25 chinese hottest girls

The far east is almost synonymous with the term 'exotic,' not only thanks to silk and spices. This area also owes its prestige to some beautiful young, sexy and chinese women. If you're drawn to chinese women, which you're likely to be if you're alive, check out our article on how to locate a chinese lady. Now let's have a look at the planet's 25 absolute hottest chinese women:

Liu Yifei

The actor, singer, model
an feng's name, best known as liu yifei, automatically springs to mind when thinking of beautiful chinese women. She was born in wuhan, china on
25 august 1987. This beautiful young lady spent four years in the us from 10 to 14 years of age before returning to her home country. When she was just
eight years old, she entered show business by modelling. Education followed in dance, singing, and piano, marking the start of a future success. She enrolled in the prestigious beijing film academy performance institute when she was 15 in september 2002. She got her first appearance on the big screen shortly after. Liu yifei began her acting career with roles in the tale of a noble house, and semi-devils and demi-gods. She
starred in her first
movie love of may, in 2003. Soon, further starring roles followed, and she starred in the condor heroes' tale of
sword and fairy, and the return. She began her music career in august 2005, when she signed with sony music entertainment japan. She thus released her first album of audio
called liu yifei.

Zhang Yuqi

zhang yuqi, or kitty zhang, was born on 8 august 1986, in the province of shandong, china. She is a famous chinese actress who has had very
several important roles in some of china's most successful films. Essentially,
kitty zhang is a true star and one of the prettiest chinese women ever. She left her home town for shanghai when she was fifteen in order to enter an acting course. She did everything to follow her aspirations to become an actress and the starting point she wanted was to enroll in an acting school. Kitty zhang's impressive roles include cj7 (2008) where she acted opposite the iconic stephen chow, and the mermaid (2016) more recently. In 2017, she also appeared in the fantasy movie legend of the demon cat with keiko matsuzaka, which was a big
success. For her excellent role in the historical drama film white deer plain (2011) zhang was named best actress at the chinese american film
festival. She also received the best supporting actress award for her role in the legend of the demon
cat at the asian film awards.

Angelababy yeung wing

Model, actress, singer
angela yeung wing, aka angelababy, is commonly considered as one of the most sought after chinese ladies, as well as the most stunning. She was born in one of china's biggest
cities, shanghai, on 28 february 1989. Her stunning looks are mainly due to her mixed,
german-chinese heritage. Angela's life turning point was when she moved to hong
kong and signed her first contract for modelling with style international
management. Along with her natural beauty, her talent did not go unnoticed for a long time. She first displayed signs of fashion and modelling interest when she was only a child. Her father worked in shanghai street, selling clothes
. Angela has spoken of how she would always put on outfits from her father's boutique on more than one occasion, which really helped her
improve her taste in fashion. In addition to modelling, she also pursues a interest in the acting and music. In 2013, she was selected as one of the latest four dan
actresses by southern metropolis daily which is a worthy acknowledgment. Angelababy also won the hundred flowers award for best supporting actress in 2016 for her pioneering performance in the film mojin: the forgotten hero.

Guan Xiaotong

"the daughter of a country," as people in china call her, may only be young guan xiaotong
but she is an absolute star in her home county. This beautiful young actress is the envy of many, and has acted in more than a dozen movies and television shows. Guan was born in september 1997, and comes from an art-oriented family,
with a prominent father actor. Her grandfather was also the founder of beijing qinshu, a chinese folk opera style. She began her acting career first when she was only a six-year-old child
. Guan's most notable roles have been in movies such as nuan, the pledge, left foot, etc. Many think of her as being incredibly attractive and good looking. Moreover, it
goes without saying that quite a few consider her to be one of the best and most stunning chinese women around.

