25 best girl brazilians

All knows brazil has some of the world's prettiest ladies. But it was a pretty difficult job to pick only 25 for this list. I send you the 25 hottest girls in brazil after several hours of consideration:

For claudia alende

Model, musician, businesswoman
nobody but a few years ago could have imagined that claudia alende is who she is today - maybe not even herself. She had little interest in models when she was young. Though she liked to play computer games. In 2014 alende began her modeling career when she took second place in the miss bum bum contest. thanks to her noted similarity to megan fox she soon achieved attention. And soon enough she had millions of both supporters and income from endorsement. Claudia alende is regularly in the public eye, as one of the most popular models in brazil. which comes as no surprise when you take her beautiful hourglass figure and angelic beauty into consideration. They're the reason why she has all the boys (and potentially most girls) around her to pay attention. But if you looked at the photo, the dreamy eyes and the big pearly smile certainly would make you want to linger.

With tatiane de souza

Tatiane de souza, as a model, instagram influencer
young as she might be, is now a experienced model with years of experience behind her. De souza launched her reasonably active modelling career at the tender age of 13. I don't think she was not good at it because she was reasonably successful. Simply because it finished sooner than expected. And that's why she chose to fulfill other goals, one of which is to raise awareness about eating disorders. Today, not only is tatiane de souza a model and influencer of instagram but she is also a well-known self-coach. Besides becoming an inspiring model for young women around the globe, tatiane is also one of brazil's hottest celebrities. Her impressive number may be enough to back up the preceding argument, but there is even more to say. No one can deny that she is a complete ten with her stunning hazel eyes and naturally pronounced cheekbones.

With sofia resing

this is another example of how modeling pulls all those who have no ties to it. Sofia resing was far from a supermodel and was stereotypical. She had been mocked for her height and bushy hair in college. She loved reading literature from brazil, and spending countless days relaxing on the sand. She was eventually remembered as the gem she is when she went in with her sister to do a photo shoot. Sofia back then turned the deal down. Her school was much too big. It was not until she moved to europe that she signed and began her career with a modeling agency. What is truly unique about the brazilian girls is their untamed beauty and wild nature. Yet surrounding her sofia resing has a soft and noble aura. Her tall body, which is accentuated by the long, slender leg, makes her look like royalty. The almond-shaped brown eyes and the long yet pointy nose merely contribute to the dignified, natural appearance that resing desires.

Lais Ribeiro

lais ribeiro is yet another girl next door who fell into the modeling industry without ever having expected it. Born into a family of teachers, when ribeiro wanted to try out for the local fashion week contest, she was preparing to become a nurse. It was her first time in her life wearing high heels and it proved to be a great fit. Ribeiro landed in new york, following a few world trips. As she notes, her biggest weakness is english. Luckily for her, beauty knows more languages than anybody else. A veritable bombshell, the figure of lais ribeiro is a sight to behold. Not even hourglass attempts to explain it. She's got an extremely slender waist, a fantastically plump booty and thighs that go on for miles. For any who dare look up from the waist should be well prepared to keep their jaws off the concrete.

Gracie Carvalho

probably the best career-start model on this list, most designers can only dream of gracie carvalho making a debut. She has walked 35 of the 39 shows in total during the 2008 fashion week. Carvalho walked along with ralph lauren, burberry, tommy hilfiger, and several more after signing with the marilyn agency. She also broke miu miu patterns and was the first non-white model to pose for them. Carvalho, particularly for the underground runways of her victoria, is better known for her lingerie and swimsuit work. Gracie carvalho's got a beautiful figure, muscular. Her experience and practice in muay thai and jiu-jitsu make her much more powerful, with a better frame than a traditional run-of-the-mill model. Her strong arms and legs, as well as her rock-hard stomach, are reminiscent of the amazon warriors, known for their strength and ferocity. Carvalho's face, unlike the body, still retains a dazzling smile which is the ultimate hidden tool for such a tough lady.

Gizele Oliveira

gizele oliveira is one of victoria's hottest secret angels at the moment. She modeled at shows for dolce & gabbana, ralph lauren, elie saab, h&m, etc. Prior to her engagement with victoria's secret. Oliveira was no stranger to modelling - her uncle designs bridal wear, and she sometimes would model his work while she was younger. While shy at the beginning, oliveira grew quickly to like her new career, and is now one of the fashion world's leading ladies. although she has the flawless body of a supermodel, gizele oliveira reveals herself that she often finds it tough to work out and keep in shape. while not athletic by nature, her exquisite features have a distinct beauty. Oliveira sports a high-class style that not many young models could equal, thanks to her prominent cheekbones and beautifully supple lips.

