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Western men dating & african women marrying - will it work?

Among all the places you might have considered searching for a foreign bride around the world, africa definitely didn't put very high on your mind, and you probably aren't even sure why that is. In this post, we'll show you just why many african countries are a perfect place to meet women for marriage, and perhaps never thought for reasons.

Why do you expect an African women

If you have become quite jaded from the foreign dating scene, then you will find that most african countries are a breath of fresh air. Why? Since there is no real "sex market" in operation here, but that shifts slowly. The explanation for this lack of industry is that internet access is still not commonly accessible, especially in more remote areas and less material rich countries. In reality, most emerging african nations are approximately where the former soviet union was at the end of the cold war - blinking into a new world filled with technologies and possibilities that their grandparents could never have thought about. The internet is one of those technological miracles, but it will be decades before the entire african continent is linked to the internet.

The truth is that africa is an untapped opportunity for guys looking to find romance, passion and preferably marriage with foreign women. The women here are totally open to the notion of western men dating and have been around for quite some time now. Yeah, you're going to get into a long-distance relationship, but you wouldn't have begun the road to becoming an foreign dater if you hadn't embraced it as a fact. That means dating is going to be challenging but still satisfying for you. Another excuse to consider dating an african woman is that they really want to get married. You won't have to place pressure on them or ask them how kids' pacing fits for their jobs. Matrimony and raising children is not only something that most african women expect from life, but it is what they look forward to. Another big advantage is that you get to meet and marry a woman who is practically free of all the psycho-babble dating advice people are brainwashed by on a regular basis in western countries. You'll find yourself with a woman who appreciates the good stuff in life instead of a spoiled north american or european brat, always insisting that you supply her with the newest fad or fashion accessories. So, while it might not be easy to date an african girl because of the distance involved, you would find it much easier than dating the vast majority of western women.

What looks like African women

It's like saying "how far is this up? "maybe you have in your head a fairly stereotypical picture of an african woman right now, but you have to remember there is 1. 2 billion africans work. The large amount of citizens is scattered over 50+ nations, and over 7,000km of land. It's the equivalent of saying "what looks like american women? "in fact, given how diverse there is an racial blend ␓ what most african peoples share. Many african nations, including french, italian, belgian, english, french, arabic, and other colonial backgrounds, are a true melting pot of diversity from other countries and tribes on the continent.

One generalization we might make is that women from north africa appear to have a noticeably lighter, copper-toned skin, whereas women from sub-saharan countries tend to have darker complexions. But this is not a hard and fast procedure, it's just something to hold in mind for you. But drawing a line through the globe is not as easy as deciding precisely what people look like on either side of it. It is far more complex. For eg, ethiopian women undoubtedly show their european and arab influences. They prefer to have straight hair, are slightly taller, have a long thin nose and skin which looks more persian or italian than african.

They are still curvy but not in the same way that other sub-saharan women are. The same is true of women from somalia, morocco and some areas of south africa. In the other hand, sudanese women may appear to have darker skin, natural kinked hair and a distinct physical appearance. But the thing is that even women from the same african country's different regions may look totally different from each other. So it's unlikely as much as you would like us to give you an a-z of african looks. Well, it's not unlikely but it would require creating a separate website or multiple volumes of a book to cover the subject. What you should be dwelling on is that millions of single african women are simply waiting for a guy just like you. And because the women here differ so much in personality and physical presence, you're almost guaranteed to find your dream girl in this town.

Why African women want to date western men?

The very straightforward response to this question is that she is totally sick and tired of poor, feckless, greedy african guys making her life a nightmare, while treating her as a person of second class. Sounds extreme, huh? Ok, how would you feel if your husband felt free to cheat on you while he was outside the boundaries or frontier of some city or state in which you live? Or if your dad, when you get married, sold you off like a piece of real estate, ask for the 'bride price' in exchange for your hand in marriage. Yeah, that's already going to happen in 2018, and it won't end anytime. African people are not ignorant, and as opposed to their own, they completely understand how much better life there is in every western world. You ␓ the western man ␓ represent a chance and potential for her to enjoy the same quality of life as you do. It's not what you say to her, but the cold hard truth is that you've got a higher life condition than she'd ever wish for. But there is one crucial thing here to make: africa is not bad.