Li Qin

li qin, or sweet li, was born in september 1990, in chinese province of bacheng
city, jiangsu. She is an actress and a musician, not to mention one of the world's prettiest chinese women. Talented from her tender age, she began to learn classical chinese opera at shipai central school and later graduated from the prestigious shanghai theater academy in 2008 with the same subject. In many movies and tv shows, she has acted, some of which have been very popular. An army
base and white deer simple are two of her most successful acting efforts. Speaking of her recognitions, li qin won the 2014 china tv drama awards for most promising
actress award. She got it in if i love you, which was a big
hit, because of her success.

Wu Qian

wu qian is a popular chinese actress who is also known as janice wu. Placed on september 26, 1992, in the province of ezhou, hubei, she graduated at the university of wuhan. Wu qian is one of the famous chinese women in the acting world. She made her major stage debut with sui's heroes
and the 3 and 4 tang dynasties. And though she played only a small part in her debut television show, bigger roles will soon follow. Two of her breakout roles were the braveness of the
ming (2016) and the lead role in my
incredible boyfriend (2016). Yet her most notable role must be the one in the warrior of destiny's fantasy
drama hit. She played luo luo in this film, which gave her broader fame as she was genuinely linked to the crowd.

Lin Yun

lin yun, or jelly lin, is an actress from the city of huzhou, china. Founded in 1996, she is of a rural, hard-working background. Unlike some other gorgeous, glamorous chinese ladies, it was only recently that lin yun
got into acting. Her first appearance, giving her instant fame, was in the mermaid's 2016 smash. Stephen chow's smash was the most sizeable chinese film ever. She played the same role
in the sequel the mermaid 2 (2019), after the mermaid. She also appeared in other notable movies including fall in love at first kiss (2019) and journey to the west: overcoming the demons 2
(2017), another stephen chow film. In 2018, lin yun starred in genghis khan, an epic drama that further cemented her status as a rising

Guli Nazha

Actress, model
g??lnezer bextiyar, or simply nazha, is an actress from china and from uyghur. She was born in urumqi, xinjiang, china on 2 may 1992. This beautiful model and actress of 27 years owes all of her good
beauty to her mixed roots. She is generally considered one of the prettiest chinese women ever. Guli nazha graduated from the beijing film academy, which was attended by many great chinese stars. In 2012, she made her
debut in the very popular xuan yuan sword ␓ rift of the
sky. Qeelin, a brand of jewellery, announced guli
as its brand ambassador in 2018. She also became the first-ever brand ambassador of greater china for sergio rossi, an italian women's footwear firm, the following year.

Zhao Jiamin

Idol singer
zhao jiamin was born in 1998 and is a famous singer and actress in shenzhen, china. She first became popular as a singer when she participated in chinese idol
. She is an ex-member of the girl idol band snh48. In 2014, zhao jiamin, along with xu jiaqi and ju jingyi, helped record the theme song for the successful smartphone game mo tian ji. She also starred to the same
game in a micro-movie. Also this beautiful young star won the essential 2014 baidu tieba
live performance annual ranking, and released a single after that. She
published it in 2015 under the title mushi no
ballad. Zhao jiamin enrolled in the
central drama academy in february 2016, which will only advance her career further. Many people in china, young and old alike, see her as one of the prettiest chinese women with a wonderful future ahead of her.

Zhang Huiwen

zhan huiwen is a chinese actress of 26 years and one of the leading
attractive chinese actresses in the film industry. She comes from eastern china's jiangxi province. From 2010 till 2014, zhang attended beijing dance academy. Zhang yimou saw her as a young and promising student and wanted her in coming home for the
starring role. The
movie acted as her debut on the big screen, and was a huge success. It really
set off her acting career, and she was also awarded the best newcomer at the asian film awards for the role. Her other notable roles include forever young, the great
detective, and the sun
will never fall, most recently.