Juliana Salimeni

Tv presenter, fitness model, author, businesswoman
juliana salimeni, a very famous figure in brazil, is a well known model, writer, and businesswoman. In 2010 salimeni was on playboy magazine's cover, which jumped her fame. She was named the sexiest woman in the world by the vip magazine in october of the same year. She currently works in the fashion, health, beauty and nutrition industries. While salimeni proved to be capable of more than just modeling; her attractiveness is not anything to be overlooked. She cracks the slim and frail fashion model image and bears with confidence her well toned yet stunning body. You can see clearly that her fitness regimen is doing well for her body. Salimeni is a white beauty true to life, leaving many men uncertain how they could withstand its overwhelming intensity.

Fernanda D'avila

Fitness model, dancer
fernanda d'avila was having a rough childhood. As a teen, she'd been overweight, which contributed to some bullying. D'avila was fed up with the abuse and kept working out and lifting weights. She had earned global fame for her incredible beauty after getting a job as a dancer on a brazilian tv program. Soon after she became an model of fitness, sharing with the public her food and exercise routines and inspiring people to start eating well and working out. Although fernanda d'avila has a naturally curvy frame, her rigorous diet regime ideally toned her body. Her waist is a sight to behold, so tiny and yet so powerful. Though d'avila has an angel's smile, her arms and shoulders tell you this angel can only take care of herself well. But nothing more than her slender yet strong legs reveals her hard work and determination, mastered by years of dance and exercise.

Emanuela de Paula

since the age of 9, emanuela de paula seems to have been born into becoming a model in the fashion industry. She joined one of the most famous modeling agencies in the world, with marilyn. She has earned worldwide recognition since walking the runway for ralph lauren, jennifer lopez, lacoste and several others. In vogue, allure, and a few other well-known fashion magazines de paula published. She ranks in the world's top 15 best paying supermodels. Surely emanuela de paula is a sight to see. Her delicate features indicate her status as a supermodel, but her radiant smile and sweet eyes speak to a caring soul inside. De paula's delicate facial features come to life with her natural tanning and frizzy curls. No wonder emanuela de paula is going wild in the world - she is a staple of beauty and grace.

By viviane castro

Businesswoman, brazilian porn actress
5'7?????? in height, sexy body, seductive beauty, stunning face.... Who should doubt viviane castro is a perfect package? Her mother who used to be a model even got her interest in this area. They still love looking completely naked. Viviane knows how to grab the eye of a man, and hold him going. She loves her moment in the lime light, but that's because it's going to last and she has hopes to settle down in the future and raise her own family.

Rojane Fradique

if you ever wanted evidence that fate favors the brave, it's right here. Rojane fradique has stretched the trend limits and found herself flourishing. She made her debut in salvador's elite model look contest and took first place after she absolutely shaved her head on live tv. Her elegant beauty captured the attention of paulo borges, a fashion model in sao paulo. She has achieved international fame since competing as the only contestant of african origin in singapore. In addition to her modelling career she played a part in the bellissima soap opera. Rojane fradique was more than six feet tall and originally had trouble getting signed. Repeatedly, she has been advised that her build is much too solid to replicate. But she became famous and eventually made her the star of many brazilian and foreign catwalks with her tall and majestic structure. Fradique's hair was often deemed unsuitable for modelling but the misconceptions were overcome by her elegance and appearance.

Izabel Goulart

The supermodel
izabel goulart is one of the world's most popular supermodels. While in school she was made fun of being tall and thin (his nickname was "giraffe"), a modeling agency soon noticed goulart. Her top mistakenly ended up open on her very first broadcast. This mishap has made her instantly famous. His career had been smooth sailing since that rough start. Goulart does charity work with the diabetes research institute as well as modelling. Izabel goulart is one of those beauties which are everlasting. She just gets better with age as she is an exceptional wine. Her high cheekbones and her accentuated jawline ideally frame her profile. But her beautiful grin is her deadliest tool. And as she smiles at you with her piercing gaze, you can't just look down. As far as fitness is concerned, goulart's body remained flawless throughout her career, with a concentration on power rather than finesse. Also goulart based on:

Dad camila rodrigues

She began her career in the soap opera and tv industry with actress, model
camilia rodrigues. She turns 29 august 23 this coming and loves her life with her own family. She excels even in the soap operas and reality series. In: she was known well in:

N. Guimaraes

Actress, tv presenter, model, miss brasil 2007
make way because next in line is a queen of beauty. At the age of fifteen she began her modelling career posing for ford models. Her first success was in winning world international pageant's top model in 2006. Just wait, there's more... After she won the miss universe brazil in 2007, she jumped in and took home the title. She also engaged in the entertainment industry where she was seen in danca no gelo, a film. Currently she serves as a hoje em dia server.

