Your digital talent makes you one of the most powerful women on the planet. Together, we join to share knowledge, to inspire each other and to become empowered by that strength. Our mission is to connect women in digital through engaging and educational events and to enable them with the confidence and tools necessary to exchange their power



Our members. 


Our members include any woman who practices digital marketing, advertising or communications in any form. Whether that be as a Chief Marketing Officer or an entry level copywriter at a digital agency, or a web designer – she is a woman in digital. With over 400 members and hundreds of others within our national network of local Facebook groups, our network and its power grows by the day. Become a member. 



Our events. 


Unlike any other “networking” event you’ve ever attended, Women in Digital events have an entirely different energy. With well over 2,600 women nationwide now having attended an event, our organization is working to create change within the minds and hearts of each of us as individuals. At every meet up or educational event our members and attendees exchange their power through an Ask & Give exchange.


Oh, and men aren’t allowed in … so, that’s pretty awesome. The no man’s land gives us time to re-group, re-energize and collect our thoughts. Also, without guys in the room we can talk about things we just don’t want to say in front of them. The men who get it, understand. The men who don’t get it, won’t understand. And we’re okay with that.


The security and comfort of not having men in the room in order to create trust between each other totally trumps any offense this stance may cause. Is it counter productive? Not at all. Not having the men around is actually incredibly productive. Can we really accomplish anything without the men? Of course not. We need them just as much as they need us. But this is our time to empower each other in order to carry that confidence back into our daily exchanges with men at work and home. For the men who do want to attend, 4% of our national conference ticket sales are reserved for men, the number reflecting the percentage of women CEO’s at Fortune 500 companies. 




Our chapters. 


From New York City to Indianapolis, Detroit, Austin and Seattle, we are establishing cities nationwide. Find yours here. Don’t see yours? Hit us up for a kick off meeting and we’ll see you soon. 



Our history. 


Women in Digital was founded by a digital strategist and agency owner who sought something she didn’t have – a sisterhood with women who had been through the same experiences. After years of being firmly planted in the camp of denial that sexism did not exist or negatively impact her life, professional status or income, Alaina Shearer, realized it most certainly did after a series of awakening events. Her frustration and overwhelming feeling of helplessness against the broader forces against women led Alaina to call the first gathering of Women in Digital in Columbus in June of 2016. In that moment, Women in Digital was born. 


Today the organization has drawn more than 2,500 women to its events, has over 400 founding members and has established chapters in 15 cities nationwide. Currently expanding to even more cities, we’re growing as quickly as we can in order to reach as many women as we can. 




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