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Western men around the world dream about dating Egyptian women who are considered to be extremely seductive. What makes them so attractive? Let’s figure out!

Fascinating history, mysterious culture, and mesmerizing landscapes of Egypt fade against the charm of Egyptian women. Their pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes make them look unapproachable yet incredibly seductive. And this is probably the secret of their popularity.

Egypt keeps experiencing a tourist boom because more and more foreigners want to try their chances with local ladies. If you are also a fan of Nordic beauty, you should be ready to travel across the globe to settle down with the woman of your dreams. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn where to meet and how to date Egyptian women. Let’s get it started!

Interesting facts about Egypt women

Whether it comes to dating or marrying Egyptian women, you should be ready to make things go slow. If you hope for having sex on the first date or proposing to her after only one month, you should be ready to hear a negative answer. By writing a love poem for her or sending tons of messages after a couple of dates, you may push her away without realizing it. Egyptian women prefer to know you better on a friendly basis and then decide if it’s worth taking your relationship to a new level. Having a walk in the park, grabbing a coffee at the local cafe, visiting a jazz concert, or having ice cream are only some of the innocent options to catch her attention at the beginning of your relationship.

The true feeling of independence is part of their personality. Maybe it was encoded in their genes during the Viking Age when women had to stand for themselves without relying on men. So, if you are going to date an Egyptian woman, make sure you treat her as an equal without forcing her to do something.

What are Egyptian women’ views on relationships, family, and marriage?

If you consider dating or marrying one of the Egyptian girls, you should have a clear understanding of her attitude to romantic relationships, family, and marriage. This knowledge will help you find the right approach to her and avoid a painful disappointment.


Egyptian women have a modern view on a relationship where both partners are to be equal. This is why they are not afraid of making the first step if they meet a nice man on their way. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like men who take the leads.

Once you are in a relationship with an Egyptian woman, you will be able to discuss everything with her openly and honestly. Whether she likes or hates something, she will let you know about it immediately. She will show you respect and will expect the same thing from you.


Egyptian men and women are not crazy about marriage. Thus, the marriage age in Egypt is higher than in other countries. An average man now gets married in his 40s, while an average woman settles down in her 30s. Marriages in Egypt last longer, because people arrange their private life at a mature age when they have a clear understanding of what they want from life. Thus, an Egypt girlfriend or wife will be a great partner who creates a more reliable and meaningful relationship.


Starting a family is the most serious step for all Egyptian women. Despite having a modern view on a relationship, they don’t deny traditional values. In fact, they have 2-3 children and statistically have larger families compared to other Western European women. They also know how important it is for a woman to set the general atmosphere in a family. By getting married at a mature age, they try to protect themselves from making the wrong decision. By getting to know the potential candidate, they decide whether he is the right match or not.

How to win the hearts of Egyptian women?

Winning the hearts of Egyptian women is a serious challenge to be overcome by the most courageous men. If you think that flaunting money in her face will help you catch her attention, you are totally wrong. Egypt is an economically developed country, so local women have all the opportunities to build a successful career and earn good money. Moreover, they are proud feminists who strive for equality with men in a relationship. This is where you should be careful. Trying to cat-call Egyptian women will take you nowhere. Now that you are ready to try your chances with local beauties, make sure to follow these tips:

Why Egyptian women are so popular among men?

You have surely heard about the strong and independent character of Egyptian women. You might also have heard about their attractive appearance. There seems to be quite a large number of foreigners that view Egyptian women as an embodiment of Nordic beauty. Of course, local ladies have many more virtues to be famous for. Let’s check them out.

They are not afraid of foreigners

Being fluent in English, Egyptian women find a common language with foreigners easily. So, you don’t need to learn a local language in order to start a conversation with local beauties. If you do everything right, you’ll have the time of your life. Dating Egyptian women is a win-win option to arrange your private life.

