12 Must See Speakers at the 2018 Women in Digital National + One Digital Dude

The Countdown Is On As We Are Just Weeks Aways From Our Third Annual National Conference. Now It’s Time To Get To Know The Speakers:

Katie Martell – A firecracker who knows A LOT about marketing, and in particular, marketing aimed at women. She lit the stage on ???? last year as she discussed Femvertising – and she’s back again this year. She’ll not only emcee our event (woot, woot!), she will also give us a brief history lesson to help us remember how we got to where we are today. She’s up first in the lineup – so do as your history teacher preached and don’t be late!

Tanisha Robinson – With hit after hit, Tanisha is one of the most spot-on speakers when it comes to women, business and owning who you are. She’s back for the THIRD year in a row to deliver another impactful keynote — geared just for us. She is also the reason we’re going to have an amazing happy hour to kick off our conference at BrewDog, of which she is the CEO.

Stephanie Campbell – Body image. It is a topic we all have strong feelings about. After all, we’re part of the generation who knows nothing but perfect Photoshopped women in the clothing ads. Enter Stephanie Campbell, game-changer. Aerie by American Eagle is THE place where preteen and teenage girls are shopping. So, if we’re going to make improvements to what advertising is to the future generations, this brand is where we begin. Stephanie has been imperative to the #AerieReal campaign, which features REAL women with NO retouching! We need more women in the world like Stephanie pushing companies to change their advertising and teach future generations that you’re beautiful just the way you are. Stephanie will be on the main stage sharing how Aerie got to where it is today.

Karen Okonkwo – Stock Photos ????. We all have a love-hate relationship with them. However, Karen and her business partner are flipping these stale photos and updating them for the modern 21st century. TONL was founded because Karen struggled to display diversity on her sorority blog since 2013 (only five years ago!). This diverse stock photo company is the new go-to place. Karen is a big advocate for uplifting women and hosts an introspective brunch to help them “build a bridge” toward their dreams. She’s trailblazing, breaking barriers and setting the stock photo world on fire. She and her co-founder were also recently named to Inc.’s 30 under 30. Tune in to what she has to say when she leads the Representation Matters speech.

Marissa Wilson – We all live and die by content in this business. With everyone fighting to make their content stand out, we definitely need all the help we can get. So, who better to guide us through the tricky world of creating great content than the expert of it, Marissa from Blavity? Join her for the Power Hour on Content Strategy to raise your content to the next level.

Lauren Hasson – Money, Money, Money …. Money! Let’s face it, no matter how much we love what we do, we all need a paycheck to pay for our (or, more realistically, our kids) lives. Yet, for most women, this is the most awkward part of getting a new job or getting a much-deserved raise. After spending thousands of dollars, and countless hours learning how to advance her career the hard way, Lauren currently helps other tech women utilize her knowledge to earn more, gain more influence, lead, and develop their own best tech careers. And now, she’s bringing what she knows to the Women in Digital stage as she leads a Salary Negotiation Power Hour … it’s one not to miss if you’re on the hunt for more $$$!

Joanne Lipman — That’s What She Said – NOT he. Joanne Lipman, author of “That’s What She Said”, will spearhead the panel on Mansplaining at our National Conference. And, she’ll be joined by Nate Rogers, VP Marketing & Communications, OhioHealth; and Nate Riggs, Owner, NR Media Group as they tackle those uncomfortable conversations men love to have with women. As an expert on how to help men understand how to communicate with women in the workforce, Joanne will be a resource to conference attendees as she helps guide us on how to gently get the men at work to stop talking over, around and upside down around you.

Kate O’Neil – Tech Humanist. Say what? Yep, Kate (Founder of KOInsights) has 20 years of experience in being a tech humanist. So, what is a tech humanist exactly? As Kate explains, it is helping humanity prepare for an increasingly tech-driven future by helping businesses make better human experiences at scale. It is incredibly fascinating – and you need to be front and center for this nationally recognized speaker, author and business woman. When she hits the stage in September, she’ll be discussing Human Experiences of the Future and Why Women Should Build Them. Whoa.

Natalie Pariano – Are you currently doodling on a notepad as you read this? Then you should definitely not miss Natalie’s session on turning your side-hustle into a job. What started as just a passion has now led to one heck of a dream job for the queen of doodles, Natterdoodle. Many women no longer have just a day job, they have a job on the side that is their true passion and are just a little unsure how to make it their full-time job. Natalie will walk you through all the steps she took to take what started as some doodles on a page into what is now earning her a lot of recognition – and a paycheck.

Jenna Ahern – SEO. Who knew three letters could control so much of our daily marketing lives? Yet, do you really know all there is to know about said letters? If you secretly need some more tidbits, Jenna is your go-to digital sista. As the Co-Owner and President of Guardian Owl Digital Boutique, she spends her days immersed in all things SEO, so she is well equipped to provide major insights on how to improve your SEO skills.

Clara De Soto – AI. What more do we need to say than those two letters to explain why Clara De Soto should be at the top of your must hear lists? She’s the co-founder of Reply.AI (a customer experience automation platform…how cool is that?) and works with the big-hitters such as Samsung and Coca Cola to help them better reach and serve Millennial customers. We’ve probably already revealed too much, so shhhhhh… just make sure to grab a seat and listen to her discuss the biggest innovation changer, AI.

Andrea Marshall – she called bull**** about so many things pertaining to women, leadership and digital during her speech at a Columbus Meetup, and it hit a nerve that resonated deeply with those attendees. Andrea has been trailblazing a strong path on how to be one hell of a leader. As many of us know, leadership is more than a job, it is a responsibility to help the next generation of women leaders learn how to lead – and lead smart. This year she’s bringing her advice to the national level at our conference as she discusses You’ve Got This: Leadership Without Fear. If you’re looking to grow as a boss, this is one to watch.

Plus, One Digital Dude: David Griner – Digital is ever-changing and no matter what generation you were born in, we have to keep evolving. Tuning in to David’s How to Future-Proof Your Digital Career is imperative to your growth in our industry. He writes about creativity and marketing innovation for AdWeek, so you know he knows his stuff! Oh, and he’s one of the few allies at our conference because he is a man who actually wants to help grow women in a male-dominated industry.

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