20 most beautiful irish girl

Sweet irish women - anywhere! If you're watching a runway show on television or flipping through a magazine, at least one of those beauties graces you with its voluptuous curves and beautiful bone structure. Indeed, in one survey, irish women were voted to be among the most attractive in the world. But even better for you, the same sample proved to be of the ugliest among their irish citizens! Yeah, maybe even a plain joe like you got a chance with one of those girls. About ten per cent of irish girls are stereotypical celtic redheads such as the late maureen o'hara. So, who are the prettiest irish ladies right now? Is- as spectacular as the next, and are there any secret secrets you could not have known? What has got to sell these hot irish women? Let's just take a look, do we? There are twenty celtic beauties here that took the world by storm.

Maxwell stella

Fashion model
victoria's secret is known for its array of beauties, and one of the most stunning irish ladies who can call themselves an angel is none other than stella
maxwell. Even before she became a model, stella was enjoying the jet-set life
. Since her father was a ambassador, before she had graduated from high school, she had travelled all over the world including new zealand and australia. She was spotted as a fashion model at the university
of otago and hasn't looked back ever since. This bilingual (english and french), northern irish beauty graced the covers of vogue's foreign editions and set the blueprint for designers including marc jacobs. In addition, she has carried out promotional campaigns for brands such as puma and urban outfitters, not to mention opened shows such as the korea spring/summer 2011 concept
. Stella has a large following on instagram right now, with over 4 million users hoping to get a taste of her golden hair and blue eyes. Moreover, since 2015, she has been a victoria's secret angel featuring in the world-class runway shows of the brand. Stella is stunning and perfectly fine! She's not in the gallery of our fitness girls, but we have plenty of other fitness girls who are just as hot.

Georgia Salpa

Glamor model
georgia salpa penna is a mixture of irish and greek beauty even after having three daughters. Her glamorous looks led her to become a popular model and she
featured several times in fhm. Yet georgia has not let her good looks deter her from venturing out a little. She is known in the uk for her role in celebrity big
brother and she has also featured on telly's republic
, an irish tv review and magazine show. although following her instagram isn't as big as some of the other hot irish women on this site, georgia always has lots to share. Her luscious skin and raven hair led her to become one of the world's hottest females. Although she is not posing today, her calendars were the fantasy of any guy back in the day! She's the ultimate greek/irish pin-up and she's going to retain the tag for quite a while. Georgia has the celtic-mediterranean look that so many glamorous ladies have in ukraine. Yeah, it really is. Go and check out our gallery in ukraine and you'll see women as awesome as georgia, but people who just want to attract men like you! Seriously, don't believe me. Click here for yourself to check out our beautiful ukrainian gallery.

Lucy Evangelista

Model, 2005 miss northern ireland
although she has moved a little away from the world of beauty to throw all her energies into her current job as a wife and mother, lucy evangelista is a former beauty queen and one of the most attractive irish women in the world, surely. In reality, lucy is the ultimate girl next door, as she oozes sexiness but looks like an angel with her silky hair and a beautiful smile. That's presumably why she won the miss
northern ireland in 2005, and got a spot in the top 15 most attractive women at the miss world in 2005. Lucy's staying busy right now, letting her artistic juices flow and encouraging women around the world to lose their insecurities. She also dabbled in
and starred as stella in the liz hurley tv show the royals, most prominently.

Katie Larmour

Designer, tv presenter, curator, television personality
katie larmour is a lot of things, but one of the most important is that she is one of the most stunning irish women we've ever seen. For several years now she has been gracing the tv
screens in ireland, serving as a presenter for utv, rte and setanta. Yet katie is not only a lovely woman. Indeed, her presence definitely helped pave the way for other hot irish women to set up their careers. For the film your
highness, she was also natalie
portman's body double. However, katie has taken charge of having an education and holding a degree
from ulster university. At katie larmour irish
linen lucy is actually an excellent artist. She has also been the face of belfast fashion week since 2008 and has also anchored the show

Destroy o'sullivan

Only one look at hazel
o'sullivan is enough to appreciate why she has ended up on our list of the world's most stunning irish ladies. Her cascading hair and her bust have helped her to become popular in the uk - and with celebrities rub shoulders. Hazel is most notable as the big brother and wag
(wives and girlfriends) housemate. Her present principal squeeze is andros townsend, with whom she shares two twins. What makes hazel so incredible
? Since living through a wild upbringing, she has emerged as a star. Moreover, by being sociable and making friends
with the right people, she did well by herself. Any catty people would say that she is manipulative, but you
cannot believe stories like that. Hazel is now, as it turned out, a committed mom who hasn't yet lost any of her sexiness.

