Do you still need speakers for the National Conference?

No, we’re all booked up for this year’s National Conference, but if you’d be interested in speaking at a Local Meetup or Annual Meeting, please fill out our speaker interest form here.


How much is a membership and what are the member perks?

If you are in a city other than Columbus, OH the membership rate is $25/monthly or $250/annually. This is our Founding Member rate and you will never pay the increased Power Membership rate of $40/month or $430/annually.

Columbus has sold out of Founding Memberships and moved on to Power Memberships.

With membership, you get access to the national slack channel, free admission to all WID events (other than the National Conference), $200 off the National Conference, access to WID online content, assigned to a peer circle, a member welcome kit, and other perks.

Do you offer group member rates?

Yes, we do offer corporate / group membership rates. 5-10 memberships is 10% off, 10-15 is 15% off, and 15-20+ is 20% off memberships. We are open to discuss other options, for example, if a company buys X amount of memberships they get Y amount for free. To receive your discount code for group membership, contact info@womenin.digital.

I’m a member in one city but I’m moving to another city and I know you have a chapter there, can I join as a member in the new city?

Of course you can! As a Women in Digital member, you are free to attend any and all Women in Digital events. Send an email to info@womenin.digital and let her know your current city, and where you’re moving, and she’ll make sure everything is updated!

Can I changed from a monthly membership to an annual?

Of course! We will cancel your monthly membership for you, and then have you purchase a new annual membership. (ex. I purchased a monthly membership in January. I want to change to an annual membership in May. My monthly membership will end in May and I will purchase a new annual membership running for the next full year.) Contact info@womenin.digital to get this process started.

Can you send me a receipt of my membership so I can get reimbursed at work?

Sure thing! Let info@womenin.digital know the name / email your membership was purchased under, and she’ll send you a receipt right away.

My company offered to pay for my membership, can I switch my account to their card?

That is fantastic news. We are so glad to hear your company wants to invest in your professional development. We can certainly do this. If you paid with your personal card for the annual fee, sign up again with your company card and we will refund your original payment. If you signed up for monthly payments, we can change those over to the company card. Contact info@womenin.digital to get the process started.

I need to update my email or address.

Please send info@womenin.digital your updated information and she will make sure it is correct in all of the places.

Can I cancel my membership?

We are extremely sad to see you go. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help change your mind. Our cancellation policies are as follows:

Monthly memberships are 12 month subscriptions that are billed automatically on a monthly basis. You will have the option to renew or cancel at the end of 12 months.

Our Annual Memberships are provided at a discount and therefore are not refundable. You will have the option to renew or cancel at the end of 12 months.

To cancel your membership, contact your chapter Membership Chair (find yours here) or email info@womenin.digital.

Why can’t I log into my account?

In May 2018, Women in Digital transitioned our membership and billing system from Shopify to JoinIt. If you need to change any information on your account or have any other questions, Membership can do that for you.

I never received my member kit.

Contact info@womenin.digital, and we’ll get to the bottom of the issue.


Why haven’t I been added to a peer circle?

Have you filled out our Peer Circles Form yet? If so, let info@womenin.digital know and we will get you added to one ASAP. If you have not, please take a second to fill it out and we will add you to a peer circle when we assign next, which is usually once a week.

My peer circle has trouble meeting, can I be switched to a different one?

We can certainly move you to a new circle. Fill out this form, and we’ll add you to another peer circle when we assign next, which is usually once a week.

How do you pick peer circles?

The way we usually pick is by specialty and seniority level. We also make sure to never place two women who work for the same company in one circle, that way the women have a safe and confidential environment to talk about their professional issues. Depending on the size of your city though, we may put you in a circle with women who have more or less experience than you. We think this is actually a good thing because there is so much to learn from women who have a different experience level than you.

Can you schedule peer circles for us?

Since we don’t know your schedules, it is best for you to plan all peer circles on your own. Doodle is great to help figure out when everyone can meet, and Google HangoutsZoom are great options if you aren’t able to meet in person.


I never got my Slack invite?

Have you checked spam? If you do not find in there let info@womenin.digital know and we will resend your invite. If you are still not getting those invites, it may be blocked from this email and we will try a different email address.

Can I change my slack email?

Of course you can! You can actually do it within your own settings. Click on your name in Slack, Profile & account. Where you see your photo / name / edit profile, click the cog (account settings). This is where you’ll be able to update your email address.

I'm new to / overwhelmed by Slack. Where do I begin?

We have a great Slack introduction video produced by the amazing Amy Shropshire. Take a watch, and you’ll be ready to dive in.


Can I come even if I’m not a member?

We’re so excited you want to attend a Women in Digital event. Unfortunately, most of our meetups are member-only events but we do have a few opens events throughout the year. You are more than welcome to attend the Annual / Open Meeting in April, the National Conference in September, or the Conference Wrap-Up Open Meetup in October.

Can I bring my team to the open meeting?

Yeah, absolutely. All women in digital are welcome to attend, but please note that no men are allowed. Our events are exclusive to women, and those who identify as women.


When will you be starting a chapter in my city?

We’re expanding all over the U.S. and are so excited you’d like to see us in your neck of the woods. Check out our New City Guidelines for more information on what we need from you to start this process!

I’d love to be on my city’s board. Is there room?

Apply for a board position here. We’ll get back to you soon about next steps. If there are no board positions available, we’ll keep your info on file for when something opens up.

How much time does it take to be a board member?

You can find out more information on our Board Application Page.

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