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Algeria is a country at the tip of north africa, a fast ferry ride or flight away from continental europe. A population of 39 million people makes it one of the arab world's most populated nations, and it is also the largest. This is a nation steeped in thousands of years of tradition, imbued with centuries of influence from europe and africa. Algeria has an vast coastline in the mediterranean but is also home to part of the sahara desert.

Calling an Algerian women

In algeria, bloodlines have been strongly influenced in recent hundred years by the presence of turkish, arabic, roman and french colonists. Algerian women are definitely stunning, but still hot-blooded, with matching bodies. Never underestimate the fire in any arab woman's heart, and her affection for the ones she really loves. This includes her family as a whole and you, if you're lucky. If you need a glimpse of what the prettiest girls look like in algeria then take a look at amina kaddur she's a supermodel with a face that could halt a dead freight train in her tracks. Algeria is clearly a muslim country, meaning that most of the women here are fairly conservative in how they treat life and the dating environment. Many men see conservative women as too much like hard work, but it's worth noting that a conservative woman doesn't think her boyfriend husband is cheating.

That means that, for decades to come, you may count on her fidelity. Online dating is very common with girls from algeria so it's a perfect place to start. We also included a list of dating sites online that you can trust at the end of this post. Our key advice here is to invest time on algerian dating pages, so you have at least a few dates planned before landing here. A lot of algerian middle-class girls are likely to spend at least a bit of time traveling in europe (usually paris), because they are much more liberal than girls who have never traveled abroad. In algeria there are millions of single girls who have absolutely little interest in marrying a muslim from north africa, so spend your time here in cafes and nightclubs collecting cell phone numbers. Only note when you are doing this you need to be very careful.

Barriers to vocabulary

Algeria's official language is modern standard arabic, but like any other nation that has msa as its official language, it's only really taught in schools. If you want to speak with algerian girls you would need to either study darja (algerian arabic), or take some french lessons instead. France had strongly affected algeria, right up until the 1950s, and the practice of teaching french in schools here never changed. Learning to speak french in speech is also a lot better than simply pretending to speak semi-fluent arabic. If you're prepared to learn arabic then you can start with some pretty simple phrases like: it's certainly going to stand up to you when you crack the ice with girls here, but it's not an absolute requirement.

Marrying a Algerian women

Islam is the official religion of algeria and the religion of islam does not encourage muslim girls to marry foreign men just like any other muslim country. There's a fair chance her family would authorize you to marry their daughter if you want to convert to islam, but that's not always assured. If you want to marry her without converting to islam, so both of you will have to travel to another country and say you're not married - her family will never know. Algeria now has tens of thousands of christians, with many muslims converting to christianity in recent decades. Dating and marrying an algerian christian family girl has no moral strings attached to i at all. E. E. You needn't convert to christianity. In algeria, religion essentially doesn't have to be a deterrent to marriage. Remember the lifestyle that you can offer a girl from algeria far exceeds anything she can expect to provide in her home country. Furthermore, with many of the algerian girls of the upper and middle class visiting paris as part of their schooling, you won't have to try too hard to find an algerian beauty ready to become your girlfriend.

Where to visit algeria

Obviously you're flying to algeria to meet your dreams' arab woman but the country itself is also interesting. It's an intriguing mixture of french colonial architecture, combined with elements from, among others, the ancient roman empire. Every city in algeria is that little bit different from the others, but we've listed some of the key cities here to help you along on your dating trip, along with details about the best places to meet people. Obviously, if you've done some online dating before you get here, you'll make your life a lot smoother, and at least that way you can concentrate on getting to know the girl, rather than wasting more of your time trying to arrange first dates.

Algiers, as you've already worked out, is the capital of algeria and you have plenty of dating options for 3 million people living there. It is a lovely area, with plenty of parks to be enjoyed, and the bay of algiers has its own charm. You will keep your day filled as the sun goes down in some of the many fantastic bars here, with venues such as la stresa, l'olivier and le tala mely rising to the top of our list of restaurants to eat and drink in. If you want to have your date on the dance floor, check out the sheraton or hotel el djazair discotheques and you certainly want to try out the havana bar. Only note that alcoholic beverages are extremely costly everywhere you buy them.

