We Have the Power (to Grow Nationally)

What began as a single event in Columbus, Ohio has now become a national movement to empower women in digital by connecting them to their most powerful allies – each other. Today, we are thrilled to reveal the new Women in Digital brand and website.


A picture from our first event on June 9, 2016 in Columbus Ohio

Our core Columbus, Ohio chapter has been the testing ground for what we believe should and can be scaled up to a national level. In the past 10 months we have sold out event after event, attracted over 700 women to our Columbus Facebook group and changed the careers and lives of countless members through our Pledge. The core components of which ask our members to extend at least 12 “Gives” and 12 “Asks” to their fellow members within 12 calendar years. We also ask members to volunteer at least 12 ours of their time to organizations or non-profits dedicated to helping women and children.

We have found that while the Gives are plentiful and easy to extend for women, the Asks are more of a challenge. Try it and you’ll see. Asking for help is something we are trained not to do from day one in the workplace. We have to prove ourselves and asking for help is typically perceived as a sign of weakness, not by others of course, but by ourselves. Of course, this is nonsensical and asking for help is actually a sign of strength because you have the courage to do so. In Columbus, our initial Facebook group has been filled with generous Gives and courages Asks. We are sure there will be far more posted within the privacy and trust of our members only forums. Read more about Asks and Gives here.

Also, at the core of our group’s power and effectiveness are the local chapters. Currently, local chapters have spread across Ohio from one city to the next. We anticipate the same after we launch to a national audience on March 13th at SXSW in Austin. We feel strongly the city chapters and the local networks those bring are fundamental to our success for members on an individual level. National groups and conferences are fantastic, but the power of having a local network within your own city is hard to describe. The impact will be profound on your professional and personal development no matter what level of your career you are in. To create your own chapter, please fill out the form on this page. And we will be there as soon as we find an available date to hold a kick off meeting in your city. We are looking for chapter champions, those who act as hostess in their cities. It’s an exciting and fun volunteer opportunity!

Announcing Women in Digital Memberships

Our group’s growth, in Columbus alone, has required an immense amount of time to manage. Initially, we wanted Women in Digital to be a membership free and sponsorship free organization. However, we are finding it is just not possible in order to grow. Additionally, we have found volunteer run membership organizations to be lacking in true membership benefits and quality event programming. Without paid memberships and sponsorship partners, our ability to grow as quickly as we need to grow in order to impact and improve our members lives and professional careers would be limited and the quality of what we offer would be at risk.

Our membership rate is $250.00 for one year or $25.00 per month. The rate is the product of many conversations with our board members and existing members who advised us on the price point. Initially we had it even lower, but were told unequivocally to raise it based on the value of what this membership has already brought our Columbus group. The dues will be paid back with significant discounts on events, first access to often sold out events and also untold benefits in the private social network and forums where you can connect privately with each other, create private groups within the broader group and engage in highly informative forum discussions.

Your Patience and Feedback Will Be Greatly Appreciated

As we role out our members only social network and forum there will surely be bumps along the way. We are using BuddyPress and bbPress. These are extremely robust and user friendly programs, but there will certainly be a few UX kinks along the way. It’s all easy to fix, so, if you are one of our initial members please email michelle@womenin.digital with any recommendations for improvement. This is your community as much as ours and our founding members are remarkable in the assistance and candor they offer. In fact, our members have made this group what is today.

Thank you to you all for being here at the very beginning of this remarkable association. We can’t wait to meet you soon!

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