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Rock to the czech ladies! That's the official impartial view of over 99% of the guys who fly annually to prague. Okay, i made up that, but the czech girls are hot ␓ incredibly hot. But don't believe me. Here's a list of some of the better-known sexy czech women: eva herzigova, karolina kurkova, veronika valkova, veronika zemanova, tatana kucharova, and of course the still beautiful great paulina porizkova. I'm not sure, but this collection of czech models probably has a dozen or so sports illustrated, and playboy covers, maybe more. When you pause to remember the czech republic's population is just around ten million these are pretty impressive figures. Czech supporters may simply contend that czech girls are the world's most attractive women and, frankly, they have some very convincing reasons for that claim. One of the best things about wanting to find girls from the czech republic is that many speak english. According to the latest figures, 27% of czechs appear to be fluent in english but i believe that the figure for czech women under thirty is considerably higher.

The nation has one of the best world class education programs and english is regularly taught in high schools and universities. Older generations generally took russian as a second language until the warsaw pact collapsed in the early 1990s and a generation much older may have learned german. The czech republic is at the heart of europe, and the tides of european history have thrown it to and fro for 1,500 years. these vocabulary shifts are a product of certain historical trends. And believe me, it's not easy to build a true intimate relationship with a woman even with all of the latest modern language technologies because you don't understand something she is doing. Her lovely lips move her words like music except you don't know the tune. It's hard. It's not unlikely but it's certainly simpler if your dream woman speaks the language of your dreams.

Czech Brides - you're up for the challenge?

The czech republic has one of the most competitive and integrated economies of the former communist countries in central and eastern europe. The long manufacturing history goes back to the 19th century when the industrial heartland of the austro-hungarian empire was bohemia and moravia. It still has a fantastic school infrastructure, which was a major hotbed of international dating in the late 1980s and early 1990s. That is not nearly as valid today for a number of reasons, but mostly because czech culture isn't the kind of heavy-handed male-dominated paternalistic society that brides of mail order are seeking to flee from in other parts of the world. Indeed czech women are expected to be as independent and free from every western nation as women. So, in order to woo a hot czech lady, you're going to have to bring your best stuff to the ballgame, or wee you. That is a matter of fact! Unlike russian or ukrainian people, women in prague won't be impressed simply because every day you don't get drunk falling down. Czech men set the bar pretty high and their women are handled very well. Worse, many american, canadian, and even other european guys involved in foreign dating don't realize that the distinction between czech brides and russian brides really is distinct.

Czech people are primarily western europeans and not eastern europeans. Culturally, traditionally and above all constitutionally the czech republic is a country in western europe. It is a member of the european union and there are a slew of laws and regulations that protect women's rights and encourage the protection of women and children in czech society. So if you're one of those guys who shouldn't care about foreign dating anyhow, then forget to visit prague. But even though you're like most of our readers a good guy and you think it's going to be easy, well prague isn't bangkok or manila. And if you're the biggest cadillac seller in houston, these people won't throw themselves at your feet. And the strategy that works like a charm on the ladies in moscow, kiev or minsk is likely to get you nowhere in prague or pilsen at all. These ladies are traditionally even more like american, canadian, or french girls so you have to play it that way. Be much more laid back and don't pressure things. The basic truth is that landing a beautiful prague girl isn't going to be as easy as it would be if the same lady came from st. Petersburg, odessa, or vladivostok in particular; So you may want to try out our cozy ukriane brides instead if you're not up for the challenge. They're awesome.

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The appeal of hot czech girls has been evident for a long time, and the united states third army under patton conquered most of the country's western portion during the closing days of world war ii. To czechoslovakia and to brotherhood! How can you, in hell, deter an army with such a war cry? Gen george s. Patton, april 1945sadly, the pencil pushers in the pentagon stopped him from taking prague for two million american gis, but the world war ii tour gets rave reviews there. And to get into the czech republic you don't have to battle your way through pillboxes and minefields. In fact one of the most enticing things about chasing a czech lady is that flying to prague is simple and you can discover the rest of the world from there. For most men from the united states, canada, australia, new zealand and the rest of the european union the travel and visa laws are clear as part of the european union. Prague should be a wonderful place to visit! I've heard men visit other sights than awesome czech ladies too. Ok, you can read our post on how to find sexy czech girls in prague if you're interested in the most enticing attractions in shortskirts and sexy blouses.

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Czech women tend to be highly educated, cosmopolitan ladies, particularly in prague, and would not tolerate noisy american men who believe real budweiser is from st. Louis, missouri. Know i know some of the guys who read this would say, "wait a second, mister know it all, i was on the brewery tour and watched the cardinals play in busch stadium. You're darn tooting the budweiser is st. Louis! "fake. Every hot czech bride will tell you in a rush that true budweiser has been brewing in the czech city of budweis since 1785. Only nod as she says budweiser is just a bad knock-off of the original and that's not an point you'll make. Czech girls enjoy their beer, but you do have much in common with them, even though they are also considered the most stunning, sophisticated, and well-educated mail order brides. My advice is to get your date in czech to tell you her favorite beers and have a little taste test. Trust me, as long as you want, you can ride this pony back and forth around the czech republic; that's a perfect idea for a date.

A quick lesson in czech history

Located in central europe, the czech republic is. It was recognized as the kingdom of bohemia during the middle ages, but it eventually became a part of the hapsburg empire until the fall of the austro-hungarian empire in 1918, following a catastrophic defeat to ottoman forces at the battle of mohacs in 1526. The czech republic was a part of a wider country known as czechoslovakia from that time until 1993. Since world war i, it was more or less an arranged union between czechs and slovaks stemming from the treaty of versailles. none of the countries had become especially crazy with each other. The czechs finally said they had grown up apart and had formed different interests. The slovaks said the czechs had forgotten where they came from, but without a civil war, the countries had a peaceful split, and the czech republic and slovakia were independent. This is important because czech people seem to be very proud of the heritage of their country and you really don't know much about the history of their country so it would be up to you to learn a little more about it. One thing you should be very sure about though is that the czech republic is not and has never been a backward third world country.