For fernanda machado

She played joanna in the telenovela paraiso tropical in 2007 where she received best actress support. In 2008, when she won the berlin film festival where she played maria in tropa de elite, fernanda got her first break. But elegance is not fernanda machado's only strength. She is in tv, theater, stage, and was on many magazines' cover. Really a full kit huh?

Andressa Soares

Dancer, artist, model
andressa soares in real life and her screen name was melancia mulher. "watermelon lady" means melancia mulher. She was actually using this screen name because she's got an butt as big as a watermelon. Kidding aside, she was known as the biggest butt brazilian model. Really, what else to say?

Mariana Felício

Model, reality star
mariana felicio began her modeling career when she was 15. Her big break came in the year 2006 when she joined the popular big brother brazil season six reality television competition. of the other 12 members she certainly stood out!

Isis Valverde

isis in egyptian mythology means goddess of motherhood, sorcery, and fertility. This beautiful brazil girl certainly looks like a goddess, probably the goddess of fertility because of her curvy figure. She was raised in aiuruoca but left belo horizonte to study at the site. When time progressed, she learned she wanted to be a role model and actor.

Débora Nascimento

Actress, model
she played the part of martina from the 2008 film incredible hulk. She was the one who had been sexually assaulted and the one who rescued her was bruce. She began working with l'oreal paris as one of their publicity campaign endorsers in 2009.

Fernanda Tavares

The supermodel
fernanda tavares is a popular supermodel in brazil. She has represented big fashion brands such as chanel, versace, louis vuitton, etc. Throughout her 29-year-long career. Much like her best friend, gisele b??ndchen, she has conquered catwalks all over the world for more than 20 years. Besides modelling, she is now a presenter of mtv programs on missao mtv, as well as an anti-fur campaigner for peta. Unfortunately fernanda tavares is happily married with two kids for all the single men. Her slim body, accentuated by the world's best waist ever seen, gives fernanda tavares a different-worldly look. Her jawline seems as if a sculptor has spent many days perfecting it. The soft smile and calm, calming eyes and her strong jawline and cheekbones are in great contrast. Tavares does that to her full benefit, at the same time being simultaneously welcoming and intimidating.

And branca feres and beatriz

Swimmers, models, actresses
twins? Yeah it is. At the age of three they began taking lessons in swimming and gymnastics. They were launched at the age of seven, to synchronize swimming. They also bagged the gold medal at the 2008 olympics in beijing. A lot of offers came in after this for photo shoots.

And camila alves

The profession of model, designer
camila alves is a tale of real-life rags-to-riches. Her mother was a painter but it wasn't that straightforward for alves the road to success. She'd been working as a house cleaner and waitress throughout her youth. She didn't begin her modeling career until she was 19, moving to new york from los angeles. Nowadays alves and her mother fashion their own handbags aside from modelling. She has launched a blog, as well as an organic food business after being signed by macy's. Camila alves doesn't shy away from the spotlight like her partner matthew mcconaughey. She also presented a variety of reality television series and talent programs. Her beautiful yet sweet face makes her a great host to smash a celebrity on. although alves' body tells brazil, its facial characteristics remind you of an indian princess.

Ildi silva is an

Actress, model
ildi silva is a perfect jewel of the elegance of brazil. A photographer and model-hunter spotted her on the sidewalks. She began working on several promotional campaigns after a few failed attempts with various modelling agencies. Alongside her modelling, silva began her acting career. She spent a while with a theater company, and played a leading role in a popular brazilian soap opera, bela, a feia. Ildi silva has worked on a variety of local brazilian television programs, often in a starring guest role. Her attractive yet unique look makes brazilian elegance a textbook for her. Her form is very slim, atypical of brazilian women. Don't get me wrong, she's got plenty of curves, but not so defined. That, in all honesty, is the feature which really makes her stand out. But her striking eyes are her favorite - at times orange, at times dark. One look will make a man fall in love with her.

