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Situated on africa's east coast, kenya borders with somalia, ethiopia, uganda and tanzania. It is one of east africa's most stable nations, with a rising economy and the middle class. And part of the increase is local women looking at international men for better spouses and husbands.

Why do you want a kenyan bride

The only reason why you're reading this is that you've had ample western women exposure to set you off for good. Kenyan people believe in femininity. They want to start a family and they are going to try as hard as they can to keep the relationship going. Seventy per cent of the people here are christian, but family traditions remain important to them. You will find this soothing in a world where the traditional unit of the family is under attack, particularly from the north american and european radical feminists. There is something really ironic about people who can't or won't have kids, asking someone that they shouldn't have them. Women here are mostly well educated according to western standards, and also very well educated according to african norms. They have a thirst for information that is almost insatiable, but always with one goal of better their own life and the lives of the people they love. We said earlier that kenyan women like ambitious guys, so it's possible that your new girlfriend will drive you to do as much as you can. And they're stunning, of course, and it comes easily to them, but they've put a lot of time into keeping fit too. That's not to suggest any kenyan woman you meet is going to be great, but they don't have to waste three hours putting on the makeup before they head out for a date.

Why kenyan women would you date

Kenyan women are reputed to be almost obsessed with white people. This is a lingering characteristic from when the british tried to dominate the land. But it's all about what's considered here to be universal expectations. Men are supposed to rank first in all of life, and this includes polygamy. It's legal in kenya to have multiple wives, but let's face reality ␓ how many women do you meet who is able to share a single husband? Two women sharing one house and the same husband are virtually usually a tragedy formula.

Women here find confident men very appealing too, something that is difficult to find with local people. Some are comfortable enough to see the women go out to work as they hang with their mates while drinking. We don't like stereotyping men but ask any woman from kenya and she'll agree with what you're hearing. They want to date you and they know you're going to treat them differently, more equally, work harder, they're not going to steal because you really grasp the idea of marriage and love that doesn't have to end in sex. For women here, infidelity is a major concern, because they want to meet a man who believes in monogamy. Kenyan women are essentially sick and tired of being constrained by local dating norms and want a guy who gets more out of life than sitting back and smiling while the world moves by him.

What are girls like in kenya?

The first thing to look into here is that even though they have democratic economies, african countries also have a tribal system. So kenyan women's identities that you are speaking with would be highly affected by what tribe she belongs to. To give you an example, most western men are best off with luo or luhya tribe women because they are far less materialistic than kikuyu tribe women. They are somewhat conventional in their general approach towards life and marriage, and they have a tender side to them. Well maybe not kikuyu women, because they seem to take more care of the size of your bank balance than your man-made values. Kenyan women are the true family members who typically labor much more than kenyan men, and this is a nation of people who have a reputation as hard-working citizens. You'll also note that most kenyan girls are modern and wear westernized clothes but in their dress sense they're very traditional in how they treat men.

That being said, dating in kenya is part of the usual social scene and women in private kenya are just as free as their counterparts in the west. Kenya, like all african nations, has a comparatively wide divide between the overwhelming majority of the rural population and the nairobi-centric metropolitan elite. the breakdown is important if you are in touch with a kenyan lady, because nairobi girls would be much more knowledgeable about the world than girls from smaller towns and villages. Kenyan women have no trouble marrying older guys, as they see them as more mature. Stuff you have to be careful of include learning about your own personal past or thinking for theirs. This is a women's no-go zone here, since it is implying something derogatory about her friends or family.

What is commonly common to kenyan women is beautiful, intellectual and undemanding, making them the complete opposite to western nations women. Kenya has been part of a coastal trade region along the indian ocean for decades, where arabic, indian, african, and later european merchants crossed all ways to exchange commodities and the women demonstrate the strong influence of this history. Portugal was the first european country to establish a colony in kenya and the united kingdom soon followed. Therefore, people here appear to either be a combination of european and african, or just plain kenya. Yet again, their tribal origins are down to this. You should check out photographs of kenyans like malaika firth, charity mwangi or lupita nyongo to give you an idea of what to expect. They don't stick to a single "style," because some women have much lighter skin and more straight hair than others. Being a european colony for several hundred years and also being a predominantly christian nation means that in the more rural areas there are just cultural variation that should be noted, you can still see the british and international presence in all the major cities of kenya.