Zhang xueying goes

zhang xueying, or sophie zhang, is a chinese actress aged 22 years, with a bright future ahead of her. She attended several of china's most popular theater art schools and appeared in over thirty movies and shows on tv
. Sophie zhang is one of the post-95 generation new four dan actresses along with vicky chen, zhang zifeng, and guan xiaotong. Zhang xueying is from zhejiang, china's eastern coastal province
. She attended yiwu art school, chinese theater national academy
sciences, and drama central college. When she was eight she made her debut in the 2005 tv show hero during the yongle era. Yet, it was the beginning of just
. For many men in china she is an beautiful and attractive young woman, as well as a dream
girl. Not only is she one of the most attractive women in china but she is also very popular.

Gloria tang tsz-kei (tang tsz-chi or g. E. M.)

Singer-songwriter, actress
we can't speak of beautiful and glamorous chinese women without considering gloria tang sze-wing, who is also named gem (get
everybody moving). She is a musician,
songwriter, and actor, known for her singing talents as well as her stage success. Gloria first emerged with her ep gem in 2008, and has never looked back ever since. In 2012, she released xposed,
an album for best sales local
female vocalist which won the hong kong top sales music award. it was a fantastic achievement for young gloria and it will quickly follow further recognitions
. Gloria took part in i am a musician, a chinese singing contest, in 2014 and came in second. This success gave her greater recognition, and people across china were given the opportunity to see how amazing she truly is. She launched the highly acclaimed album heartbeat in 2015 and took the 11th position on the forbes china celebrity 100 list.

Jessica Xue

Tv presenter, artist, universe china 2015
jessica xue, or xue yun fang, is a host, model, and beauty titleholder for chinese radio. She became the china miss universe in 2015. She represented her country on the miss universe pageant the same year. Many men in china
consider her to be one of the world's finest chinese ladies. Jessica originates from shenzhen city in southern china. She first worked as a radio host at
. Yet she is a television host for shenzhen
tv today. Jessica xue is a capricorn who will certainly be delighted to hear from every gemini, arius and scorpio
. She is 5'10," which even for chinese men is very tall, let alone women! Her black hair and dark eyes combined with light skin make her look beyond amazement. This stunning lady is also very famous, not just in her hometown, but all over china. Since she's a popular household name she has tens of thousands of social media followers.

Destroy yen yi

Miss earth china 2014
yes, titles are significant, and chinese beauty titleholder sham ben yi is a 5'7" chinese. This hong kong resident, 25, has lovely black hair
and distinct brown eyes. Simply placed, sham yen yi, miss earth china 2014 is in a league of her own. She's beautiful and looks pretty stunning. But that's not all
- sham is well trained, too. She graduated at st. Paul's hong kong co-educational college,
as well as at shanghai's fudan university school of law. She is the envy of everyone in her country, both beautiful and wise. Essentially, this is all about gorgeous chinese ladies. Sham yen yi also promotes the drive against the environment
. She has spoken out publicly on more than one occasion about the need to take better care of our climate. She encourages us to be more mindful of trash
and waste disposal, because there is not enough room for us to throw away things
that we no longer use.

Zhi li ying

Dancer, actor, artist
li ying zhi is a wildly hot chinese woman, dancer, and performer. She was born in a popular tourist town of qingdao in the chinese province of shandong on october 3rd 1989. This chinese beauty has worked as a catwalk model, a modeling model, a auto show model, nicknamed the "beauty of qingdao," she's done magazine covers and variety shows and has recently broken into success. Her rise to fame started in 2012, at the beijing international car show, where li was posing for bmw, wearing a diamond gown with an approximate worth of over $16 million... If you can guess it would have caused quite a uproar! Li has been romantically related to the son of jackie chan, jaycee chan.

