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Women in Digital has grown to 1,500+ members nationwide in its first year, and 95% of members are referred. If your city isn’t on your list, rest assured, it soon will be!

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What’s the difference between a Power, Founding or Emerging city?


Cloud City

For remote members – or those of you in sprawling cities who can’t make monthly meet ups or in-person Peer Circle meetings, Cloud City is for you. Cloud City members meet virtually “in the cloud” and hold virtual Peer Circle meetings. Find out more about Cloud City here.

Power Cities

If your city is already in Power status, congratulations! That means 100+ other members are waiting for you. Established cities offer more special events year-round and a broader local network. Click on your city name above to meet your Champion and local board.

Founding Cities

When you join in a founding city, you’ll be investing in your future chapter, but you can immediately take advantage of our national member benefits.

To thank you, you’ll be rewarded with our low founding membership rates forever. You’ll also be part of creating the most powerful network for women in digital your city has ever seen. Click on your city name above to meet your Champion and local board.

Emerging Cities

Our emerging cities have women actively working toward building a chapter in your city! Your city may be on the cusp of reaching its first 25 members. At that point, we’ll come out for an official launch and kick off party. For more information and to find out where your city stands, contact us at

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