20 most beautiful black woman

It took the fiery black women decades to prove to the world that diversity is what made the world go round. Now the days are long gone where women of color stood on the outskirts of the film industry. And gods thanks for that! These ladies are transforming the culture we live in, and the world with it. They are aggressive and determined to conquer every industry into which they enter. So who are they, then? The list of beautiful black ladies, who are extremely close to running the country, is before you.


Singer, songwriter, actor, album producer than the woman whose life and profession overthrew all expectations - queen b. Let's be honest - she had us drooling from the very beginning. But who would have thought destiny's child's innocent-looking lead singer would evolve into a woman who is oozing sex appeal? In the minds of many this pop-culture-icon-turned-brand is a perfect "fantasy figure." Besides being totally beautiful, she is also a multi-talented musician. Beyonc?? poured herself into writing, filming, and acting at the very beginning of her career to show there's more to her than just beauty. The result? Six studio and five live tracks, to name a few,
23 grammy nominations, 26 mtv video music awards and a golden globe nomination. Over time she has learned the art of captivating the viewer to the point that viewers are literally hypersensitive. Beyonc?? is not only a famous recording artist, actor, and producer but also a devoted wife and mother. She
is just doing what most trendy black women teach - a woman should have anything.


Singer, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress, philanthropist
recently named forbes' wealthiest artist in the world, rihanna is among those trendy black women who are constantly on the move. It seems she actually lives by her own hit lyrics - " job, work, work, work, work, work. "oh, hey; that's how you're building an economy worth $600 million. As she released her first album back in 2005, nobody knew that she would become one of the world's most influential black women. Rihanna has rooted herself in charitable work as well as releasing eight studio albums and 71 songs. Her silent endeavor to put the clara lionel foundation forward has revealed the philanthropic side of this beauty in all its glory. To top it all off, rihanna has proved she has quite a passion for business. The barbadian beauty is the proud co-owner of fenty cosmetics, a brand of makeup which takes diversity to a whole new level. That is, fenty has published no fewer than 40 foundation colors, thereby forever changing the industry. As fenty
sales keep on booming, we can tell with great confidence that rihanna has defined her place among today's influential black women.

Zoe Saldana

anyone in hollywood who is something would agree that zoe saldana, sci-fi star, is a power to be dealt with. To go from a minor character in law & order to thanos' adopted daughter takes a special form of personality. Such personality requires talent, confidence and an total lack of fear to speak out. Saldana falls into the hot black women group, who have certain characteristics and are not afraid to use them. Her big-screen career began with center stage in 2000 and has just been moving up ever since. Namely, she was skyrocketed to fame by the high-profile appearances in sci-fi blockbusters avatar, space guardians and the avengers franchise. The foregoing roles have won her the title of 'the queen of fictional worlds. '
wicked tongues however accused her of "lacking blackness" relative to other young black women in the film industry. She had always been swift to shut down those questions, adamant not to doubt her dominican black ancestry. Moreover, she has engaged herself in raising consciousness of the overall lack of media diversity. Her activities lead to the creation of a new media network known as bese. Saldana enjoys becoming a woman of colour, as she told herself in an interview with harper's bazaar. She clearly denies being 'a sensational media company' based on hate. She is a great inspiration to many other women as well.

Zoe Kravitz

Actress, actor, model
if you could name a positive inconsistency on one woman, it would probably be zoe kravitz. Two unbelievably talented artists' lovechild - lenny kravitz and lisa bonet - she is half african american and half ashkenazi jewish. Zoe is in fact one of the beautiful black women with much pride in bearing the colors of their mixed heritage. Her debut on-screen came in high school during her senior year - in 2007. She appeared in two films that year - no hesitation, and the bold one. It took zoe, however, a few years to land a role that would really make her shine. Who turned out to be a character in x-men, angel salvadore: first degree. Nowadays, in big little lies, a hbo tv series that assembled an a-list ensemble, kravitz is better known for starring. Bonnie carlson's position has undoubtedly brought her attention in the media. Despite her fame, zoe believes in being genuine and doing all that is necessary: "particularly in america, and especially as a woman in america, and then as a black woman in america. Being friendly is nice but being truthful is vital. "