You may need to look out for little things like either shaking hands or transferring objects to a person with the right hand ␓ the left hand is considered unclean and you can also stop referring to others with your finger. It is also very important to be conscious that about 8% of the kenyan population between the ages of 15 and 49 are afflicted with hiv/aids ␓ when it comes to dating in kenya, safe sex is an absolute must.

Kenya has two official languages - english and swahili, although you will find that english will be used in most of the larger urban areas while the local dialect (69 in all) will prevail in rural areas. Kenya's use of english is common enough to eliminate any possible language barriers for visitors to the region. And if a girl from kenya doesn't understand you, she would do her utmost to locate a friend or colleague who does. About 80% of the kenyan population is christian, most of them protestant, and another 11% of the population is muslim. The muslim part of kenya's population appears to live off the coast while the christian community spreads reasonably evenly throughout the region. Marriage is a christian tradition so if you are heading to africa in search of a kenyan bride then it's a wise decision to choose a city with a strong christian population. In the last twenty years areas of kenya have been washed up by evangelical christianity. So, if you're searching for a traditional christian girl in kenya you'll definitely find one.

Kenyan beauty dating - what to think

The first piece of good news is that most kenyan people speak fluent english, or at least the women who live here in the bigger towns and cities do. English is learned in schools here, but at least you don't have to hop over or struggle with the irritating language barrier. Yeah, then you'll hear people calling you "mzungu" It simply means "white male" but is not intended as an insult. What we need to say here is that sometimes kenyan women can be hard to please. What we mean by this is that with a grin, a smile and a fake complement you cannot simply turn up and pick her off her feet. You're going to have to put some effort in here to persuade her you're serious in your feelings for her. But once she knows you're the real thing, all the walls will fall and you'll get to see the real her. Men are supposed to pay the bill on the first date but after that, a modern kenyan girl would be glad to share the bill with you. They have an almost obsession for their skin compliments, so be sure to sneak it into at least one of your conversations. Besides that only avoid big public expressions of affection, make sure her family doesn't have any complications with you dating her, and the rest is smooth sailing.

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Only a few legal dating sites feature kenyan women, afrointroductions. All of them is the web. They are part of the cupid media network and they are, like all the cupidmedia pages, an introduction-only service, but a very good introduction agency. - afrointroduction profile is checked by hand and approximately 20% of profiles are refused because they have something in them that makes it look as though the girls may be scammers. That helps ensure that scammers don't waste your time or resources and that customer service issues are the primary reason we like afrointroductions. Africabeauties is another great african dating service. Com, they've got a lot of kenyan super-hot girls on their blog. The bulk of the women you see above in our kenyan gallery are from africabeauties.

Kenyan adventure - a perfect way to find your partner of the future

Kenya is a stunning east african county noted as a destination for hot women and adventure travel. It has africa's second highest mountain; its slopes are permanently covered in snow, and can even boast of having the world's second-largest freshwater lake. Kenya's economy is quite strong by african standards, but by international standards, kenya is still still a financially poor country, but it also has a quite friendly attitude to both visitors and tourists ␓ you will find kenyans extremely polite ␓ particularly women! Only in 1964 did kenya achieve its independence from british rule, which was one of africa's most effective revolutions from colonial influence. Overall, the country is reasonably stable by african standards and the fact that kenya usually has a thriving tourism trade (which accounts for a significant part of its gdp) is indeed a positive indication of personal stability.

Obviously because of the scale of the african subcontinent flying to kenya it makes the most sense and you'll note that nairobi is a hub for international flights and flights servicing the rest of africa as well and it's also worth looking out for charter flights to mombasa; these can be unbelievably inexpensive. You can also note that flights to kenya are, for some strange reason, unusually cheap during the western summer months. For traveling to kenya you can or may not need a visa but please verify this in advance. Compared with other african nations, kenya is one of the easiest to fly to and is already very popular in kenya because of barack obama's election as president of the united states americans. For those of you who have spent the last two years hiding under a shell, obama's father was born in kenya. Obama was born in hawaii, of course, but in kenya, obama does have a family.

Adventure travel, mainly scenic safaris, is the country's biggest tourism draw, and with western tourists the long beaches along the indian ocean are beginning to popularise. If you are reading this post, however, you're probably most interested in the hot kenyan ladies. Many tourists spend time in the highlands of kenya where the weather appears to be somewhat cool by african standards, but the equator splits the country into two, running only a little north of the capital, nairobi, and most of the world has a classic tropical climate with high temperatures and heavy rains. If you are involved in african dating you can also check out our segment on ethiopian brides.