Because of the hundreds of french colonial buildings here this town is sometimes referred to as the "second paris." If you're looking for a group environment than by the load of the bucket oran has it. There are some beautiful beaches for you to spend the day on and then you can visit one of the city's many nightclubs later that evening. Most pleasure is to be had in the oran area of la corniche, where you'll find the best nightclubs and djs. Get local tips on visiting any of la corniche's "alternative" clubs - some of them are really brothels with a bar in them. If you want an incredible meal you can try out les gazelles restaurant, which is pricey but worth every dinar.

Here the beaches are nothing short of spectacular and are the best places to take your date if she is not acquainted with them already. Annaba is another algerian town saturated with french elements, and is one of algeria's most picturesque towns. You'll need to do some digging to locate bars in hotels where you can buy a beer. La renaissance - a warm atmosphere paired with delicious cuisine - is one of the best restaurants to bring your date to. Foreigners in mostaganem will feel right at home, and there are normally a lot of visitors here. The immediate advantage is that as a result of the visitors, most of the locals can speak much better english. Because of the lack of bars and nightclubs, you may need to be more inventive in arranging your date in mostaganem - you can't just fall back on them as the quick way out.


Algeria's currency is the dinar, and its exchange rate is roughly us$1 per 100 dinar (dzd). There are plenty of atms scattered across the world but international credit cards are not always approved. However, every atm in a post office or bank should accept a big credit card and 5-star hotels should have no trouble taking a credit card either. Algeria is the only country that we have included in our guides so far, where we would suggest that you carry plenty of cash with you to avoid circumstances where a company, or atm, declines to accept the card. Algeria has a relatively low cost of living and the same goes for the country's travelers and tourists. A budget of $50 a day will cover a very decent hotel and you can have a good dinner. You can afford a much better hotel room, drinks, taxis and a two-course dinner if you can extend your expenses to $100 a day. If your daily budget is over $300 you will live like a dictator, stay at the region's best hotels. It also involves making your very own driver driving around the city.

Moving inside

You may have noted a pattern with the countries of north africa in that many of them would not allow israeli people across their borders, and the very same is true of algeria. Not only that, but anybody who has even visited israel in the last couple of months may find it hard to reach algeria. Your passport must be valid for 6 months after you arrive here, and anyone traveling on a tourist/guest visa will need to have a copy of their travel itinerary (what flights you have taken), as well as evidence of a hotel booking in the region. Facing possible problems with visa approvals, it's a simple procedure to finally get to algeria.

Almost all major european airlines frequently have flights to and from the region, and there are also direct flights from the united states, canada, and china, but most travelers tend to take a connecting flight from london because it is much cheaper than direct flying. Air algerie, the national carrier of algeria, offers services to several major european airports, as well as destinations in north america and throughout africa. Check around when you book flights to algeria ␓ if you're able to take a direct flight from london or madrid you might save quite a bit of money for yourself.

Security tips

There are certain areas of the world where you should not fly alone, especially the parts of algeria that border libya or mali. The bigger cities are completely safe, but you can choose to travel between cities instead of traveling long distances ␓ by driving cross-country here, you are putting a bullseye on yourself. Ask local police if you are in question as to how safe an place might be and consider driving through the night as well. Alcohol is commonly available in algeria, although it is a muslim country, but please do it only in bars or restaurants that are allowed to sell it while you're drinking alcohol. You certainly won't see alcohol listed on restaurant menus, so you'll have to ask. Never, do drink alcohol in public spaces. You should also stop smoking in the presence of a non-smoker, since doing so without first asking for permission is considered very disrespectful.

Evite tap water at all times, like in bars or restaurants. Use bottled water only once, and ensure that the seal on the bottle is intact until you drink any of the contents ␓ even a mouthful could render you sick for several days. The positive news is that the consistency of the algerian bottled water is outstanding. Evite any and every interaction with prostitution ␓ girls' sentences, or their "tom," are much more serious than almost everywhere else on the planet. We said that you should bring cash to algeria to prevent the hassles of refusing to accept your credit card in some cities, but you still need to exercise a lot of common sense if you are bringing huge sums of cash around with you.

Algeria is in many respects a place of contrasts, from the searing sun of the sahara desert to the sandy beaches of the country's north. It's also a nation abundant in dating possibilities for men pursuing an adventure dating that lies off the beaten trail. all that is attractive in arabic women are represented by algerian ladies, make perfect girlfriends and wives because they are not only gorgeous but trustworthy too. You will have the advantage that most women in algeria are searching for a decent standard of family life, something that they are impossible to find with an algerian.