Zi-xuan zhang chang

Artist, actress
zi-xuan zhang is another lady from a long list of chinese women who are hot and sexy. She hails from beijing's chinese capital. Zi-xuan zhang is an accomplished model and actress. She initially started her modeling career with the popular ray magazine in 2002. She first appeared on big screen in 2011
. Love
is not blind the romantic comedy gave her immediate acclaim for her starring role. She has won best new actor nominations for the
hundred flowers award and the golden horse award for her heroics in this film. In 2012, zhang appeared in the fashion girl director movie drama and was nominated for the best new tv actress huading award.
in addition to finding career success in modelling and acting, zi-xuan zhang has flourished in other areas of her life. She has a degree in advertisement design, which she received from the university of beijing union
. She has also been happily married to chinese actor chen he since 2016

Yang Mi

Actress, singer
yang mi is an absolute beauty - no doubt about that. Just like many other famous and
hot chinese women, this actress and singer comes from peking. She has one child and is divorced. Yang mi made her acting debut when she starred in tang ming huang, a series of historical television series that brought immense acclaim to her. She was later also remembered for several of her leading roles in numerous tv shows which were big successes. Chinese paladin 3 (2009), palace (2011), beijing love tale (2012), the
translator (2016), everlasting love
(2017), and the witness (2015). In 2017 yang mi received the best actress award for her role in the reset movie at the worldfest
houston film festival. This was a tremendous success that took her
career further forward. Another highlight of her career was when she was selected as one of the new four dan actresses by southern metropolis
daily. In addition, yang was eighth on the forbes china celebrity 100 list in 2017.

Ming Xi

words such as gorgeous, exquisite or glamorous don't even do xi justice to ming
. This lady is so stunning as one of the most gorgeous chinese ladies around. Her stunning black hair, vibrant brown eyes and an unorthodox
height (5'10") speak volumes for a chinese lady. Ming xi, or xi mengyao, from china's biggest city, shanghai, is a chinese supermodel. She began her modeling career first in 2009. She has since collaborated with victoria's secret, vera wang, michael kors and givenchy. She has starred in many famous chinese television shows, too. Still, in 2016 she really began her acting career when she appeared in warrior's gate video. This blockbuster film was made by legendary french director
luc besson. Ming xi boldly posed from 2013 to 2018 at victoria's secret runway shows
. As you already imagine, most other
templates can only dream of this.

Sui He

Actress, model
sui he is an actress and chinese artist. She comes from zhejiang province in eastern china. Sui appeared in eight consecutive victoria's secret fashion
series, which for any model is a tremendous accomplishment. She has also been an honorary angel
in china since 2018, showing just how incredibly people in the modeling community think about her. She was also the first east asian model to open a ralph lauren show and just the second chinese model to take part in the victoria's secret fashion show. Even sue featured on w magazine's cover even before she became a household name. She began her acting career in 2014 when she starred in temporary family movie
. Soon there followed more
roles, and she starred in movies such as you are my sunshine (2015) and pegasus

Lei Ke Er

A chinese actor, actress and singer is artist, actress, singer
lei ke er, aka lei keer, rita, and rita lei. She's 32 and is from guangxi guilin, china. This tiny model is a prime illustration of exotic elegance, with many chinese women seeking to mimic her style. She has a stunning, symmetrical body, which we will definitely note by looking at her various images. Moreover, lei is an absolute beauty not only in china but in the rest of the country as well. She has been featured on covers of many famous chinese magazines
. Also, men and women alike, respect her for her physical qualities. In reality, her appearance places her right at the very top of the list of china's sexiest, most attractive, and most glamorous women. Lei ke er is a 5'4" tall blonde starlet with hypnotizing eyes that catches quickly the attention of any who want to peek within them.

Xiao xi gang

Model, internet celebrity
cynthia gang xiao xi is a chinese 5'7" model and a celebrity online
. She was born on 7 august, and comes from beijing's chinese capital. Cynthia is one of china's hottest, sexiest, and prettiest women around. This asian model is well known for her lovable body. Of course, there are lots of hot and attractive chinese women but only a handful can equal the presence of gang. Cynthia gang xiao xi is a particularly divisive internet
star, largely thanks to her (extremely) provocative images of modeling. She is more than happy to stretch the envelope and do shoots that most professional, even offensive, chinese models would consider to be too personal. luckily enough, this girl has no trouble showing off her all-natural physical features.

