Our members know more than ever that this sisterhood is real… and it’s time to grow. Read our mission statement here.

Our goal is to become 1,000 members strong… and we’re #ask(ing) for your help. To give you that extra incentive, we’re giving out these amazing prizes for any member who refers more members. Share the power and win some Women in Digital goodness.


(1 referral)

BFF Penny Pouch
When you refer one member, you’ll get two BFF penny pouches. Share one with your new bestie member.


(3 referrals)

Digital Diva Mug
Enjoy your morning Joe in a super cute Digital Diva mug. Limited only to those who refer three members you’ll get major bragging rights and an extra boost of confidence to kick off your day.

30-Minute Call w/ Alaina Shearer
Our Founder, Alaina Shearer, loves giving oodles of advice and match making members with each other. During this 30-minute call all of her digital power will be on tap just for you!


(6 referrals)

Powerhouse Water Bottle
Pack the power liquids, warm or cold, into this awesome Powerhouse water bottle. You’ll love the quality and we hope you keep it close by to remind yourself what a powerhouse you are!

Daily Greatness Journal
We can’t say enough about this business goal planner from Daily Greatness Journals. In fact, Women in Digital was built with this planner by our Founder. Needless to say, you’ll love yours after you make six referrals.


(12 referrals)

Alaina’s Favorite Books
Our Founder loves her books and handpicked these three for our Digital Star members who make 12 referrals. The Mother of All Questions, by Rebecca Solnit, Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett, and In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney.

2018 Annual Conference Ticket
When you refer 12 new members, you’ll get a free ticket to the 2018 Annual Conference where you’ll be in the company of your fellow sisters in digital arms. Walk away feeling empowered, inspired and packing some major digital know-how from our rock star speakers.


(top referrer of the month)

Monthly All-Star

Every month we’ll be tracking your membership referrals. The member who refers the most new members will win the following:

– Her prize pack (above)
– Featured 3-5 minute segment on Alaina’s new podcast in 2018
– Featured Q&A on the Women in Digital home page
– Regram on our Women in Digital Instagram
– Shout out on our Women in Digital Facebook + Twitter
– LinkedIn love from Alaina
– All-star emoji in Slack

And… wait for it … 

Our monthly all stars between now and March of 2018 will each get a spot in our Women in Digital House at SXSW.  If you can’t go to Austin (3/10/18-3/13/18 you can trade this part of the prize in for a free Annual Conference ticket).

So, you want to win? Read on for FAQs.

How do I persuade someone to join?

There are so many reasons to join, but here are the major perks:

  • Private Slack
  • Peer Circles
  • Free Meetups and Major Discount to Annual Conference
  • Welcome Kit + Swag Bag (swag bag is limited to first 100)
  • Conference Videos (coming soon)
  • Webinars (coming in 2018)
I want to win all of these prizes! How do I get to 12 members or more?

Start by sharing Women in Digital with your social networks. You can use some of our awesome memes here or make your own. Also, we encourage you to explore our corporate or group membership options. There are significant group discounts for 5+ members. Email for more information.

How do I sway a boss to foot the bill?

So many corporations have bought group memberships. Here’s a great post from one of our members on how to persuade a boss to invest in Women in Digital. Bottom line: when you are more powerful, your company is more powerful.

How do you track my referrals?

When your new member referral buys her membership, make sure she writes your first and last name in the “who referred you” line in the check out on Shopify.

Who referred you?

If she forgets, it’s okay – email us at

I want to be an All-Star, how will I know who is in the lead?

Look in the Slack #general channel for updates on this promotion throughout the month. We’ll keep a leaderboard there. You can also always message Michelle in Slack and ask her for a current count.

How many All-Stars will be picked?

This promotion lasts until 12/31/18 and will likely be continued in 2018. The All-Star promotion will be monthly. So, between now and 12/31/18 we will choose two All-Stars. One for November and another in December. And so on… until March of 2018.


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