Need some help persuading the boss person to invest in your Women in Digital National Conference ticket? We have you covered! Here is a sample letter to make your own:

Dear Boss Person;

I would like you to invest in my professional development by purchasing a Women in Digital National Conference ticket for myself / and for the other women on my team. The cost, something you can expense and write off as employee personal development and education, is [  your total ]. As you may already know, I am a member of Women in Digital and get incredible personal and professional benefit from this group. Here is why the additional investment of attending the conference would deliver an immediate return and be of tremendous value for both myself, my team and our organization.

At this year’s conference, I/we am/are most excited to learn from national speakers like [choose your favorite speaker] who will be speaking on [their specialty or area of focus and why it applies to your position].

Above all, by supporting me/us and Women in Digital, you are sending a message loud and clear to the [your city] agency, creative and digital community that [your company name] supports the organization’s mission of leveling the playing field for women within our industry.

That’s an incredible message to send and I hate to think we would miss an opportunity to be a part of that critical conversation. Our company could even take it a step further and sponsor the conference and receive complimentary passes.

I realize this would be significant investment for [company name] and would make it a personal goal to earn that membership back tenfold as quickly as possible.


Your Name


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