25 top ladies in germany

In addition to fast cars and complex coffee machines, the hot german women are among germany's biggest exports. German women are well educated and are among the most intelligent women you'll ever find anywhere. And educated, savvy foreigners do have a dating shot on them. This seems surprising to many men, since german women are not facing the kind of problems that force so many eastern european women to sign up with foreign dating agencies. The problem is germany is getting dull. Germans have a reputation for not possessing a sense of humour and having fun in tough times. Boring german men, for example, rarely dance, but they still want to be taken seriously and they risk making mistakes. It's a very organized country that takes rules, legislation and even customs seriously. A lot of german guys, more happy, leave the country as soon as they can. That is why in the philippines, colombia and other happy, sunny locations there are so many hard partying, hard dancing german expats. That leaves an opening for a cool, comfortable, well-educated american man to date women such as this incredible fr??ulein. You'll understand why the modern nudist movement began in germany after looking at this list; the women are just sweet.

By alica schmidt

Shmidt was born on 8 november 1998, athlete
. She is a athlete of short distance track and a major social media celebrity. Back in 2017, busted news magazine called alica the world's sexiest woman. Since winning the title in 2017, alica's accompanying social network has been on the
rise ever since. She reportedly has 580,000 followers on instagram, and regularly shares racy pics in her swim or sportswear. She won a silver medal in the european championship in a 4-4400 relay
event the same year. Alica
will also represent germany at olympics in tokyo in 2020. The beautiful athlete from germany has managed to win a puma
endorsement a few years ago due to her
hard work. Alica is now getting ready every day for the
olympics and shares pictures and videos of her success.

And pamela reif

if you want to see just what hot german women actually are like - look no further than pamela reif. She is a german model, with over 4 influencers. 4 million instagram followers. Also, pamela has a youtube channel where she shares fitness
videos of herself that earned her 1. 5 mio customers. In 2017, pamela released her first book entitled "solid & sexy," in which she offers tips on fashion, wellness and fitness. What's more, reif released a cookbook called "you deserve this" in 2019, containing more than 70
different recipes, too. Pamela was also on the cover of forbes magazine in 2019, as a professional influencer and businesswoman. She also held an interview with them, in which she described how she at such a young age became so popular.

Anna-christina dark

schwartz is a glamorous american-german model who has been affiliated with four separate agencies in modeling. She has consulted with major beauty and luxury firms including chanel, victoria's secret and macy's. She is not like the typical, hot
german girl, with dark brown hair and striking green eyes. Anna-christina, in fact, claims she fell into modelling, and she
was originally training to become a physiotherapist. The beauty of bavaria is now renowned for its long legs and radiant eyes. Back
in 2016, anna christina held an interview with maxim in which she explored what she wanted to do in her spare time, and what her dream date looks like. Right now, anna is working to expand her brand, and has more than 230,000 followers on instagram. You will also find a few
short videos on her youtube channel promoting those advertisements and campaigns.

And anna ewers

Fashion model
ewers is a german-born model based in brooklyn who boasts over 330,000 instagram followers. She was spotted by the world-renowned artist alexander wang and since then she has been traveling across the globe in hundreds of fashions. Moreover, ewers collaborated with huge
designers and labels, and filmed advertisements on behalf of prada and balenciaga, to name a couple. Anna
was the top model in the 2014 fashion show in milan, and appeared on numerous magazines' covers. Moreover, this german beauty has received the 2015 style of
the year award. That same year anna was photographed for the iconic pirelli calendar, along with some of the biggest models in the world such as adriana lima and raquel zimmerman. Ewers is undeniably the epitome of hot german women, and a star on the rise.

Charlott Cordes

Fashion model
in hamburg on 6 december 1988, charlott cordes is one of the leading fashion models in germany. Charlott has long blond locks, dazzling blue eyes, and several magazine covers have been graced by her. In magazines like vogue, elle, and harper's bazaar you can see charlott's beautiful face and body. What's more, charlott has already walked several runway shows in
with some of the biggest names in the industry since she's 5'7'.' In reality, charlott is so popular that she actually works for six different modelling agencies and is now traveling around the world as a full-time model. Even for nivea, moschino, chanel, benetton, among many more, she's done modeling campaigns. Even if she doesn't have the largest following online, her instagram is packed with incredible self-images and videos. She also shares some racy images from her lingerie ads and from numerous award shows