The continent also holds enormous quantities of riches in the form of crude, precious metals, and stones. But the majority of african governments are so completely incompetent that they spend much of the oil and other wealth gained money in treating themselves as kings and queens. You remember all those western feminazi styles that shout and yell against "... The establishment," yet when questioned, can't justify either of their claims? Oh, that's because western societies do not have the patriarchy. In several african nations, patriarchy does exist and it has endured for many generations. In pretty much all in life, men come first, and women clearly have to recognize that. Here this is a cultural practice, and one that an rising number of african women seek to break from. Western effects across the internet, television, and other media have shown them that in more developing nations, being dominated by men is clearly not seen as normal or appropriate. They know that they will be regarded in all of life, even in their relationships, as partners in western societies. African women have a very simple aim ␓ to meet a guy who is not only serious about getting married, but also trustworthy in love and family care. You're still well on the way to winning her heart if you can give her that.

You're not going to have much in common?

Here, we couldn't disagree further, but we completely understand why you would think so. After all, africa is a vast region, with cultures and tribes isolated by large distances both in terms of their geographical location and background. Then what about some african girl you might possibly have in common? The fact is you definitely have far more in common than you thought. Slowly but gradually, africa is transforming itself into a continent filled with developed countries, and all this is done by imitating western cultures. those that don't do that are socialist dictators that really haven't worked out socialism isn't working. What it means is that african people are far more attuned to what western life is like than you would have believed at first. Like for example marriage. Part of the reason you're hunting for a foreign bride is that you want to get married but do so only once.

You have practically little incentive to be just another example in divorce, right? From an african woman's point of view, marriage is for life, so you always have it in common. A monogamous marriage is what she'll expect from you, while meeting and marrying a woman who has absolutely no interest in cheating on you would seem like a total novelty. Meeting and falling in love with the man of her dreams is something she has been looking forward to for her whole life, but she is unlikely to do anything to spoil it. Want to have children? She does like that, and she's not gonna screw with you with it. Want to spread the workload right over the house? Like that, when she grew up in a world where no one else is doing the job for you. We might go on and on here, but we think you get the idea - maybe you're both from different worlds, but you're going to have something in common. Your only possible obstacle is language, but by learning french you can overcome that ␓ a lot of africans only speak french as a legacy from french colonization.

What do western men want african women?

This is another fairly wide-ranging question, but the answer is clear. She wants you to be well, to be strong and to be successful. That is what it is. No talk about your bank balance, how many years your debt is left on, or how much you make yearly. Now, that's not to say the average african girl wouldn't appreciate meeting a rich guy who might give her all she's ever dreamed of, but that's not what she's looking for. when it comes to romance, passion, dating and marriage, women here have a very different attitude. The typical african girl needs you to be physically strong but she's not going to trade off the physical attribute for a guy who treats her poorly. Yeah, you may be stinking rich, but she's not going to find you sexy if that's all you've got for you i. E. E. You're a player beneath the financial curtain, and a bit of an butt. Health isn't typically a negotiable function. You have to realize that she sees a good man as someone with whom she will spend many years, and have many kids.

In african cultures, obese or frail men are generally not preferred, so they obviously cannot contend with the healthier ones. She wants you to be able to protect her and your kids from danger if ever the need arises. Thus beta males and soy youth, if they wish to seek an african queen, have their job cut out for them. If you're concerned you won't be able to score with african women, then just look at how jeff bezos turned himself from a poor nerdy to a man who looks like he's ready to shake you out with his left hand while still eating a latt?? mocha with his right. Another thing men enjoy about african women is decisiveness. You ought to be able to walk the walk as the situation demands it. In all decision making she won't listen to you, but she won't be pleased if she's had to make all the choices in your partnership.

Sharing apps in africa

In recent years, the demographic dating in africa has changed a lot, particularly with more and more women moving from rural areas to bigger towns. This is because rural life means subsistence farming and simple survival, with very little chances to pursue their schooling, social status or wages. This urban migration means more african women now than ever before making the most of online dating. The only problem here is that while being in a bigger city provides better access to the internet, it is also not similar to what you're used to doing. Not only should she run over to the closest coffee store, grab a shockingly overpriced coffee and lock for several hours on their free wi-fi. In most african countries internet access is still surprisingly costly, particularly when it comes to mobile data plans. Most single african girls can't afford a data plan or daily skype calls with you, so don't get upset if she appears unable to. She isn't sly - she can't afford it. Seeking a decent african dating service was very difficult several years back. It's got a lot simpler for guys hunting for sexy african brides today, though.

