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So, you’re ready to change the world? Can’t say we blame ya. If you’re in, read on… 

Your City is Ready for Change. Are you?

To apply for a board application, follow these steps: 

1. View your city page to see which positions are open. Don’t see the position you are interested in? That’s okay – apply anyway. Some cities have co-chair openings and also you never know when an opening may pop up. Don’t see your city? Odds are it will be on the list soon (thanks to you) so, apply on. 

2. Take a moment to review Board and Board Chair expectations and role descriptions with our City Guide. For a deeper dive into roles and responsibilities, watch this webinar from our Founder.

3. Fill out the Board Application below. Someone from our office should be in touch within 48 hours. If not, please feel free to email to check on the status of your application. 

4. Read over this fine print and our FAQs below: 

You are not an Imposter

Please don’t let imposter syndrome stop you from filling out this application. Most of our board members did not have previous board experience before Women in Digital.  In fact, most of us have never belonged to an organization like ours – in fact, that’s why we created WID. 

Membership is Never Free

Even our City Champions and Board Members pay for their memberships. Please become a member before applying for a board seat, or plan on it soon after you are accepted. It’s critical that we all invest in our membership, especially those charged with leading their local chapters. You shouldn’t just believe in the power of our organization, you should experience it first hand.


Creating Change is Hard Work

 We want to make sure that you take our mission as seriously as we do, and that you recognize that building your chapter from the ground up will take some good old fashioned grit, determination and perserverance. Along with your mad skills. Before filling out this application, be sure you have at least two hours per week to commit to your role.

FAQs about the Women in Digital Board:

How many hours per month will I have to dedicate to Women in Digital?

It depends on your board role, but most roles require at least two hours per week. You also must attend at least 9 out of 12 board meetings per year, unless you choose an Advisory Role position. 

Will I be required to go to all of my local Women in Digital events?

Nope! We do ask that you make as many events as possible, but we realize that our board members can’t attend board meetings, meet ups and peer circles every month. For some this is just too much. So, we would ask you to divide and conquer. There should be at least four board members at every monthly meetup. 

What are the benefits and perks?

You get all the glory. As your chapter grows, you will be a part of that growth. Your network will grow along with your experience in learning how to lead and found a local organization from the ground up. Also, you’ll feel all of the warm and fuzzies as you truly give back and help to bring change within our industry. And every board member receives 50% off of the National Conference. 

Are there specific board roles?

There sure are. Here is a link to our City Guide with a full explanation of board roles. Choose your preferred board role during your application. 

City Champion and Board Member Application Form

    To sit on a board you must be a member of Women in Digital for at least 90 days so you have a basic understanding of our culture and vision.
  • Which chapter board would you like to join?
  • How long have you been a woman in digital? Describe your relative experience within the digital creative, advertising, marketing, communications industry? What is your specialty and area of focus? For example: Are you a designer? A strategist? Or a copywriter? There are no wrong answers here. Just describe your relative experience in this industry.
  • Describe your previous volunteer experience (if any):
  • How many hours per month would you have to devote to Women in Digital?
  • Have you ever served on a board before? How was that experience for you? Be honest!
  • Why Women in Digital? What has attracted you to our organization?
  • Are you joining our group in order to solicit our members for sales and or recruitment purposes?

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