They are modern but modest

Hot Egyptian women look like supermodels, but they are actually very modest. And it has nothing to do with a lack of self-confidence. That’s just how they have been brought up by their parents. Unlike Latin women, they don’t like to show off. Egyptian culture has always been based on gender equality. Thus, it doesn’t make any sense for local women to take an extra effort in order to be the center of attention. No matter how much they want to be in a relationship, they won’t do anything special to look attractive to men. If you expect something extraordinary from them, just forget about it. Like most Nordic women, Egyptian beauties are quite reserved in self-expression, which makes them so charming and magnetic. Seeing independence as their top priority, they do everything to become the master of their own life.

5 reasons to engage Egyptian women

If you consider dating an Egyptian woman to receive $5,000 every month, you should forget about this plan. The Egyptian government does not pay foreign citizens to marry local women! It’s time to debunk this stupid myth. If you are moved by more romantic considerations, you have all the chances to arrange your private life successfully. In fact, there are five reasons to connect your life with an Egyptian lady.

They are full of passion

Egyptian women always look great. Whether they wear loose jeans or a sexy mini dress, they make men’s heads turn. Foreigners admire local women for their natural beauty that seems cold and unapproachable. But this is not really the truth. Although Egyptian women seem to be quite reserved, they are actually quite passionate creatures. Of course, they don’t show it to everyone. They try to keep all the sexual energy for their partner. Once you are in a relationship with a local girl, you will see how passionate she can be. After all, every single man wants his woman to be an angel in a kitchen and a devil in a bedroom. Well, that’s something you can say about Egyptian women.

They are serious in their intentions

If an Egyptian woman needs something, she goes for it. Whether she wants to acquire an academic degree, build up a successful career, or have a happy family, she is serious in her intentions. So, if an Egyptian girl decides to tie the knot with you, she really means it. Having a persistent personality makes her quite determined in her decisions. This is why local women become reliable employees, loyal wives, and devoted mothers.

They are smart and polite

The importance of education in Egypt can hardly be overestimated. Both men and women are encouraged to acquire an academic degree as the guarantee of financial stability and independence in the future. Compared to Latin or Eastern European women, Egyptian ladies have great chances to build up a successful career. But even if they decide to become housewives, they never stop developing themselves by reading books or learning new languages. This is why most Egyptian women are fluent in English. Speaking at least one foreign language is quite a normal thing for them. Moreover, they always have some interesting topics for discussion, which will turn your communication into great fun.

Egyptian women are very gorgeous

Sexy Egyptian women have beautiful appearance and seductive physics. Thanks to stunning proportional bodies and innocent faces, they can easily touch every man’s heart. Most Egyptian women are blondes with green or blue eyes and flawless skin. They usually resemble Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, and Danish women in appearance.

Egyptian women are enthusiastic

Egyptian women are quite determined in their decisions. Whether they want or need something, they focus all their enthusiasm on achieving the desired result. Interestingly, they can be quite reserved and persistent at the same time. Even when they get in trouble, they manage to stay calm by expressing confidence and optimism. They demonstrate this kind of attitude to everything, from work to family life. By living in a small yet economically developed country, local people are quite peaceful creatures who don’t panic even in a seemingly hopeless situation.

How to win the heart of Egyptian women?

Now that you know how to seduce an Egyptian woman, you need to know how to date her. Generally, international dating is different from the traditional one. So, you should learn how to treat your Egyptian queen in the right way. Here are some useful tips that make the whole dating routine easier:

Why do you have to engage Egyptian women for marriage?

The all-natural ancestry of Egyptian women makes them incredibly charming and charismatic. Their blue or green eyes are very easy to drown in, while their crystal clear skin shines in the sunshine. Apart from that, they have great personalities that are admired by lots of men. Is there anything else you should know about local ladies?

They value family life

Most Egyptian women have a modern view on traditional family values. Despite being devoted wives and loving mothers, they don’t want to spend their entire life in the kitchen. Although their family happens to be a top priority for them, they still want to have an interesting job or engaging hobby.

She is an excellent chef

Did you know that Egypt became the first country with a female president? Being known for their feministic views, Egyptian women are really smart, strong, and independent. They really have enough virtues to make their country better. That’s why they should be taken as an example for other feminists. After all, maybe these are Egyptian women who make Egypt possess one of the highest levels of social welfare in the world.