Your Board's Guide to Your Chapter's Success


Your Mission

To connect our members through engaging and educational events and to enable them with the confidence and tools necessary to exchange their power.  Above all, you must believe in the value of a Women in Digital membership.

For those of you in new chapter cities, we are asking you to believe in something you have yet to experience, see or fully realize. But trust us, when you reach that critical 150 member mark, your chapter will become an integral facet of your city’s professional landscape, providing immeasurable value to you and your members.

Your mission as a board is to:

Host Monthly Meetups

Curate Speakers

Produce Local Content

Orient New Members

Find Local Sponsors

Manage Your Community

Include All Races & Stages

Create Real Change

Board Positions

Every board role you see is critical to each chapter’s success. Craving more than these descriptions? Watch our Founder’s webinar describing each board role and a board’s purpose. 

Apply for a board position (click here.)

City Champion

Lives the Women in Digital brand every day. She believes in and is passionate about our mission and values. Alaina, our Founder, was the first City Champion in our founding city of Columbus, Ohio. Her passion and enthusiasm fueled the growth by keeping board members and members inspired and on course toward our common goal.

Your City Champion should live and breathe the mission, and her involvement should be completely and entirely for the benefit of our members and our mission. A City Champion’s ultimate goal is to grow her chapter by leading her board and its members to greatness. Building a chapter is not easy and keeping your board and members fired up and ready to change themselves, their city and the world takes a certain fire and drive. The ideal Champion cares as much about her city as she does about her members. She wants to see real change and leads by example. Also she’s expected to: be the local face of Women in Digital, take all media interviews, emcee meet ups and special events and fire up the audience on the regular. 

Expected time commitment: 15-20 hours per month.

Vice President

VP to City Champion (aka: CC’s right hand woman). You’re her calm in the storm. Balancing the CC’s fire with calm you will always remain steadfast for the CC and the group at large.

Lead board meetings, fill in for the CC when she cannot attend events, assist with CC duties as needed and screen, on-board, and recruit new board members. 

Expected time commitment: 15-20 hours per month

Community Management Chair

She’s a natural on social media and practically lives online. Creating content is easy, breezy for this social media cover girl and we can’t live without her sway and swagger. Her responsibilities include: post event email marketing, producing content and capturing meet up and board meeting moments or member spotlights for your city Facebook Group and Slack channels; Local influencer and media outreach; community management of Slack and Facebook Group. 

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Membership Chair

Once a week, you’ll receive an email with your city’s newest members. You’ll reach out, introduce yourself and answer any onboarding questions they may have. You’ll also:  lead Eventbrite check-ins at meetups and greet members; curate featured member spotlight stories for HQ to feature nationally. Slack @alaina with these amazing stories and content. Above all, you are in charge of your local member experience and orientation. 

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Speaker Chair

A natural networker, connected and knows who the most influential, inspiring, or courageous women in digital in her city. Or she has a desire to know them. ; ) Our speaker chair uses monthly meet up topics as a guide and curates top notch speakers for events all year. 

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Peer Circle Chair

She understands the power of our peer circles because she’s experienced this within her own Peer Circle. Your Peer Circle Chair should foster productive and constructive Peer Circles in your city by ensuring the best matches are made; reassigning or shifting some circles as needed and requested; being available for member questions about peer circles at meet ups. 

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month


Keeps the board on track. She’s organized and we love her for it. The Board Secretary is responsible for briefing the board on all HQ communications, strategy shifts or otherwise. Your chief role is to hold the board accountable to meeting their goals and deadlines set forth by Champion/VP and/or HQ.

She’ll also schedule monthly board meetings and hold all board members accountable to making these meetings; take attendance and meeting notes, and sending notes to all board members post meeting. 

Expected time commitment: 5-10 hours per month

Event Chair

She loves the details and is a natural hostess with the mostest. Your Event Chair should be responsible for: securing the venue, event set up and tear down (hopefully with the help of a sub-committee or volunteers); all event coordination including: Eventbrite Announcement, music and agenda keeping.

Expected time commitment: 10-12 hours per month

Diversity + Inclusivity Chair

We want a space were all women are welcome.  The D&I Chair has passion for the differences that we bring to the table.  She wants to cultivate a space where we can be as vulnerable as possible and bring our whole selves to the table.  

