Our mission and purpose

A new network with all the power. We are women in digital. 

Your digital talent makes you one of the most powerful women on the planet. Together, we join to share knowledge, to inspire each other and to become empowered by that strength. Forget the old boys clubs, they’ve got nothing on ours.

Why Women in Digital?

Women in digital are the most valued and coveted employees in today’s marketing, communications and advertising industries. However, in most cases we are not the most respected or promoted and we do not hold an equal amount of seats in the C-suite or at the leadership table of companies and agencies. Additionally, most of us do not receive paid family leave or child care benefits. And on top of this all, there remains – at many agencies, corporations and tech-focused startups – systemic and cultural sexism, which distract and prohibit us from reaching our true potential. Our mission is to harness our individual courage to a) recognize sexist behavior when it happens b) stand up against it on the spot and c) unite with each other and the men within our organizations to create a more balanced share of power. 

What is Women in Digital? 

Women in Digital is a quickly expanding organization dedicated to inspiring, educating and empowering women in digital through connections and true local networks. Women in digital believe there is far more work to do to gain true equality in our work places and within the industry as a whole and that by uniting as one we can change the world one person, one company and one industry at a time. Founded in June 2016 with a mimosa toast at 8:30 in the morning and a vulnerable tell all from our Founder, Alaina Shearer, Women in Digital has grown from those first 100 attendees to over 1,000+ women across the nation. The numbers grow exponentially by the week as we expand to new markets.

What do we believe?

We believe women who can harness the power of digital are capable of anything. Truly, there is no limit to what we can do. We share, we educate, we inspire and we empower. Above all, we believe our connections to each other and our network can become a source of power if we respect that power and understand our collective purpose – to build each other up for the good of women across our industry, the nation and the world.

By gathering on an annual basis and at least four times a year in our own cities and through peer-to-peer groups and mentor/mentee relationships, and by facilitating these relationships, our organization and the women members can truly inspire change within themselves and their organizations. Currently we are in the process of building a format for peer-to-peer groups and mentor and mentee matches. Stay tuned… 

What is it like to attend an event? 

Our first conference in the fall of 2016 sold out within weeks to capacity. Watch this video for a sense of the experience. 

Women in Digital is now expanding to other cities across Ohio and the nation. If you would like to start your own local chapter please fill out this form and tell us why.

How to become a member?

It’s the smallest thing you can do that will have the biggest impact on your career as a woman in digital. Find membership details here.

A few rules:

No men. Sorry guys (unless you are voted in) – our energy is just off the hook when you aren’t around. It’s nothing personal, we just need this time to ourselves. And no sales oriented members. Women in Digital events are not your typical networking events and are not meant to be sales generating events. Direct solicitations of members are extremely frowned upon and you will be asked to leave an event if doing so.