A new network with all the power. We are women in digital. 

Your digital talent makes you one of the most powerful women on the planet. Together, we join to share knowledge, to inspire each other and to become empowered by that strength. 

Welcome to the new girls club… 


Our History

Women in Digital was founded by a woman in digital who sought something she didn’t have – a sisterhood with women who had been through the same experiences. After years of being firmly planted in the camp of denial that sexism existed or negatively impacted her life, professional status or income, Alaina Shearer, realized that it most certainly did when the arrival of men to her agency’s new business team doubled sales and led to a remarkably shorter pitch to contract phase. During this time of awakening and realization, Alaina held a gathering for Women in Digital in her city of Columbus, Ohio.

During this first meeting in June of 2016, Alaina shared her professional and personal journey – the good, the bad and the deeply personal challenges she faced along the way. Her road was filled with obstacle after obstacle, from being fired from her position as a morning show co-host for not quite fitting into the show’s archaic gender-based formula to being told by a Creative Director that he couldn’t be alone in a room with her because he “didn’t know what would happen.” Event after event led her to ultimately start her own agency, which is now one of the leading digital creative agencies in the Midwest. That agency, Cement Marketing, seed funded the first year of Women in Digital as it expanded into a national organization. 

Today, Women in Digital, has 300+ members based in cities across the United States. We are currently expanding to new markets and welcoming City Champions and Advisory Board members in new cities. Absolutely dedicated to member satisfaction and to transforming our industry one woman at a time, we are a for profit, LLC, hoping to avoid the fate of many volunteer run, non-profit professional associations that we feel deprive their members of true value. To join us on this incredible journey, Become a Member and instantly gain access to other members on our Slack or attend an upcoming event in a city near you. 

Our Team 

What makes us different than any other group you’ve ever joined?


For starters, this isn’t a networking group, it is a network. Your network. 

When you join Women in Digital you:

  • Gain instant access to 300+ members across the country on our private Slack channel
  • Join a peer circle of members in your city for monthly meetings providing invaluable career and professional development
  • Exchange power with other members when you put our Ask & Give pledge into practice 
  • Share invaluable industry specific knowledge, insights and empowering thought
  • You gain access to content from Women in Digital events across the country
  • You’ll also get major discounts on all events including our national conference, quarterly meetings and member meet ups

Become a Member 


Why Women in Digital?

When we empower ourselves, we empower each other. Our online resources and local and national events are creating the largest national network of women in digital in the United States. Together, we believe there are no limitations to what we can accomplish.

What is Women in Digital?

Women in Digital is a quickly expanding national organization holding member meet ups and events in our chapter cities. Once a year, we gather or our Annual Conference and every day we connect on our private Slack network. 

What is it like to attend an event?

Our first conference in the fall of 2016 sold out within weeks to capacity. Watch this video for a sense of the experience.



Women in Digital is now expanding to other cities across Ohio and the nation. If you would like to start your own local chapter please fill out this form and tell us why.


How to become a member?

It’s the smallest thing you can do that will have the biggest impact on your career as a woman in digital. Find membership details here. 

A few rules:

No men. Sorry guys – our energy is just off the hook when you aren’t around. It’s nothing personal, we just need this time to ourselves. And no sales oriented members. Women in Digital events are not your typical networking events and are not meant to be sales generating events. Direct solicitations of members are extremely frowned upon and you will be asked to leave an event if doing so.


Embrace your Inner-Digital Diva. Join Women in Digital for $40/month and get our snazzy Welcome Kit and so much more. 

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