Tiffany Stanley

Model, actress
tiffany stanley may not be very popular right now, but after the blonde moved to la to eventually conquer hollywood, they hope to see more of her in the years that followed. Established in kildare in 1988,
tiffany is one of the most beautiful irish women because she is not only gracious but also wise. She realizes that hollywood needs more work than just switching to la. Accordingly, she has hired a dialect instructor to make her sound smoother. Yet tiffany did not forget her origins. Her instagram boasts more than 900,000 followers and is always in ireland, supporting herself and others alike. Tiffany has become a
genuine influencer and shares frequently with her fans her newest discoveries. Around the same moment, she is not ashamed of being insecure. Just recently, tiffany spoke about the glitz and glamor of influencer life and how you will really tell what happens in someone's life based on the popular photo-sharing site.

Olivia wilde: wild

Actress, actress, director, activist
most of us first came across olivia wilde while watching house md, but maybe even younger generations would remember her as oc alex. She has developed quite a career as a model and actress since then. She's also recently directed her first film, booksmart. What makes olivia one of the world's prettiest irish ladies is her versatility. She is a progressive woman, who comes from a long line of journalists and authors from the upper class. She is also well educated and trained in ireland at the gaiety school of acting. Nearly everyone in her family knows how to use the written word, so it's no surprise olivia is quick-witted and articulate. His service, however, is far from over. With new
ideas rolling in from left and right, olivia will definitely remain in the spotlight for many years to come in hollywood.

Roz purcell inc.

Maker, charitable worker, miss universe ireland 2010
when she was 19, miss universe ireland 2010 was won by roz
purcell. Since then, we have been unable to consider how stunning she is - and the world has not. Roz has branched out over the years with more than 300,000
followers on instagram, a vibrant face, and eyes which could fire a thousand
rockets. She was also a judge on the 2010 pageant for miss
venezuela, a stint that her securing a spot in the top 10 at miss universe 2010 took about. But roz is perhaps one of the most attractive women living in ireland because of her commitment to a safe lifestyle. She's not afraid to reveal her faults, but she's worked hard to keep in shape
and if you just take a look at her curves the effects are clear. In 2016, she also released a cookbook natural
born feeder, and also shares her recipes online, reminding all that balanced eating is very easy, even though you're as busy as roz.

For laura whitmore

Broadcaster, actress
a genius woman, no
doubt, laura whitmore is renowned for her stint as mtv europe's face and as
i'm a celebrity presenter... Get me
out of here! However, after she left that role to search if the grass is greener anywhere else, she became ever more popular, with new audiences
having a chance to see her in come dancing strictly
. Often known as a
presenter, laura is one of the world's most attractive irish women due to her good looks, intelligence and willingness to respond to different circumstances. As a spokesperson on eurovision, she was
amazing when dancing on strictly and
. Yet she
has already appeared in four weddings and a
funeral (the tv show) and is now being slowly but steadily a well-known actor.

For nadine coyle

Singer, actor, model
right now, you can watch nadine battle the jungle in i'm a celebrity... Get
me out of here! Yet she was most notable for her
singing skills until a few years ago. She was a member of girls aloud along with cheryl cole and she gained tremendous popularity. Since then she has held that particular position in the limelight. She launched her solo career after the breakup of girls aloud. She has starred on america's next top model as a judge, and also became a mom in 2014. It is fair to say,
however, that over the years, nadine has not lost her charm. She is as stunning as she was at the beginning of her career, and she is certainly one of those glamorous irish
ladies aging like wine. What's more, if one thing you may say about her is
she's courageous. Nadine claims, herself, that she hates her shadow. Nevertheless, because she decided to do something different, she opted to go to the forest and bring up the inner wildness she undoubtedly already had.

And nicola hughes

Maker, reality star
the nicola hughes is a rising star with over 200,000
followers on instagram. She also graced the small screen with her appearance on made in
chelsea. Little should people know that nicola only began modeling when she was 18, which makes her career more than a decade. It is no surprise, therefore, that more and more people are starting to note their good looks, beauty, and a sharp eye for fashion. And jean-bernard fernandez-versini's ex cheryl cole could not stop her! It seems promising future
awaits nicola, and the universe is yet to see all that it has to bring. But now for
we can be dazzled by her pictures, her golden hair,
and svelte body on a regular basis.

And nadia forde

Model, actor, actress
as one of the world's most
stunning irish ladies, nadia forde certainly has her looks about her. She is in close competition with georgia salpa, because she too has black hair
and stunning brown eyes. Nevertheless, unlike salpa, nadia is not as well known - even now. also fhm knows that nadia is beautiful and that is proven by her
instagram images. She's a traditional beauty who totally doesn't even need any wear. In addition, her body is the envy of everyone, making her the
dream image for those who enjoy curves. What is even more remarkable is that now nadia is a mom too. From her
look you wouldn't know, since she holds it together and frequently updates on instagram about her life. Moreover she is no stranger to reality television. In i'm a actress, she emerged... Get me out of here! . Nadia goes to hollywood, and even has her own show.

