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Traits of Chinese Brides

Chinese brides create the unique blend of personal traits standing out from the rest of the worldwide nations. These women have become advancely popular among western men in the recent years for obvious reasons. They are capable of fueling up the passion in the relationships no matter at what age the story between you and her happens. Chinese women know how to be passionate lovers when you only start to date them in the first weeks. They often change into loving wives later on to take care of man’s basic needs, still making him return at home with eyes full of happiness for the next day. 

The most popular traits of Chinese girls that are discussed in the online community include the following:

Definitely, this list is not complete, and it’s hard to come up with the full one. That’s because for every man, a Chinese woman they want to date has unique advantages. All the man has to do is to take care of his partner sincerely. This is the best way to let her show even more personal of the qualities to fall in love with. 

Things to Know about Chinese Women for Marriage

When choosing a wife among hot Chinese women, it’s easy to get lost in translation. Cultural and mental differences might become a great barrier to build strong relationships. Beforehand, things like being an attentive gentleman when taking off her coat or opening doors upfront, letting her be shy and timid for a while, and talking to her in a reserved way even when emotions overwhelm the two of you, shouldn’t be a surprise. Considering factors from the above, you can make a conclusion that Chinese girls are specific, so dating and marrying them can be a tough challenge. 

Below, are the important things to know when selecting Chinese ladies for marriage. Sexy Chinese women are multifaceted people who have a list of peculiarities that look like a puzzle when matched. Before marrying her, your goal is to match all the pieces not to be disappointed later on. 

Family Above Everything

For women in China, family is the core of values compared to other spheres of their life. Family households in China are known to be the pillar of society because traditions of this institution span for thousands of years. Girls in China are raised under the idea of family being the chest box of most important relationships with others around and having shapes of all social organizations to be met in real life. To simplify, family is the answer to what’s happening around at every level, and to find so-needed support, women will definitely come to mom or dad for a wise word. 

When deciding to marry a Chinese lady, you should get ready for the future family to be as traditional as possible. For example, levels of responsibility between a man and a woman in China are evenly set. Everyone has their own place, responsibility, and obligations. As a husband, you’ll have to show dominance to women in the family not forgetting about kindness from time to time. A Chinese wife will appreciate that attitude in the long run, giving her love and honesty to you as a man. 

She will also worry about the reputation of the family as a whole. It means that every family member must adhere to standards that you set together depending on the total income, social status, number of friends, and place where you live. There is no worse thing for a woman from China to live in a wealthy house while having a husband who has issues with loyalty and substance abuse. 

She Knows How to Make Money

Moneymaking has become a cult of obsession in the Chinese society. Despite the gender, it has become a baseline of personal success to earn money as much as possible. For a Chinese wife, financial success of a family as a whole is the key to the appropriate social status. Even more, Chinese are pushed to have just one child in the family, which brings free-time benefits for women to quickly find work after pregnancy. She will try to earn money to establish the best future for her child no matter how much you earn as a husband. Ultimately, every Chinese wife wants to see her child as a more prosperous individual who won’t have to work as hard as she has to. 

You should be ready for her superlative devotion to working hard and spending time overthinking her career. That’s both a plus and a minus at the same time. It’s not a rare thing to see her as a full-time worker who is ready to work for extra hours if that brings career perspectives or hefty amounts of money. Also, wait for her to offer you to buy a separate house or some spacious real estate by the means of half-by-half. As a careerist, she knows that it’s much easier to afford comfortable housing when making a purchase like that with a reliable partner. If you’re a man like that, then stay sure that your family will be happy and balanced one. 

Chinese Single Woman Is Stylish

Chinese females have a higher motivation to look beautiful when being single. It relates to the cultural cliche that women who do not marry before 27 years old have lower chance to find a spouse at all. Single women in China do everything possible to look stylish and as young as possible, especially for the older men who want to marry. Women try to balance between financial freedom, better education, and mental prosperity for years ahead. Single women are also not against marrying men who are slightly older than them. These men are more interested in marriage then their Chinese male counterparts.Chinese men in their 40s are married in every part of the country. It leaves much space for these women to choose from. Tourism is developing rapidly, so foreign men come to China looking for women interested in them and vice versa.

