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Japan is one of the most mysterious and unusual countries in the world. This country always attracted adventures and lovers of exotic. Even now, with the development of technology and social networks, Japan continues to generate interest and attract many travelers from all over the world. It can boast mysterious traditions, unique cuisine, and fantastic nature with cherry blossoms. A significant contribution to the attractiveness of this country belongs to hot  Asian women who feature unusual beauty, strong character, and a particular sense of style.

Why Are  Asian Girls Considered to Look So Hot?

Sexy  Asian women look great at any age. Perhaps one of the reasons for this is a balanced and low-calorie diet. It is entirely impossible to imagine an overweight  Asian girl. The national cuisine was formed under the conditions of a total shortage of food. Hence, the  Asian were forced to focus on the quality of food and its usefulness. Contemporary  Asian women eat rice instead of bread, seafood, fresh vegetables, soy, noodles, and no fried meat. Such diet habits contribute to their healthy appearance. 


Many  Asian women are incredibly beautiful, stunning, and sexy. A  Asian proverb says that if a  Asian girl is beautiful, then she is very beautiful. Indeed, hot  Asian girls look like cute and tiny angels. The small stature is a standard of beauty in Japan. It is believed that the smaller and low-weight the girl is, the more likely she can attract the attention of successful and wealthy men.


Long hair has been considered a symbol of beauty in Japan for ages. The longer it is, the prettier its owner is. If a  Asian girl wants to experiment with her hairstyle, she would rather buy several wigs. To meet a beauty ideal,  Asian women even use special tapes to reduce facial contours. At the same time, their facial skin should be immaculate, smooth, and white. To achieve this effect, sexy  Asian women use natural products for skin whitening and deep cleansing.

The beauty standards in Japan are very particular. Hot  Asian women strive to look like teenagers. They have a fresh and excellent appearance at all times of day and under any circumstances. There is an unspoken rule in  Asian society that a woman must look perfect whenever she goes out of her home. Sexy  Asian girls also take great care of their figures and nutrition. The exotic beauty and childish appearance of  Asian women are often considered the decisive factors of why these brides are so popular among foreign men.

Physical Features

Most  Asian women have typical single eyelids, while European girls have a crease in their upper eyelids. That is why many people often assume that  Asian women have small eyes. A single eyelid visually reduces the shape of the eyes, while in fact, the eyes of  Asian women are larger than those of European girls.  Asian women often resort to plastic surgery and use various means to change the look of their eyes. They care a lot about what others think about their appearance. Sexy  Asian girls also have tiny and neat noses. 

Excessively curved body parts are still considered almost a deviation from the norm in Japan. That is probably why breast augmentation surgery is one of the most unpopular procedures among local beauties. For sexy  Asian women, white skin is associated with health and well-being. In this country, people believed that only representatives of the lowest strata of the population can have tanned faces. Therefore,  Asian women do not like to sunbathe and never leave their homes without applying a thick layer of sunscreen on their faces.

Hot  Asian women dress brightly and stylishly. Typically, they wear trapezoidal jackets or blouses, as well as wide-leg trousers or mid-calf skirts. In this way,  Asian women want to hide the shape of their legs which are rarely straight by nature. Sexy  Asian girls love natural fabrics, although such clothes are expensive. Traditional kimono has become a thing of the past. You can see  Asian girls in this national outfit only on rare occasions, such as weddings or tea ceremonies.


Japan is a fascinating and not very understandable country for foreigners. Everybody knows that the  Asian are among the world leaders in the human lifespan. At the same time, the woman’s way of life adopted in  Asian society is very different from Western ladies’ views. Sexy  Asian women are generally very polite, respectful, and shy in communication. Hot  Asian women are also true-hearted. For them, betrayal and adultery are absolutely unacceptable. They are even ready to forgive their husbands’ infidelity to save their marriage.

As in any other country, the local culture is based on its language and written heritage. Interestingly, the  Asian language has two variants — masculine and more polite feminine forms. There are even particular words for men and women. In ancient times,  Asian men wrote using Chinese hieroglyphics, and  Asian women, who were forbidden to learn foreign languages, wrote in  Asian, creating notable literary works with national flavor.