She has desire to help all members feel comfortable no matter their age, ethnicity, race, varied ability, experience level, geographical constraints, language limitations or any other reality as it relates to WID.  She works hard to create new and innovative ways to discuss these topics and make them part of the broader conversations.

Her responsibilities include: researching different training opportunities to learn more about D&I initiatives happening in their cities; Keeping the board on track with regard to inclusive meetings, language and topics.; actively reaches out to under represented groups in their chapter and ‘invites them to the table’ to be a part of WID; shares topics and themes with board and HQ to keep D&I efforts in the forefront of conversations.

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Sponsorship Chair

Outgoing and ready to sell the sisterhood your sponsorship chair should have no fear to sell the amazing benefits of a partnership with our organization. A natural salesperson or just someone who is fired up about our mission you are expected to generate $10K per year in Partnership funding for your city chapter.  You’ll have support from HQ on this and won’t be alone in your efforts. 

Expected time commitment: 8-10 hours per month

Advisory Board Member

Our advisory board positions are perfect for executives who want to be a bigger part of the organization, but can’t dedicate themselves to specific board positions. You are only required to attend three meetings per year, which will allow you plenty of time to give your honest advice while still being an amazing boss lady. We hope you can bring your connections to help our chapter meet its sponsorship goals or hook us up with powerhouse speakers.

Expected time commitment: 1-5 hours per month

Board Onboarding Webinar

Want to know even more about your board and board roles? Watch this webinar from our Founder, Alaina Shearer. Use your Member code to view. Don’t have it? Email

Event Formats

Women in Digital events are a major differentiator between our organization and other professional organizations. It’s paramount your events are consistenly awesome, beneficial to your members and above all, powerful in moving our members to exchanging their Asks & Gives in a safe zone.  Our events include: Monthly Meetups, Special Events and National Conference. 

Monthly Meetups 

Meetup agenda:

Our two hour meet up agenda allows for board announcements, Featured Guest/Speaker Interview, Asks & Gives, and Networking. For a full agenda contact

Meetup themes:

2019 themes are: 

January – 2019 Digital Trends
February – Go Team!
March – What Would He Do (open to men)
April – Your Presence 
May – Ladder Up
June – The Balance
July – Peer Power
August – Know Your Value
September – National Conference 
October – Conference Recap
November – Side Hustle
December – Holiday Party and Fundraiser

Ideal Meetup Venues:

Your board should have a pulse on your city’s hot spots and that’s where we want to be. Only the best co-working spaces, the most inviting, open and comfortable spaces fit our bill. Should an agency or corporation want to host you, use your judgment – we trust you. But make sure that space is hospitable to all members from all walks of life, at all ages and stages. 

Meetup Rules:

Your Event Chair should have Meetup Guidelines from HQ in hand. If not or if you would like them please email

Group Activities or Happy Hours

Off-Format Fun

Some City Champions and Boards love setting up their own off the grid experiences. While we are cheerleaders for these kinds of activies, we can’t provide marketing or event support (yet). Also, be careful these events are not competing with your meetups from a marketing stand point.

Want advice or creative ideas on this? Hit us up for examples of what has been done in other cities.

Special Events & Annual Meetings

Special Events

From SXSW to Kick Off Meetings in new chapter cities or established cities, Women in Digital HQ is always working on special events. In 2019 we have ambtious plans for regional events. Stay tuned as these evolve and please send sponsors, venues or ideas our way. 

Annual Meetings

This Spring/Summer event in your city can counter our National Conference in the Fall. A three hour morning mini-conference, our Annual Meeting format is absolutely amazing and well worth the time and effort you and your board will put into finding sponsors, suggesting a venue and scouting speakers. If you’re up for the challenge, please let us know at HQ and we’ll set up a conference call to plot and plan. 

National Conference

National Conference

Our pillar event of the year is a national conference held every fall in Columbus, Ohio – our HQ city. The national conference features main stage speakers, and Power Ask & Give Hours with dedicated specialty focuses.

While you’re not required at all to attend, we hope you do. Every board member received 50% off of her conference pass. Please buy your tickets during the early bird window. We will not be able to give you early bird rates at 50% off past the 5/1 cut off date.


You’re all marketers and we know you’re just dying to get out there and publish content on our behalf. But, brand standards and message control are of paramount importance to us. 

For the time being, we ask that your Community Manager use our group Canva account for pre-approved social content. If you have a brilliant content or marketing idea – bring it! Please email us at and we’ll do the best we can to bring that idea to life.

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