As for the actual style, Chinese singles choose the modern style chosen mostly by the youth in the western countries. Why do they do that? What makes them choose a particular clothing style? Chinese women strive for marriage, so by wearing youthful clothes, they look younger than their current age. Even more, they use extensive makeup to hide their flaws. No wonder that in real life, these women look like models from fashionable magazine covers. These women not only want to look stylish, they also strive for attracting western men who could meet their interest in marriage - men who are older by 10 years and more. Notably, if a man comes from a western country, the chances are much higher that a Chinese singlette would find her connection as the opportunity for marriage and long-term relationships.

They Are Ambitious

Ambitions have become crucial for the Chinese who are receiving broad opportunities for developing and implementing hidden talents into all spheres of life. That’s the reality of modern Chinese society, and the tendency for women to become self-sufficient and start their own business won’t go away anytime soon. Indeed, women of China occupy top-level managerial positions like CEOs or General Managers in the branches of the western companies that have business departments in China. Taking an ordinary Chinese woman, the same goes for her when having these glimpses of female inspiration from the counterparts.

If you decide to date a Chinese woman, then it’s better to keep in mind the consequences of the ambitious behavior that she will show off. Of course, not all of Chinese women have the same level of self-reliability, and most women just want to have a stable job and basic income to support the well-being of their families. What could be better than a woman who doesn’t want to get attached to your pocket not having any other ambitions? If you want to date a person who has the vision of tomorrow where she inputs as many efforts as she can into making the lives of the two of you better, then your goal is to find a Chinese woman who is ambitious and loving at the same time. 

Why Chinese Women Are a Good Choice For A Foreigner?

Chinese girls are extraordinary wives when carrying such roles for foreigners. What makes women from that distant Asian country a good choice in the majority of aspects? Even the stubborn bachelors are cracked easily when they see Chinese beauties in real life. Typical features that make these women stand out from the crowd from other nations when we talk about international marriage are the ones like mentioned below.

These days, Chinese women are attributable with such qualities as a high level of discipline, friendliness, and psychologically supportive. Of course, there are many other factors that make them a good choice for a foreigner. One thing for sure, they deal with the role of wife spectacularly, that’s what they want from life. Their exotic appearance allures foreigners who want to have a spicy woman beside. Be sure that the Chinese ignite the space around them easily. If you decide to invite your friends or family to spend time together, no one will leave the party not mesmerized with the woman you’ve chosen to be your only one. 

Natural Beauty and Exoticism

Natural beauty of Chinese women mostly relies on the geography and healthy kitchen along with moderate food consumption. When thinking about the geography of mainland and coastal China, you must keep in mind that diverse geography makes people look differently depending where they live. Coastal women are likely more tanned and resemble Koreans because of the excessive amount of time spent in the open air because of the tourism industry. Inland females correspond to the classic Chinese visuals and body features. Their skin is paler, closer to yellow tones, and they have different eye cuts. Compared to coastal women of China, the mainland population has a more squeezed eye cut shape. Another crucial factor that supports their beauty is the balanced diet that has emphasis on vegetables and grains. They’re also not against fish and seafood by all means. Such composition makes their skin look soft and silky at the time when women all over the world start to look old. 

Their exoticism is another thing to keep in mind because it’s very specific for Asians. Chinese sweethearts are obsessed with having a white skin as possible, and they use tons of makeup to achieve this effect. This fashionable trend is affected by the Japanese looks of women. They’re considered the Asian perfection in terms of beauty. This is why Chinese ladies, particularly the younger ones, often look like their neighbors across the sea. Interestingly, even in their 30s and later on after marriage, these women strive for saving the looks of younger women. Once again, makeup is their best ally in achieving that. 

Interesting and Positive Interlocutor

Women of China are definitely on the positive side when a conversation happens. They are great speakers, but it’s necessary for them to get used to people around. It certainly takes time before she’s comfortable around to discuss sensitive topics. That’s a surprise for many foreigners, but most Chinese girls before 40s know English on the conversational level. They are fond of meeting speakers from countries like the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Talking to men from those destinations is the opportunity they’re waiting for. Chinese society favors foreigners showing the attitude to them that is similar to worshipping in many ways. You won’t meet a woman who won’t find it fantastic and engaging to talk to you smiling all the time. 

Most women also show a positive attitude because they’re quite shy to talk in English. If you want to support them as beginner interlocutors, you shouldn’t point at their intermediate language skills. Instead, telling them that their English is superb will likely remove any trust barriers between the two of you. If you want to soothe her and get attached to you, then this is the best way to go. 

