Every March 70,000 people head to Austin to hear from top-notch marketers at SXSW. But did you know some of our own are vying for a chance to present? Well now you do, so let’s help our sisters out! Below are your fellow digital sisters’ submissions, and you should check them out. Panel Voting is August 6th – August 30th so vote, vote, vote.


Annie Hardy – Austin Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: Promises & Pitfalls: Three Bootstrapping Stories

The Deets:
Access to funding is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs just starting out. And this is especially true when seeking external capital in the very early stages of bringing an idea to life.

For many, bootstrapping is a necessity; For others, it is a choice. And as rewarding as it can be to self-fund your company, the road of bootstrapping can also be a risky endeavor fraught with pitfalls.

In this session, you’ll hear three founders tell the story of how they bootstrapped their own businesses, ranging from early-stage experience to multi-company success.


Chandler Nunez – Seattle Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: Data Science for Strategists

The Deets:
We’ve all been there. You want a simple pivot table or bar chart from your data, but the file is so large, running simple queries can take an afternoon or worse, Excel can crash. When your data is too big and your business intelligence team can’t help you fast enough, you need tools to help you understand and pull insights from your data.

In this workshop, attendees will learn basic tools to aggregate, sort and visualize data using python. Attendees will walk away with a basic understanding of data analysis in python and how machine learning can impact your business as well as code examples you can use and reference for future work.


Summer Alexander – Dallas/Fort Worth Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: The Power & Profit in Partnership for Black Women

The Deets:
Black women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs according to the 2017 AMEX OPEN State of Women-Owned Businesses report. Although this is promising news, the data shows that Black women on average earn less annually ($26K) than every other minority and non-minority group of women-owned firms. The reasons for this are varied, including a lack of funding, access to networks, and resources. Based on our experiences using joint ventures to build six-figure businesses, we want to highlight this viable option that other solo-business owners can use to increase their revenue. In this session, an attorney, marketing strategist, and business coach share strategies for Black women solopreneurs to utilize joint ventures as a tool for business growth. #collaboratevscompete


Heidi Gollub – Austin Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: Going the Distance: Goal Setting Success for Kids

The Deets:
Marathon Kids’ evidence-based program shows kids they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. Students set distance goals and pursue them, walking or running, 1 mile at a time. Last year, 96,289 Marathon Kids in 46 states ran 10,482,637 miles. An average of 94% of students ran the distance of one marathon, 85% completed two, 76% completed three, and 66% completed four marathons, because they set the intention to do so. Goal setting helps kids succeed in health, in school, and in life.


Earnestine Elaine Dawson – Washington, D.C. Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: Influencing the Cause MeetUp

The Deets:
Social media changed the way we engage a community for a cause. There are now endless possibilities to create, engage & empower people, from all over the world, to act. With the prominence of digital media, digital communicators can use social media platforms to send their messaging to anyone from a thousand miles away. Influencers can raise awareness of a cause by reaching out to their followers. When working together, they can start a movement.


Gillian Singletary – Los Angeles Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: Women Who Market to Women: We’re Still Feminists

The Deets:
The Women Who Market to Women meetup is designed to bring together creative women in marketing who specifically find themselves developing messages to target other women. We will discuss the challenges inherent in marketing to women, such as the razor thin edge we walk between sharing great, creative messaging and playing into deeply entrenched misogynistic ideals that have inspired generations worth of insecurities.

And we’ll talk about how we can keep doing better as marketers and feminists.


Amanda Dyer +  Jamie Maniloff – Detroit Women in Digital Members
Panel Submission: The Burnout is Real: Better Balance, Backed by Data

The Deets:
First in, last out, too much coffee…sound familiar? This seems to be the norm despite a growing body of research supporting work-life balance. According to the American Institute of Stress (2016), stress is costing U.S. businesses $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover and lost productivity. Yet many of us remain hyper focused on navigating the corporate jungle gym and forget that the jungle gym is part of the playground. In short: the burnout is real and deserves our attention. This panel session will focus on data-driven tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that keeps you centered, both in the office and beyond the halogen lights. Join us to learn how to tune in and power up, and turn off and power down, to perform at your best. And feel great doing it.


Jackie Huba – Austin Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission:Socially Conscious Business and the Etho-Economy

The Deets:
In a world where Corporate Social Responsibility and B Corps are gaining traction with everyday consumers, business models that take sustainability and social impact seriously are quickly becoming non-negotiable. The way we see it, a business’s sustainability strategy (or the lack thereof) will ultimately determine their long-term profitability. We want to sit down with the experts in this space to chat about the rise of what we call the Etho-Economy, which is the part of the global economy made up of businesses that prioritize fair wages, the environment and respect the well being of all their stakeholders. This open-minded dialogue will explore the common “hot spots”, or pressure points, that sustainable businesses deal with along with the kicker–establishing trust with your consumer.


Annie Hardy (Panelist) – Austin Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: How the Human-centered Business Eats Agencies.

The Deets:
Executives are carrying conversations about Customer Experience and Human-Centered design from cubicles into boardrooms. These human-centered businesses are still using creative agencies…but for production rather than as strategic partners.

Creativity is becoming commoditized and Agencies are losing ground.

In response, Agencies are acquiring Consultancies, and Consultancies are acquiring Agencies. Strategy is the new creative, and design thinking practices are integral in being able to translate the needs and the priorities of these human-centered businesses into compelling creative.

In this talk, we’ll explain human-centered business practices, discuss how their agency needs have changed, and how agencies can evolve their practices to thrive in this new landscape.



Christina Del Villar (Panelist) – San Francisco Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: AI-AI-Oh! How Top Companies Create Training Data

The Deets:
AI is all the rage now. Every day we hear stories of new possibilities and cutting edge products that are enabled by AI. We’re sold; it’s time to go build the next amazing AI product. But wait, how do I actually DO that? How can my business generate and harness the training data needed to fuel next generation AI that will wow customers?



Krystal Webber (Panelist) – Austin Women in Digital Member
Panel Submission: Big Data, Big Ideas: Using Data to Drive Creation

The Deets:
Stitch Fix, the popular data-driven clothing subscription service, has collected enough consumer data on clothing preferences that they’re now using this data to design their own optimized clothing line. Netflix analyzed its user data when creating its first foray into original programming, House of Cards. Blue chip enterprises rely on global design teams and advanced user experience experts to inform future ideas, innovations and investments. How can companies use big data to identify and address product or market gaps? How can companies tap into big data to create something of value for customers? In this session, we’ll hear from industry experts about how big data can be applied to product creation and design and used to drive innovation and brand loyalty.




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