Singer, dancer, actor, model
what happens when the communities of filipino, african american,
west indian, and mexican meet? It's born true beauty. Coming from a wealthy ethnic heritage, cassie ventura is a beauty bundled in the
prettiest box there is. Sadly, cassie is one of those beautiful black women
who are often unjustly known for being the (ex) girlfriend of someone. Yeah,
she dated sean combs, but more about her! For example, her singing career began long before she matched up with diddy. She'd already recorded a studio album before the two began dating. But most people remember her for sophie's role in step up 2: the road. Playing her gave cassie the chance to show off some of her skills - music. Another thing that makes this beautiful young lady fascinating is that she is cherished by the audience in more ways than one. That's why she's already signed on to wilhelmina models that landed her ads and modelling jobs for adidas, abercrombie & fitch, seventeen, calvin klein, etc. While she's expecting a boy, cassie doesn't show any signs of slowing down - she's playing a part in the murder thriller drama named wonderland, which is currently in post-production.

Halle berry hall

you may not be able to draw up a list of sexy black women and not have catwoman in it! Or do you like storm? Any way, halle berry is a known beauty queen who has made it a priority of showbiz to tear down racial barriers. In the 1990s, berry saw her biggest break, appearing in more than a dozen movies. That same decade earned her some of her first honors, including an emmy and an unveiling dorothy dandridge golden globe. She found it difficult to secure major roles after such a success though. At the moment, marketers felt they couldn't just be used as subjects of lust, no matter how beautiful black women were. So halle never had an opportunity to hear the indecent suggestion and the lambs' silence. But there came the x-men and 007 - the two movies which would either kill her or send her right into stardom. Luckily this was the first for us. Hollywood took another shot at this beauty and she never stopped. She also won a 2002 academy award. inspired from her own experiences, she is a fervent political advocate who raises funds for women's education, justice,
and wellness.

Strong magan

honoring us since the mid-1980s with her tv appearance, meagan nice is a prime illustration of an actress growing up before her audience. She began to act at four years old and her talent came out quite easily. What's more, her first nomination for the award came when she was just 17. Meagan is one of the exceptional child actors who moved effectively into adult roles. While she is yet to receive an award for her work, she has been featured in an overwhelming amount of small as well as large screen films. She took on several parts in horror movies - poison, saw v, one missed call, and the unborn, to prove she's more than just a pretty face. Her most recent such mission is the intruder. What makes meagan stand out from today's hot black women is its remarkably varied cultural history. She is of african, cherokee, puerto rican descent and barbadian descent. Alongside her elegance, the various ethnic identities gave maegan something else - an immense amount of confidence.

Kerry Washington

when you are selected in four decades to play the part of the first black lead on a network television soap, then you are truly something extraordinary. For abc and kerry washington, olivia pope and controversy is what marked a significant era. The role had given her a golden globe and two nominations for emmy after all. But for this south bronx stunner it hasn't come out of the blue. Her earliest projects - our music and save the last dance - showed her strong interest in social problems such as underage marriage, human and women's rights, as well as the welfare of children. Washington engaged in a wide range of projects during the first decade of the 2000s, ranging from comedies like she despise me and biopics like ray and the last king of scotland to thrillers like lakeview terrace. In addition to a very rich life and job on-screen, kerry feels a desire to contribute back to the community. She thereby participates in a number of women's cancer based services. Often she is an vocal liberal and a fervent advocate of lgbt rights, as well as a v-day board member.