They Are Faithful

When it comes to honesty and choosing a partner for the long time, Chinese brides are among the leaders compared to other Asian nations. These women know how to be faithful and follow the man they love till the end. When it comes to meeting foreigners, the game of honesty and devotion comes to another level. Whereas Chinese men have their flaws that are hard to be ignored, foreigners are alike to mystery to them. Showing their best, these women melt down the hearts of the most brutal men. When you lose a job, have a change of heart, or feel anxious, Chinese women will always be there for you. 

11 Things You Must Know About Chinese Weddings

Chinese weddings are known to be the festival of cultural traditions that differ dramatically, looking at various parts of the country. Peculiarities of weddings range from the outfits of brides and grooms to the events happening around guests. Sometimes, you could have an impression of being in a neighboring country, but it still would be a Chinese wedding in a different region. Below are the key things to know to increase your outlook on weddings in China that are necessary to know if you want to attend them as a marrying side or a guest. 

1. Vows

Compared to western countries where the role of religion on weddings is significant, Chinese feasts have a specific perspective on making vows. Brides and grooms make vows at a local government office prior to the wedding. At this step, paperwork is signed up to approve the marriage from a legal side. What does it mean for the wedding as a whole? You won’t notice signing up of any papers during the wedding. Celebration is the main goal of this holiday for two souls fallen in love and their guests. 

2. Invitations

Chinese wedding invitations are usually delivered in long red envelopes. It’s similar to a hongbao envelope in which people send money as a gift on holiday occasions. These red envelopes are signe with a double happiness insignia called shuangxi. Chinese invitation tradition tells us to send the envelope several days before the wedding. Nowadays, this invitation is sent by mail or to the inbox.

3. Photographs

Making the wedding album, Chinese couples usually go around the city or popular sightseeings to take the photos. All of that happens several days prior to the wedding, and most photos are taken in the romantic setting. Why do newly married people not add photos of the actual wedding into the album? That’s because the pictures are shown to the guests during the wedding breakfast as it goes with ceremonial tradition. The best time of the year to take the wedding photos is spring or the first part of summer. 

4. Pre-Wedding Activities

The central pre-wedding activity that happens right before celebration is taking out the bride from her house. The groom has to come to her house and get the blessing from relatives. Brides are protected by her female friends who will try to trick the bride for gifts in exchange for his future wife. The groom will have to give them an envelope with money to trick them by giving the empty one. After that, they give back the bride. The final step before the ceremony is to visit parents of both sides to get a blessing for future marriage. 

5. Colors

Chinese weddings are known to be among the brightest in Asia. The variety of colors that you could see in clothing and decorations impresses foreigners. While in the west, traditional colors include mostly white, black, and pink, Chinese weddings resemble the rainbow in the humblest comparison. The central colors and their meaning are given below:

6. Decorations

Typical decorations on the Chinese wedding include banners, tapestries, made-up sculptures, and plants. All of the above is accompanied with various blessings written out in Chinese. The color palette is often traditional, including red and gold colors. Doors, windows, and walls get an excessive amount of decorations, looking more excessive than on western weddings. 

7. Flowers

Chinese people find flowers an integral part of their folklore and cultural code. Flowers are the symbol of life and happiness, two qualities of a happy marriage. Such flowers as lilies and orchids are the most frequent ones because they symbolize wealth, love, health, and harmony. Add those words to a new family, and it’s evident why Chinese weddings are full of those flowers. 

8. Gifts

Chinese wedding gifts are free to choose from among guests, newly-weds cannot ask for specific things, especially money. However, it’s common to gift red envelopes with money and gold jewelry. Of course, members of family like parents or siblings can come up with more creative options, depending on budget. 

9. Dresses

Chinese brides wear more than one dress during the stages of wedding. The main dress is called Qipao, however it’s also preferable to choose western-themed dress instead. After the first three meal courses, the bride changes the dress and comes out to guests. After other 3 courses, the bride gets her last dress on, and shines in all her glory for the final time. Grooms usually wear classic smoking, while guests choose formal outfits chosen at any other holiday like birthdays. 

10. Alcohol

One of the notoriously popular alcohol drinks from China is called baijiu. That’s a rice-wine with a sweet taste. It’s served on the default at every wedding. However, strong spirits like whiskey, bourbon, and rum are also served. It gets fashionable to pick a western drink and have a shot like a cowboy with your table neighbor on right or left. 

11. Favors

When you leave the wedding as a guest, you’ll be treated with extra attention. Small niceties like chocolates, bottles of wine, and photos of the newly-weds are taken out by guests. Groom and bride meet every guest, personally wishing all the best before they leave.