Next, there are africa beauties - they're part of the sites family of anastasia. They off a little rough but they have introduced hundreds of breathtaking african women to their website in the past couple of years. You may want to try out afro introductions as well. They have a lot of beautiful african ladies ␓ sadly the site is part of the cupid media empire so we can't place any of their wives on our platform (we don't want the cupid media lawyers to come knocking at our door). So, just go looking around yourself to find the hottest of the sun. Cupid media is especially harsh on scammers, however. You will sign up on any of these sites for free. Check them out, they both have some extremely sexy black girls who are keeping their own against girls from anywhere in the country. If you would like more information on either of these websites or other african dating websites, please search our african dating website reviews. Single advertising in papers are still popular here, believe it or not, simply because they're much more economical than a smartphone or dating platform. That may sound romantic, but that's usually what you find in india and other asian nations.

What africa dating is actually like

To depict african women as starry-eyed, naive and almost innocent, is all too simple. And while this is valid to some extent, when it comes to matters of sexuality, they are not shy but only ever in a serious relationship. Sex is considered by them as one of the most natural things in the world between two consenting adults because... Well... It is. Western society has made sex and sexual orientation so confusing that no one is more conscious of their role in a relationship. On monday you've got guys who classify as women, and on tuesday as men. You have 70-year-old men who pose as girls aged 7. You have also grown adults, describing themselves as elves. In africa it doesn't happen because...

Nobody has time for that. Men are there and women are there and that's it. Whose culture and environment clearly cannot tolerate money wasting individuals and seeking new things to whine about every day. But never, ever believe that african women, owing to their positive attitude towards sex, are quick to bed. doing that would put an immediate end to any romantic moves, and you won't get a second chance to make the perfect first impression on her. So what countries might give you the best chances of finding brides from african mail order, or at least the single african girls who would be lucky enough to get hitched? The ivory coast is where to meet with. In terms of women's rights, the country has come a long way in the last few decades, so you're likely to see a increasing population of single women here, particularly in abidjan and towns of a similar scale. Nigeria is one of africa's richest countries and here there is an influx in middle and upper class wealth. More people in the middle class mean more clubs and this means more chances to meet single ladies.

Lagos and ibadan are worth a look, particularly because online dating is now just part of social life in nigeria. Maybe ghana didn't make your shortlist, so you'd miss out. Over the past few decades, cultural norms here have shifted a lot, and bigger cities like accra have singles clubs and dating services ␓ but they're hardly the sort you'll find online. Kenyan women have a festive image and there are lots of clubs to support the habit. just keep in mind that they will always want you to pay for food, wine, and taxis just as free as most kenyan women are. Yeah, and bring seeds.

Are there obstacles for an african woman to get married?

The biggest obstacle you face in getting married to any african girl is the amount of conventional dating rituals that remain, even in urban areas these dying out. The reason these traditions are slowly fading is that african women no longer see themselves as property to be shared between communities, to the advantage of virtually all else but the bride. In certain countries the bride price (a dowry) is always anticipated, and this is something you need to be mindful of as it can add up to a lot of income, real estate or other material riches than you would have thought. It is also part of the mechanism of legal marriage in some african countries, so please don't believe you should circumvent the problem by just not knowing about it. only make sure you are well aware of all the rituals and practices of local marriage before ever discussing it with your fianc??e. Some african countries are mainly muslim so marrying a muslim girl would typically force you to convert to islam. If you'd like meeting and dating a christian african girl you'll find millions to pick from.

Quick safety recall

Most countries in africa are also called "developing nations," so they have all the inconsistencies and contradictions that come with the word. Often verify any travel alerts with your consulate or embassy about the country or countries that you want to visit. Be aware that sexually transmitted diseases, particularly aids, are prevalent in some countries. That doesn't mean that you could get contaminated with any other woman you encounter, but you can never have sex without security, no matter what part of the world you're in. Border disputes can occur from time to time, so this is another thing you need to think about before you visit any african nations. You can find most african countries are warm and welcoming areas, but before you book your tickets, do your due diligence.

Moving inside

You can get direct flights to many of africa's larger countries, especially kenya, ethiopia, nigeria and south africa. You should still have direct flights for those countries which don't have international airports. For obvious reasons, travel from europe to africa is much straighter than flying from north america. You would prepare at least us$1,000 for return fares anyway. You would also have to book your hotel beforehand, and the same for taxis or airport shuttles. The last thing you want to do is look like a stranded tourist in a sea of cab drivers that are all waiting for your fare - you can make this mistake only once in your lifetime.


As you can see there are several reasons for finding africa as an foreign dating spot. only schedule your trip well in advance and remember that the country is huge so you will need to make several trips to find your perfect friend.