Raica Oliveira


Maryeva Oliveira

Model, tv host
she dreamt of becoming a star during the early years of her life. She'd worked on her modeling career since leaving school. She'd gone far because of her charisma, her elegance and the way she handles herself. She has collaborated with a model she might only dream of posing with with dior, dolce & gabanna, yves saint laurent, chanel and other big sponsors. Because of this success, in 2001 she was named the most sought after top model and the highest paid model. Maryeva oliveira lives in sao paulo and has found a name in naked photography. Not only does she shine in modeling - she even works as a top blend vj. She also made a nameon to the cover of numerous brazilian journals like:

Isabeli Fontana

The first big release of model
isabeli came when it was included in victoria's secret catalogue. Large contentious split yes. She was being investigated at the time because she was just 16 and was deemed under 18. In 2004 she was selected as one of the models given the title "models of the moment" on american vouge's september cover. In 2008, she placed 11th in forbes' the world's 15 top-earning models, she had earned $3 million.

Aline Nakashima

Since her mother was a brazilian and her father was japanese, model
aline nakashima has mixed genes. When she was only 17 she signed a deal with marily agency and the rest was history. She is doing well in bikini and lounger modeling. She designed scores of top corporations including:

Taís Araújo

Actress, tv presenter, actor
who would have imagined that a preterm seven-month baby would become by trade a model and actress. Her black skin has not acted as an barrier to her performance. It also made history because she was the first black brazilian to play a leading role in xica da silva, a very successful telenovela.

Gisele Bündchen

Artist, actress
considered the first to excel in the late 1990s in the age of brazilian fashion. In 1999 she had the title "the return of the glamorous girl" and was given another title of their fashion generation, "the heroine chic." She was also one of victoria's secret angels from 2000 till 2006. Way back in 2004, she was deemed the world's highest earning celebrity model and even took 16th spot in the film industry for the richest woman ␓ she was worth $70 million! She was rumored to have a relationship with leonardo de carpio and ended up with the new england patriots quarterback tom brady.

Ana araujo paula

ana paula never dreamed about becoming a model, she just tried to be an advocate in her younger years, hoping she might be a decent judge. But when she was 14 everything that as she was persuaded by a photographer to move to sao paulo to pursue a modeling career. She evaluated things, then wanted to actually try it out. She ultimately chose the right decision and in the modeling industry she was able to build a name. She also did a few elite advertising campaigns but when she collaborated for sports illustrated swimsuit edition she was better remembered in 2007.

Alessandra Ambrósio

Maker, actress
karen mulder served alessandra ambrosio as an model. Since seeing her as one of a magazine's top cover, alessandra convinced herself that maybe she'll be a star too. When she was eight, she'd had this dream. When she was 12, when she enrolled in a modeling academy, she decided to make her dream come true. As she hit 14 she was selected to be one of the 20 finalists in a competition for celebrity models. Her first major break was landing the cover of the well-known brazilian publication elle. Yes, she was one of victoria's secret angels and walked the catwalk for dior, guess, armani swap, ralph lauren and many more. She had shown her modeling potential and was named the very first "pink" spokes model.

And adriana lima

probably the most stunning woman ever, who could miss the sparkling queen of the fashion industry. Crowned the brazilian supermodel, lima is the most desirable angel of victoria's secret. It was really her friend who spoke to her at the age of 15 when she entered her first race. And since then, the doors have opened only to lima. Currently she is representing desigual, calzedonia and sportmax. Adriana lima has held the title as the world's second highest-paid model in the last five years. And there is no excuse she shouldn't be in the country. When adriana lima reaches a room time will end. Through her breath the air in the room shifts in time. Everywhere she focuses her stunning blue eyes, the sun reflects. Her tiny, straight nose and perfectly plumped lips make her look like an angel sent from on high.

Raquel Zimmermann

this beautiful brazilian model began her career in japan and paris, and was later picked to be on vogue italia's cover. She has endorsed large sponsors such as gap, dkny, chanel, calvin klein and many others. Her first big tv ad was for gucci, when a new perfume was released.

Susana Werner

Actress, model
susana werner is a well known brazilian model and actress. She appears regularly on the cover of brazil's popular magazines, and has starred in many brazilian films.