Sarah Brandner

sarah brandner was born and raised in munich, and that is where she chose to stay in order to start her career in modelling. Sarah has worked hard as a model since the age of 14 but she has always been interested in acting. She has starred in many german television programs, including a recurring appearance in "die familiendetektivin." '
appeared on tabloid covers such as gq and sports illustrated. Moreover, sarah also partnered with the designer lili radu and showcased her designs in new york fashion week. Brandner had been in a relationship with the german soccer player,
bastian schweinsteiger from 2007 to 2014. Sarah has had no long lasting relationships since their split. She moved to new york in 2016 to pursue her modeling career, and now partners with position models, a german modeling agency.

Laura Berlin

Another famous model and actress is actress, model
berlin, and the perfect representation of just how hot german women can be. She began her modeling career at the age of only
15, and has worked hard ever since. She has now signed to
img models, and you can see her strutting her things on the paris and
milan catwalks. Of course laura was also on numerous coverings for magazines, most prominently elle. In addition to modelling, laura worked as an actor for years, and she has appeared in movies and television shows. In reality, berlin is scheduled to star in one television show
and three separate films coming out in 2020. Laura berlin knows three languages
and plays the guitar and the piano to add to her already vast array of talents. Even she is a professional ballet dancer and jazz dancer. You will keep up with the life of laura on her instagram profile, where she boasts nearly 60,000

And toni garrn

Wear model, actor, humanitarian
toni garrn is a german model, actress, and compassionate. In 2008 toni had her big modeling break when she signed an exclusive deal with calvin klein. Since then garrn has graced magazine covers and shows all around the world dressed in fashion
. In reality, to name a few, toni was featured in magazines such as vogue
, glamour, elle. Toni collaborated with the denim company closed back
in 2014, and made her own pair of jeans. All the proceeds from those sales went to a charity in africa which helps young
people. Toni has already made a lot of advertisements, and you can see her starring
in commercials for brands such as prada, versace, cartier and many more. She's way more than just a pretty face though. Garrn founded its own fund in 2016 to raise funds and advocate
for the welfare of children. If you want to see more of toni garrn on instagram, where she's over 1. 6 there are 6 million fans.

For anne-julia hagen

Anne-julia, miss universe germany 2013
miss germany, is a perfect example of how beautiful german women look. She was crowned in 2010, and three years later, on the miss universe pageant, went on to represent her country
. While she did not win, she proceeded as a model and actress to have
an outstanding career. Anne-julia
has 5'7'', straight blonde locks, and blue eyes piercing. She has been modeling
since she was 15, and has been featured on various magazine covers and commercials. Anne-julia already had been one of the models on the show
"deal or no contract" for a brief period. "
anne-julia works hard in school when she's not modelling. She received her first strategic studies degree and is now a ph. D. candidate. On instagram, where she sometimes shares racy pictures in her lingerie or swimsuits, you will join anne-julia.

For julia stegner

julia stagner is one of the most beautiful and well recognized models in germany. From the age of 15 she has been posing and this
hard-working beauty shows no signs of stopping. Julia was born and raised in munich and, like the other hot german women on this list, she admits she has never had a modeling career. The striking features of julia, however, have made her a household name, and since 2003 she has been walking in fashion shows for brands including yves saint laurent. What's
more, the stunning face of julia was in publications like vogue, elle and many other magazines. Stegner
was also victoria's secret angel and from 2005
to 2011 was at their annual events. What's more, julia showed off her beautiful body for the pirelli calendar in 2005, in a half-nude

Cheyenne Pahde

Actress, model, singer
up, the
beautiful cheyenne pahde joins the ever-growing roster of sexy german women from munich. Cheyenne is a model, artist, and actress who at such a young age has achieved too much. This beauty has been modelling and working with her twin sister valentina since the age of two. What's
more, in the immensely successful german tv show
"alles war z??hlt" chayenne has also appeared. "in the german version of the reality
show "strictly come dancing" she was also performing, renamed "let's dance." "
when chayenne doesn't work, she remains incredibly busy and races a couple days a week and ice
skates. Chayenne and her sister are in reality members of the "christmas on ice" band and were touring in 2019. On instagram, where she shares pictures of her real life, you will join this blonde beauty.