Popularity of  Asian Women Among Men

These days, most sexy  Asian girls are reluctant to get married and strive to postpone this event for later since they want to make a career first. As a result, the birth rate in Japan is steadily declining. Given the frantic life pace, young  Asian women face a choice to either have a husband and children or build a business career. Some local agencies even offer hot  Asian girls to become brides for a couple of hours without a real wedding.

When the US military men were in Japan after World War II, they often married  Asian brides. At that time, few  Asian women spoke English. Today, most  Asian women speak English well. Therefore, there is no language barrier between foreign men and hot  Asian girls. However, sexy  Asian girls have cultural and national characteristics. They are open to meeting American, European, and even Asian bachelors provided that these men would understand their mysterious souls.

Contemporary  Asian girls often divide guys into two types — “doggies” and “kitties.” Simple, honest, and athletic guys with an active lifestyle belong to the first group. Freedom-loving men with a complex character belong to the second type. These guys are vulnerable, do not like to flirt, and always do what they want. Hot  Asian girls prefer caring, sensual, and sincere men. These ladies also greatly appreciate the ability of men to cook at home.

Top 15 Hottest  Asian Girls

Many people think that contemporary men in Japan are too weak, while women are strong and independent. More and more  Asian women do not want to be limited with the role of housewives. In addition to the fact that these sexy  Asian girls and women feature an unusual and ever-youthful beauty, many of them achieve success in music, art, fashion, and show business. Check out the following list of the most successful and the hottest  Asian women of the present day.

1. Ayako Takamado, Princess of Japan

Ayako Takamado (born 1990) is a cousin of the  Asian Emperor Akihito. She married a  Asian man without a title, and because of this, the princess lost her title and received 107 million yen (approximately $ 1.3 million) in compensation from the state treasury. Ayako has a degree in Social Work Studies and speaks good English. Today, she looks and behaves like an ordinary young  Asian woman with good education and a great profession. Many  Asian women continue to regard her as their princess and try to imitate her dressing manner.

2. Aragaki Yui

Aragaki Yui (born in 1988) is a  Asian actress, singer, model, and radio performance host. She started her modeling career early. In 2000, she won the Grand Prix Award from the junior fashion magazine Nicola. Then, she was offered to act in movies. Today, Aragaki is well known in Japan and abroad for her incredible beauty and many roles in films and TV series. She also voiced several characters in anime films and video games. According to the Oricon survey, she was recognized as the most beautiful idol and the most desired female celebrity several times.

3. Erika Toda

One of the hottest  Asian girls, Erika Toda, was born in 1988. She is a popular actress, model, and singer. From the age of thirteen, she was involved in the modeling business. As an actress, she starred in Liar Game and Death Note films, as well the SPEC series. She performed numerous supporting roles in various  Asian movies and doramas. As a singer, she released several music videos. Television Drama Academy of Japan awarded Erika Toda two times for her supporting roles. She also won The Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix in 2008. 

4. Fumi Nikaido

Fumi Nikaido (born in 1994) is a  Asian actress and fashion model. She debuted in the Toad’s Oil film in 2009. Then, she received the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice International Film Festival (2011) in the category of the best actress for her role in the Himizu drama. In 2014, Fumi was nominated by American media company Variety as an International Star You Should Know. She also got the title of the International Rising Star at the New York Asian Film Festival.

5. Kasumi Arimura

Kasumi Arimura (born in 1993) is one of the hottest  Asian girls. She is also an actress, model, and singer. She is known for playing both leading and supporting roles in many  Asian films and dramas. Besides, she voiced several video games and radio productions. She got the Japan Academy Prize as the Best Newcomer of the Year, the Blue Ribbon Award in the Best Actress category, the Japan Film Academy Award as the Newcomer of the Year, and the Busan International Film Festival Award from 2014 to 2017. Critics highly appreciate her talents as an actress and predict her successful film career.

6. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

The  Asian singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (born in 1993) is a genuine product of the digital world. She is very popular mainly among representatives of Gen Z and the freak subculture of large  Asian cities. She took the name Kyary (as Carrie is pronounced in  Asian) because of her image of an American girl. Indeed, she looks like a doll in many pictures and on social networks. Many fans also call her  Asian Lady Gaga. Kyary already released several CDs and continues touring around the world. The Hollywood Reporter named Pamyu Pamyu among the top-selling celebrities of the present day.