Holly Carpenter

Model, miss ireland 2011
beauty and brains -
that is just how we can classify holly carpenter, one of the world's most glamorous irish women. A terry
keane's sister, holly grew up in the dublin suburbs. She speaks three languages and when she won the miss ireland national
beauty pageant, which allowed her to launch her career as a model, she was in the process of getting her diploma. It did not take her long
to catch the attention of anyone. Later she also went on to appear in the next top model of britain and ireland. No stranger to the role of star
, over the years holly has been in the limelight. She appeared in celebrity masterchef ireland in 2017, and danced with the stars in 2019. In addition, at one point she also was a writer for the herald newspaper
. She already boasts a
good follow-up on instagram and blogs regularly about her life, showing off her stunning figure along the way.

Vogue Williams

The irish model and actress, tv host, dj, artist, media personality
vogue williams, obviously knows how to spark curiosity. As one of the world's most stunning irish women, she wasn't shy about showing off her beauty and attitude to everyone. In reality, what has put her
on our list is her bubbly demeanor; there's just something amazing about a girl who knows how to take a joke and looks sexy! Vogue is also a reality star who got her start by performing on fade street and at numerous dance shows like going out and partying with the stars. Yet she is no stranger either to tabloids. She had a widely publicised relationship with brian mcfadden, a former westlife star. On top of it, she is now married to spencer matthews, reformed bad guy, whose brother is married to cambridge's niece, pippa middleton, the duchess. With those links to the royal family and its natural beauty who knows what vogue is going to do next? She has proved to be a good host and an influencer deserving of a follow. With over
600,000 followers on instagram, we are expecting that she will remain in the limelight for years to come.

Laura Lacole

In a world championship, glamour model
laura lacole got her start
as a model, and even then she looked for an international future. She went on to front several magazines and publications after that, specialized in modelling glamour. Yet laura is on our list of the most stunning irish ladies, and she is not afraid to speak her mind, either. In 2017 she was the first woman to be married in a humanist ceremony in northern ireland. She also said ireland discriminates against humanists and sparked several online discussions. What laura does
well, though, is a beautiful sight. Her looks remind us of the 1980s, with blonde hair bleached and wide eye brows. She has all of the
women here sharing the irish charm and elegance, but we will award her extra points for her personality.

For louise byrne

louise is a fresh face in the modeling industry but she has already secured some amazing jobs and had an opportunity to partner for some of the most famous brands. Moreover, her beauty is just
what the world of modelling is seeking. She provides chic elegance in any atmosphere that looks amazing and her dark hair and eyes ooze warmly. Even so, that's not to say that louise byrne isn't hot. Maintaining her physique
is also a must, since she is a model, and louise does so very well. She is beautiful however, and delicate is her
elegance. Hopefully we are going to see more of her in numerous magazines and newspapers. We will love her
great ads and fashion campaigns right now!

Kelly Horrigan

kelly horrigan deserves a
spot on our list of the most stunning irish ladies, with perfect cheekbones, luscious hair and a body to die for. She has all - looks and
intellect - and, most importantly, she is not afraid to prove it! Kelly has been modeling since she was 15, and she built a career that many girls would admire during that time. She doesn't want modeling to be her be-all and end-all though. She also deals for her digital media department and with web branding
. Kelly herself admits that modelling has always been a plan b, but we have to agree that she really shouldn't leave it yet. With a body like hers and natural grace, one day she could be one of the greats

And abby harris

abby harris identifies herself as a "trained hanger of clothing" and a "human mannequin" - but we can
say that she is more. Since 2015 the irish beauty has made headlines in the modeling world and is now one of the most famous irish models. Abby's unassuming beauty
is likely to be responsible for her exciting success. Her bone structure is exactly what the fashion world wants and she has the classic elegance of the irish: long, dark, with blue eyes. And her career has just just begun. Still, give it a few years; we are confident that abby will be familiar in the globe.

By joanne northey

as you can see, irish women took over the fashion world by storm, and joanne northey is most definitely one of their founders. From greystones,
wicklow, joanne is slowly growing up following her social network and reminding people why she's one of the world's most stunning irish ladies. Around the same time however,
she keeps up with all the patterns and branches out. As a designer and artist in fine printing, joanne has the talent required for farther down the line of her career. Meanwhile, she has taken acting jobs without going into all the drama. She supports the fact that the industry is now striving for more natural women, and wishes that the notion
will continue. She still isn't shy to talk about her insecurities. To be judged every day and compared with other attractive women is hard to conquer. Yet joanne appears to be doing everything right; more and more people are enjoying her good looks and excellent personality. Hopefully she would become a regular
cover girl for several magazines in the future and a favorite for catwalks.

Rachel climb

rachel montague has built up quite a name for herself in ibiza as a dancer and model. While she
came in 2009 without any income, she quickly caught the eye of an agency model
. She got plenty of modelling jobs right after. She's doing numerous photoshoots in front of an enticing background even today. Rachel certainly knows how to play with the camera when it comes to sexy
irish ladies. For all her photoshoots she takes out her
allure and is not afraid to show off her riches. Her raven hair helps her to look stunning in photographs, which is why she is so attractive and someone to keep on lookout for. With her instagram ascending (she's now at around 17,000
), rachel should stay in the spotlight and eventually become a hugely successful influencer.