20 with good wine. Be sure to try the local wine — you will be pleasantly surprised.

Where to Meet Paraguay Women

In Asuncion, local girls usually meet with their girlfriends in the evenings, sip cocktails in cafes, chat about everything, and discuss the news. Therefore, if you happen to be in this country, the best way to get to know Paraguay brides is to use her friends. Social dating is the norm in Paraguay. Most married couples in this country used to be friends first. Since Paraguayans are very friendly and patient with foreigners, local guys can become your friends and guides. You can ask your new acquaintances to show you around and get familiar with the city's nightlife. It can be a suitable variant for meeting local girls.

However, dating websites are still a better option if you want to safely and conveniently get to know many Paraguay girls. In the contemporary world with fast-paced technology, marriage sites have become the most common place to meet single people's needs. After creating your profile and becoming a member of one of the dating sites, you can choose the kind of girls you like. Flirt, chat, have fun, find romance, and start a relationship with some of them. Paraguay brides are willing to make contact with foreigners. In no time, you will surely be able to meet the girl of your dreams.


In Asuncion, the nightlife is not as lively as in Rio de Janeiro, but local people also love to have fun here. The only exception is Mondays. Most Paraguay women go to church on Sunday mornings, and they often prefer to spend time in noisy companies in the evening. As for the locations in Asuncion, you should consider Paseo Carmelitas at Avenida España. This spot is not only a nightlife center but also an excellent place for clubbing and gastronomic pleasure.

Besides Paseo Carmelitas, you can choose from various amazing places, and you are sure to find something that you would like depending on your preferences. However, for most Paraguay girls, visiting an expensive nightclub is a rare pleasure. Here is a list of noisy nightclubs to pick up single Asuncion girls in:

Local Bars, Restaurants, and Dances

Sexy Paraguay women are known for their love of salsa and reggaeton, both musical and dancing styles. To improve your chances of getting to know pretty Paraguay girls, you have to study at least several expressions in Spanish and learn some dancing moves in advance. The best discos and dances are mainly located in the city center of Asuncion. Great music sounds here, and you can meet local girls and dance with them. The interior and quality of service in these places are also impressive:

When it comes to dating and getting acquainted with sexy Paraguay women, you need to find the right place first of all. Even the very fact that you are a foreigner will make many single girls interested in you. In the capital of the country, you can find many restaurants and bars for having snacks and cool drinks, as well as meeting hot Paraguay women. In Asuncion, cozy and stylish bars, pubs, and restaurants include:


In Asuncion, you better stay in the city center. Take a stroll along the riverside in the afternoon and visit cool eateries and cozy bars. Plaza de Los Héroes is a good place to spend a rare time sipping coffee and people-watching. On holidays, live music and folk dances are often performed on this square. You will see many pretty girls walking around. Shopping malls like Excelsior, Mariscal Lopez, Multiplaza, and Villa Mora are perfect places for meeting fashionable girls. You may find the following romantic restaurants or cocktail bars suitable for meeting Paraguay brides:

The Final Thoughts on Dating Paraguay Girls

There is no doubt that Paraguay is a unique country in the Latin American region where gorgeous and very kind women live. Dating in this country can become a great experience if you know all the insights about the values and features of the local girls. Many sexy Paraguay women are just looking for new acquaintances, while others want a serious relationship with the prospect of marriage. Anyway, you will be able to feel what it means to be in properly balanced relationships with Paraguay brides.