7. Kyoko Fukada

Kyoko Fukada (born in 1982) is a popular  Asian actress, model, and singer. In Japan, she is mostly known by the nickname Fukakyon. From 1997 till now, Kyoko has starred in many  Asian films, drama series, and TV shows. She was awarded the title of the Best Actress at the Yokohama Film Festival in 2004. Also, she got a Japan Academy Prize, Blue Ribbon Awards, Tokyo Sports Film Awards. Besides, she is one of the hottest  Asian girls and a well-known singer who performed many popular songs in  Asian. 

8. Mayuko Iwasa

Mayuko Iwasa (born in 1987) is a  Asian entertainer, actress, and idol. She played many leading and supporting roles in movies, dramas, and TV series. Mayuko was named Miss Magazine in 2003. Also, she was awarded the Graph Prize and the Golden Arrow Award in 2005. In 2020, Iwasa Mayuko announced on her Instagram that she was leaving show business to work as a nurse. She also expressed gratitude to her fans and colleagues who had supported her for the past years.

9. Misaki Ito

Misaki Ito (born in 1977) is a  Asian actress and model. When she was 22 years old, she became an image girl for the Asahi Beer brand and an exclusive model of the CanCam magazine. She is also the current model of Vodafone in Japan. Besides, Misaki appeared in many TV drama series and commercials. In 2005, she was awarded the Japan Academy Prize for her role in the Sea Cat movie. Misaki also provided her image and voice for computer games.

10. Miwa Oshiro

Miwa Oshiro (born 1983) is a radiant  Asian actress and one of the most beautiful gravure models of the present time. At the age of 15, she was invited into the art world and selected as a 5-star girl by Asahi TV. In Japan, she is well known for her roles in numerous films and dramas. She also voiced several anime characters. However, many people remembered Miwa by pictures in bikini and lingerie on social media and glossy magazines’ covers. She continues to post her photos online so that her fans from all over the world could admire her beauty and cuteness.  

11. Meisa Kuroki

Meisa Kuroki (born in1988) is a contemporary actress, model, and singer. She debuted as an actress in 2004. Till now, she appeared in numerous TV dramas, films, commercials, and stage programs. She has been awarded the title of the Newcomer of the Year three times. Also, she got The Television Drama Academy Award and TV Life Drama Grand Prix in 2009. As a model, she was the face of JJ, a  Asian fashion magazine. Also, she represented such brands as Epson and Giorgio Armani. 

12. Rei Kawakubo

One of the most famous  Asian designers, Rei Kawakubo, was born in Tokyo in 1942. She studied art and literature at Keio University, where her father worked. Although Rey did not receive any special education in fashion design, she created her own clothing brand, Comme des Garçons, thus proclaiming that fashion has no gender restrictions. In 1982, the Parisian Syndicate of Prêt-à-Porter recognized this brand. In 2017, the New York Metropolitan Museum hosted a large exhibition of her works.

13. Suzu Hirose

Suzu Hirose (born in 1998) is a recognized  Asian actress and model. She was offered the first role in the Apology King film in 2013. Then, she successfully performed different roles in many  Asian movies and TV series. Suzu also participated in commercials and radio dramas. As a model, she was an exclusive model for several glossy magazines. Suzu got awards as the Best Rising Actress at Tama Cinema Forum, the Best New Artist by the Sports Hochi newspaper, and the Best Supporting Actress by several organizations a couple of times.

14. Ueto Aya

The  Asian actress, singer, and TV presenter Ueto Aya was born in 1985. At the age of 12, she took part in the Japan Bishōjo Contest and won the special jury prize. After that, she was invited to join the talent agency Oscar Promotion. In 1999, Ueto created the girls' band Z-1, which was not long-lived. She started a solo career as a singer and released five studio albums with popular hits. Ueto was also acting in many dramas, TV shows, and commercials. Both Television Drama Academy and Nikkan Sports Drama presented her awards a dozen times. 

15. Yoko Ono

John Lennon's second wife Yoko Ono (born in 1933) can be called the most famous  Asian woman of the 20th century. She was born in Japan and later moved to the US to study music and vocals. In 1966, she moved to London and started to practice visual arts. At one of her exhibitions, Yoko met John Lennon, who was already a famous musician. They got married later. Many people still blame Yoko Ono for the Beatles collapse. This sexy  Asian woman is often called the forerunner of artistic minimalism. Most of the copyright for The Beatles songs belongs to her.