In a time where discrimination, inequality, and harassment are leading the conversations about women, their roles in the workforce, and the impact they are having on us as a society — we are still seeing increased anxiety amongst women in the workplace.


You may wonder, how is this even possible?


Well, in all honestly, it is because despite the strides we are making towards discussing these societal issues — it is not enough. These conversations may be making headlines, but they are not leading to actionable changes for women in the workplace fast enough.


In fact, work lives are a key factor in the anxiety that more and more (young) women seem to be facing today. While we have made some advancements, “millennial women still see roadblocks on the horizon…they have a sense that the playing field is not equal,” according to Melissa Batchelor Warnecke of


So, if you find yourself asking what specifically is causing all this stress and anxiety, you have to look at the whole picture. Aside from just lower wages, domestic responsibilities, and the feeling that women must always say “yes” to more work, there’s an underlying stereotype that women feel they’re constantly battling.


Men will never have to face many of these struggles, but they will consume women, especially millenial women entering the workforce. According Harvard Business Review, executive and professional women also experience “more stress, anxiety, and psychological distress than men.”


So how can we work to reduce and eliminate workplace anxiety for women?


First, we have to start implementing further preventative policies, and provide support within workplaces and organizations. And yes, we know women can work on reducing their anxiety. But let’s face it, these problems will not completely (or immediately) solve themselves with more “experience, yoga, tea, and mediation”, the go-to, all encompassing remedies prescribed to women to answer all their problems.


So, what we can do? Simple: make the dialogue to discuss anxiety is open and flowing.


Women are taking charge by saying goodbye to the good old “boys clubs”, and hello to the new girls club, Women in Digital. This network of women are working to support and motivate each other. And, it is working … just ask our 1,500+ members. By forming a sisterhood, Women in Digital is changing the way that women network and grow in the digital industry. Instead of competing with one another to get to the top as we have been taught, we are instead, distributing our knowledge and power with each other. We are working towards one common goal: get more than the current six percent of women CEOs at Fortune 500 companies. We are united — and kicking @$$ together.


So the next time you experience workplace anxiety, confide in one of your Women in Digital sisters — and remember you are not alone. Whether you speak out during an Ask & Give session at a monthly meetup, confide in your peer circle or reach out on our private Slack channel, we (here at Women in Digital) want to make sure that women experiencing workplace anxiety are heard, understood, and supported. By working together, we can collectively break the glass ceiling our grandmothers began chipping away at many years ago. Ready to be empowered? Join us.

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