With lena gercke

Wear model, television host
gercke was born in marburg in 1988, on 29 february. She is one of the most popular models and tv hosts in germany, and joins this list of hot german women
who started off at a young age. When lena was just 18 she took part in the "germany's next top model"
first season and won. Lena signed a deal with img models after the season opener and posed for the
cover of german cosmopolitan. Gercke has since walked through many runway shows and got her portrait in various magazines. She also has shot
advertisements for major brands such as gillette and opel. Lena began co-hosting a reality show "the face of germany" in 2016 and only a year later, founded her own design label. If you want to see more of this german stunner on instagram, where she has 2, you should add her. 4 million users.

Henriette Richter-Röhl

may not have on our list a huge social media audience like the other hot german women
but she is a celebrity in her own right. She has been performing since she was 15 and appeared in several film and television programs. In 1999, she played her breakthrough role in the german tv series "dr. Sommerfeld - b??lowbogen news. "henriette has also received the award for her appearance in the movie "grenzverkehr" for "best
actor." "in addition to singing in television shows and recording, henriette is also a
singer and was in the german rock band from 1997 until 1999. You should track this brunette bombshell on instagram, if you want to see
where she is next starring.

Julia lock

Model, actress, tv host, dj
siegel is a white beauty standing over the crowd at 5'8''.' She is one of the hardest working people in germany, as a model, actress, television presenter, and dj. Giulia originally began her modeling career under the alias
giulia legeis in 1991, when she was just 19 years old. Then she broke out three years later into acting with a series of roles in famous german soap operas. Giulia also did a few smaller commercials
for a number of german brands at the time. In 1999 giulia began working with a few german shows as a tv host. She
became much more successful in 2004, however, when she started hosting the show "mcdonald's
chart show. "at the same time, giulia began working as a dj in some well-known clubs around munich, under the name djane. Currently giulia is better than ever posing and looking
. You should follow giulia
on instagram just like the other sexy german women on this site, where she shares lots of racy pics.

Lucy Cat

Influencer, cam model
cat is german influencer and cam model. Lucy has continued to make a name for herself at just 25 years of age and has more than 950 thousand followers on instagram. When she doesn't share sexy photographs on social media, lucy is either at the gym or in front of her camera. Unlike any of the previous hot german women on this page, lucy is pretty slim and just 5'3'' behind. Lucy also has a youtube channel in addition to her job as a cam model, and posts a blog about her website. Often she does a number of instructional videos where she speaks about how to get into the world of modeling and become popular. Right now, lucy is marketing a 2020 calendar showcasing 14
racy photos of her in different outfits.

Madison Ivy

Adult film actress
ivy was born in bavaria, germany in 1989 and made her debut in the adult film industry when she was just 18. Madison
made three movies during her first year in the industry and established herself in two unique niches - hardcore and
vignette. Madison
is very short - she's just 4'8'' tall and weights only 92 lbs. What she lacks in stature, though, she makes up for in toughness. If you've ever seen some of madison's videos, you've definitely found how enthusiastic and enchanting she is. There's absolutely no one madison hasn't interacted with after 12 years of business. She has been used in films by corporations such as hustler, digital sin, adam
and eve and several others. You should track her on instagram where she has 2 if you want to keep up with this brunette beauty. 1 million fans.

Franziska Facella

Model, actress
facella, born franziska von fischer, is a model and actress from bavaria who is now retired. Franziska moved from germany to the usa with her
parents when she was just 8. She
started acting for the first time in the adult entertainment industry when she was 19, back in 2008. She has done numerous movies since then, and has worked alongside several pretty
famous actresses. Franziska has signed a contract with top modeling at about the same time, and she
was the first adult actress to do so. For around two years, she worked as a model and then started concentrating on her acting career. Franziska quit the industry in 2016 and we do not know anything about her life at this time.

Vanessa Hegelmaier

Hegelmaier fashion model
was the beauty and brains of the next top model in germany, cycle three. Despite not winning and finishing just seventh, vanessa managed to have an impressive and fruitful career
. She
was a math student at the university of bielefeld, before vanessa ever signed on to the show. After she had finished shooting for the show, vanessa went back home and began her studies. About a year later this brunette knockout signed a deal in hamburg with
position models management. Vanessa has since modeled in many runway shows, and has featured in various commercials and magazines. Vanessa is now actively affiliated for three separate modelling agencies worldwide.

