The women of SXSW are here to make waves. And we want to make sure you catch as many as you can.

From university professors to journalism giants– these five women are gracing us with their expertise. Meet us in Austin as we bask in the awe of their digital badassery. Here’s our list of (just a few) of the many women speaking this year we think you can’t miss. 

Dante Clemons


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Founder of, Dante radiates the all important hand-raising vibe that has made many a Women In Digital successful. The panel she’s leading is all about the nuances of career navigation that you simply cannot learn in a classroom. How do you know when it’s really time to leave that company, when to ask for more responsibility, or how to make yourself irreplaceable? She, and few counterparts, will guide listeners through what it takes to “kick in the door” and “have a seat.”

Julia Beizer


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Let’s give this campaign we all survived through the legitimate digital detox it warranted, shall we? Julia Beizer, the Head of Product at The Huffington Post, will stop us from passing the blame-torch and truly understand what went wrong. What role did the perpetuation of fake-news and alternative facts on social media platforms have on voters? What responsibility do traditional media, social media, and digital media outlets have in reporting actual facts? Knowledge is power and we have a strong feeling that Julia will allows us insights we could only speculate about before.

Dawn Lyon


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Wage inequality has been a rally cry and pivotal pain point in our fight toward equal rights for women. But how much do you really know about the pay gap? We get the data straight from the source with Dawn Lyon, Head of Global Corporate Affairs at Glassdoor. Not only will the facts surprise you, but her advice for you and your employer may as well.

Elizabeth Hull


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Is vulnerability really the next big move in SEO? Clickbait gets combed, finetooth style in this talk with Mozilla’s Global Social Strategist, Liz Hull. With the well being of the world wide web at risk, Liz will guide us through what responsibility brands and advertisers have to “stop spinning up the bullshit.” Well said.

Kristina Durante


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Associate Professor of Marketing at Rutgers Business School and a student of the Biology of Decision Making, Kristina Durante dives into how millennial women have truly come to play. With a third more women with degrees than men since 2000 and on track to become higher earners and breadwinners, what will the marketers of jewelry, luxury cars, and other premium products do? Kristina and her Badass Buying Power Panel will hash it out.

Excited for SXSW?

Women In Digital will be in Austin, Texas attending South by Southwest from March 11th through the 15th. We promise to bring you all the updates, info, data and drama. Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram to squelch your FOMO. If you’re making your way down to SXSW, make sure you check out the live broadcast of our podcast Slings and Arrows and the Women in Digital SXSW Meet Up.

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