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At our monthly meet ups, experience the Ask & Give Exchange for life-changing advice on salary, career advancement, paid family leave.

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Through Peer Circles you’ll meet the Digital Friends Forever (DFFs) you never knew you needed so much.


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Our members receive $200.00 off our National Conference tickets and free entry to all special events. Members also enjoy 24% off SXSW conference badges.

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Wondering if your city is in the Founding or Power stage? See below. Founding cities are selling out quickly, buy your Founding Membership today to ensure the lowest rates ever for the lifetime of your membership.

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Do you offer group member rates?

Yes, we do offer corporate / group membership rates. 5-10 memberships is 10% off, 10-15 is 15% off, and 15-20+ is 20% off memberships. We are open to discuss other options, for example, if a company buys X amount of memberships they get Y amount for free. To receive your discount code for group membership, contact

Can my company pay for my membership? How do I persuade my boss?

Your membership is invaluable to your company. Why? Because of the major network you’ll be tapped into for day-t0-day help with digital mastery. Use this letter to persuade your bossperson and then check out our group rates and bring your entire team along.

I’m a member in one city but I’m moving to another city and I know you have a chapter there, can I join as a member in the new city?

Of course you can! As a Women in Digital member, you are free to attend any and all Women in Digital events. Send an email to and let her know your current city, and where you’re moving, and she’ll make sure everything is updated!

Can you send me a receipt of my membership so I can get reimbursed at work?

Sure thing! Let know the name / email your membership was purchased under, and she’ll send you a receipt right away.

My company offered to pay for my membership, can I switch my account to their card?

That is fantastic news. We are so glad to hear your company wants to invest in your professional development. We can certainly do this. If you paid with your personal card for the annual fee, sign up again with your company card and we will refund your original payment. If you signed up for monthly payments, we can change those over to the company card. Contact to get the process started.

Can I cancel my membership?

Annual memberships, because they are discounted and charged up front, are not refundable. Monthly memberships may be cancelled at any time. Contact our membership coordinator to cancel and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help change your mind.

Who are Women in Digital?

Women in Digital are women in creative digital advertising, marketing or communication professions. From designers to CMOs, copywriters,  social strategists and video producers – we are all women in digital.

We proudly welcome women at all stages of their career, from fresh college grads to mid-level, senior and C-suite executives. In fact, a majority of our members are mid to senior level women in digital.

Currently memberships are only open to women or those who identify as a woman.

Men, you are welcome to support us by supporting and advocating for your team’s membership or by sponsoring events.

Please contact us with any questions about our membership policy.

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