Wang Hui Xin

Model, cosplayer
hot chinese women are all about glamorous images, and this girl is no different. Wang hui xin is a glamorous guangzhou, china town model. She is known by her nickname xiao xin, too. Xiao xin is a well-known spokesman for many various undertakings including several chinese games and computer goods such as lol
(league of legends). After 2009, the success of wang hui xin has risen dramatically
and reached new heights. She was a football babe and showgirl expo
for chinajoy case in 2010. Wang hui xin has an incredible body and is stunning. She is a brunette with marine-green skin, 5'4"
and more than a few skills.

Han xuan zi

han zi xuan, or han bi yao, is chinese hot and sexy model. This stunning internet star has countless admirers not only in her hometown (beijing) but also across the country. She has a stunning,
all-natural body and blonde locks. On 20 october 1991 han zi xuan was born. Apart from divinely beautiful, han zi xuan is also highly educated. In 2009, she graduated from the beijing film academy as she decided to pursue her dreams and become an actress. She has worked as a model for many chinese magazines and brands of lingerie. She is 5'7" and above all - single! Many pretty chinese women aspire to have the looks and attitude of han. Also, han zi xuan is a libra and a ravishing one for those who are in astrology.

Xin run sheng

Actress, model
sheng xin run, or angel sheng, is chinese famous actress and model. This internet sensation embodies the term "star" as it has on social media hundreds of thousands of followers. She was born in 1987, in harbin, the capital of northern china's province of heilongjiang
. She personally lives in qingdao city and is a gentle and compassionate cancer. There is certainly something seductive about beautiful chinese women
who have one or two degrees. Yeah, certain men prefer to pay greater attention to the personal image of a woman than to her educational qualification or professional accomplishments. However, every man needs a powerful and talented woman, which is definitely sheng
. Sheng xin ran obtained her degree from the renowned shandong university of the arts, which speaks of her creative personality. This gorgeous model has won many modeling competitions since 2006, and has featured in a number of movies as
as well as some famous chinese magazines.

And yang qihan

Model, actress, musician, online celebrity
isabella yang qihan is a rising chinese star, actor, artist,
and online celebrity. She was born and raised in a family with a background in music and she displayed considerable talent in early acting, singing, and dancing. Isabella is a university graduate as she studied from beijing's
famous china music conservatory. She left everyone in awe of her amazing success with
. Later she attended one of austria's finest music schools
. There, she had studied western music in different genres. She
nonetheless excels in opera and folk music. Recently isabella yang qihan has attracted broader recognition and has become famous worldwide. Her meteoric increase in fame is attributed primarily to her various semi-nude images that circulate across the world. Saying that she is generally considered one of china's hottest and most desirable women doesn't really do her justice.

Zhao Liying

zhao liying, or zanilia zhao, is a popular hebei provincial chinese actress. She is married to feng shaofeng and she has one child with him. Her breakthrough came when zhao took part in the yahoo! Quest star game in 2006, and won. After that she signed a young and emerging talent with huayi brothers as
. Zanilia debuted in the romance film golden marriage in 2007. She starred in 2009 in the historical drama
series the pleiades firmament which was an immediate success. Because of this performance zhao won the award at the chinese innovative short video awards for most
famous actress. After that zhao starred in lu zhen's legend in 2013. This drama was an immense success in south korea and japan, as well as in china
. It then led her in the area to become famous
. Zanilia zhao has gained numerous recognitions and has won many awards. She received the best newcomer award at the 4th china tv drama
awards, the 4th letv awards for most popular tv actress and the tudou young choice awards for favorite new
actress. In 2017 she was also ranked 4th on the forbes china celebrity 100 list as one of the most famous and glamorous chinese women. Isn't that something,