By sophia thomalla

Actress, tv host, model, dancer
up, we have sophia thomalla who is an acting, modelling, and dancing phenomenon, gracing this list of sexy german ladies. Sophia is the daughter of the successful german actress simone, who in her own right is a beautiful beauty. As well as acting and dancing, sophia also took up kickboxing
in her younger years, and also took part in several amateur fights. Her breakthrough role came in 2006
, when she appeared at "commissario laurenti," the german crime program. "sophia has featured in many tv shows and movies since then, and she has modeled several major brands for
. Thomalla was a judge on a few german reality shows
in 2016, and came out the same year with her own shoe collection. You should join instagram's blonde beauty, where she's over 1. 1 million fans.

Gina-Lisa Lohfink

Maker, influencer, reality tv
lohfink is without a doubt one of germany's most hard-working hot ladies in show business. Anything she has done - from modelling to dance, singing, acting,
and hosting. That beauty does not show any sign of stopping. Gina-lisa recently launched her own eyewear and perfume line that you can order on her official website. Her eyes are one of gina-lisa's most beautiful attributes. She has a disorder called heterochromia
which means that one of her eyes is blue and the other orange. She has won many
beauty awards because of gina-lisa's distinctive characteristics and amazing body. She was, in reality, miss frankfurt, darmstadt, and world/internet queen. Gina-lisa is now modelling and working on rising her enterprises. On their instagram profile, where she also shares pictures of her daily life, you can keep up with this

For vanessa struhler

Singer, songwriter
struhler, best known as vanessa s. He is a german singer and songwriter. Vanessa's first major break was in 2002, when she appeared on the "deutschland sucht der superstar" television program. "vanessa finished as a finalist
in the contest, and thus started to achieve fame. Following the conclusion of the show, vanessa teamed up with the popular german dj tomekk to create
and release her first album called "fly with me." just one year later, vanessa released her second album, "freedom." "vanessa took a photo shoot with fhm magazine to promote her album, and toured a bit
in china. In 2007 she retreated from the music scene to concentrate on her personal life. And while she does not have a big following online like some of the other
hot german women on this list, she is still a beauty in her own right.

Jennifer comisaria sch??fer

Wear model, actor, tv & event presenter
sebnem schelffer is one of the finest turkish women from germany. She is a beautiful blonde with hazel-like features and legs reaching for miles. Jennifer has worked as a model, as a television hostess and as an actor. She was named by fhm as the most attractive turkish model in europe in 2004 and was included on their list of sexiest women in the world one year later. Shortly after that jennifer was made miss germany in 2016. Jennifer is currently also posing and spending much of her time jet setting between germany and turkey. You should join her on instagram if you want to see more of this stunning gal.

Anna Julia Kapfelsperger

Actress, producer
julia was born in beja, portugal, but moved with her parents to germany when she was just three. Anna julia realized she wanted to be an actor even at a young age and took part in plays in her school's theatre. What's more, anna took flamenco dance lessons when she was in college. The
indicating that anna julia was positioned on the map was "under uns," where she had a recurring role. She has also appeared in several films and television shows, has has produced a couple. Because of her beautiful features
and distinctive appearance, she joins the other hot german women on this page. For a deeper snapshot into her daily life, you should join anna julia on instagram.

For barbara meier

Maker, actress
meier is a beautiful redhead with hypnotic blue eyes. As a model and winner of the next top model cycle 2 in germany we knew we had to have barbara on our list of hot german ladies. Barbara has shot numerous ads, commercials, and magazine covers since 2007. What is
more, with her debut novel "your
journey to your happier weight," which she describes as the ultimate anti-diet book, meier also became a published author in 2015. When she is not modelling or working, meier does charity work for numerous campaigns
and has also been a promotional ambassador for a german museum. You will track some of barbara's work on her instagram profile, where she has followers of 122,000

Ms erdmann

Model, tv personality, influencer
but definitely not least, the beautiful model, tv personality and influencer - fiona erdmann - completes our list of hot german ladies. She was in the same cycle as barbara meier on germany's next top model where she placed fourth. Erdmann signed with four independent modelling agencies after the show had finished. She has also filmed for fhm and playboy magazines. Moreover, fiona marched in the mercedes fashion show and collaborated with several prominent designers as well. Fiona now lives in dubai, where she is writing her blog and recording motivational videos about fitness
. If you'd like to see more of this curly-haired stunner, visit her on instagram.