Need some help persuading the boss person to invest in your Women in Digital Membership and/or national conference ticket. No problemo! Here is a sample letter to make your own. Also, if your company is considering five or more memberships – please, email for corporate membership discounts.

Dear Boss Person;

I would like you to invest in my professional development by purchasing a Women in Digital Membership and Conference ticket for myself / and for the other women on my team. The cost, something you can expense and write off as employee personal development and education, is [  your total  ].  Here is why a Women in Digital Membership and Conference ticket would deliver an immediate return on your investment and be of tremendous value for both myself, my team and our organization.

First of all, I/we will be constantly tapped into a national network of women specializing in digital marketing, advertising and communication. These women include anyone from the Chief Marketing Officer of a Fortune 500 brand and her entire team to a junior designer at an agency, copywriters, developers and UX research and data analysts. Women in Digital is a totally inclusive group and members hail from all stages in their careers and a myriad of specialties. The really amazing part is this – we all exchange our knowledge and insider (totally educational) tips all of the time – not only in Slack, but also at our meet ups every month and within our peer circles.

Here’s what I/we will gain from a Women in Digital Membership:

  • Insider tips and knowledge from other women in my specialty. For example, last week when I needed to [fill in the blank], I could have asked for help on the Women in Digital Slack and found a solution within minutes. Instead it took me [# of hours/or $ investment] to find the solution.
  • Educational workshops and panels. Every month, our local chapter will bring amazing speakers to our meet ups. Topics range from social marketing best practices to email marketing and digital branding.  Also, many of these talks are recorded, so, even if I can’t attend, I can watch them later.
  • Conference videos and national meet up content. My/Our membership gives me/us immediate access to 2017’s National Women in Digital Conference videos and every year thereafter.
  • National Conference and SXSW discount. My/Our membership includes $200.00 off the 2018 Women in Digital National Conference in Columbus, Ohio on September 18-20th and it also includes 24% off SXSW Conference tickets. Those are incredible discounts and nearly pay for our membership.

At this year’s conference I/we am/are most excited to learn from national speakers like [choose your favorite speaker] who will be speaking on [their specialty or area of focus].

Above all, by supporting us and Women in Digital, you are sending a message loud and clear to the [your city] agency, creative and digital community that [your company name] supports the organization’s mission of leveling the playing field for women within our industry. That’s an incredible message to send and I hate to think we would miss an opportunity to be a part of that critical conversation. If you have any questions about membership benefits, please let me know. I realize this would be significant investment for [company name] and would make it a personal goal to earn that membership back tenfold as quickly as possible.


Your Name

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