Banks in tyre

Tv host, director, businesswoman, actor, poet, artist, occasional singer
including one of the most popular black models in fashion history, our list of hot black women cannot disappoint. Tyra banks is a perfect example of how far you can get by perseverance and hard work. Her path to success hadn't been easy. When she first started out, she was disqualified as unphotogenic by many organizations. O, they were wrong! She was 17 when she signed with elite, an agency which opened a lot of doors for her. In other words, her first work was to model oscar de la renta, chanel, ralph lauren, ysl and so on. But she really did make history in the usa. First of all she was the first african american model to sign a covergirl cosmetics deal. In addition, she was the first black model to appear on gq and sports illustrated's cover, a fact which shot her right into the fashion industry stardom. Despite the success, however, this beauty has held true to her ideals and is profoundly committed to helping young african
american women achieve the opportunity they deserve.

With lupita nyong'o

born in mexico city to a few kenyan political
refugees, the road to success for lupita nyong'o has been surprisingly smooth. That doesn't say she hasn't worked hard for it though. She is a well-educated young woman who holds an ma in acting which she received at the yale drama school. Soon after graduation, she landed a role in the popularly-acclaimed 12 years a slave. Not unexpectedly, patsy's portrayal was what landed a series of awards to her including the oscar for best supporting actress. What's more, by winning, lupita has made history - she becomes the first kenyan and mexican descent actress to receive the award. What followed were appearances in blockbusters including star wars sequels,
the jungle book, and black panther, among others. Off-screen, nyong'o is following in the footsteps of her parents. She is well aware of the social and environmental problems affecting mankind. She is a zealous champion for the protection of historical and universal heritage. She is also supporting anti-poaching initiatives and services to provide relief for ugandan women and girls.

Aja naomi queen

supposedly from nigerian origin - a theory that
has never been proven - aja naomi king is one of the few sexy black women who have managed to keep a secret about their private lives. Aside from being a perfect eye candy flavored with chocolate, aja is an extremely talented and well-educated young actress. while her beauty helped a lot in securing her television roles, analysts believe that the time she was spending in education has paid off. Aja's first notable tv role was that of cassandra kopelson in the one-season hit emily owens, m. D. The fact that the show was cancelled after only one season didn't have that much effect on king. She went on to secure a part in how to get away with murder, the continuing abc series. While still very young at the beginning of her acting career and essentially, aja is already a success. She appeared in many big-screen hits, including mogadishu's reversion, the birth of a country, the upside and a child. Her agility is what takes her out and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Arlenis Sosa

at the very beginning of her modeling career, this full-lipped dominican republic beauty has had it difficult. In other words, arlenis is one of those hot black women who had been celebrated in the rest of the world before being remembered in their own country. Unfortunately for many dominican models her skin tone was a dealbreaker. Luckily, the u. S. Fashion industry did not have the same dilemma with both arlenis and us though. This stunner was practically signed up moments after he set foot on the grounds of the marilyn firm. Soon afterwards, she was spotted by anna wintour, who made sure sosa participated at the 2008 met ball. This young man has since become nearly invincible. For a huge variety of prominent designers she walked the runway, including michael kors, ralph lauren, hermes, carolina herrera, isaac mizrahi, and diane von furstenberg. In addition, her glamorous images secured many editorials for her magazine, most notably for vogue, elle and harper's bazaar. Arlenis is lancome's face, at the moment.

Fatima Siad

coming from somalia's rugged fields, this somali-ethiopian model has fascinated the fashion industry around the world. Her breathtaking looks leave everyone watching everywhere she is (if not drooling). And she's been in several locations. To all beautiful black women out there, fatima is the living evidence that you don't have to be on the throne to be a real champion. She has stayed very occupied herself since finishing 3rd in the 10th round of america's next top model. She is famous both in the us and beyond its
boundaries. So she landed us and spanish elle and vogue editorials. Both indonesian and australian cosmopolitan marie claire, and harper's bazaar needed some of her beauty. Fatima's no less famous on the runway, nevertheless. As such, she walked for some of the biggest designers of our day - giorgio armani, ralph lauren, herm??s, st. John, and so on. All the work she's done has encouraged cosmopolitan to name her as one of america's most influential next top model franchise contestants.

And leila lopes

Actress, tv presenter, model, beauty queen (miss angola uk 2010, miss angola 2010, miss universe 2011)
when it comes to sexy black ladies, how else can you get hotter than miss universe? You're not going to approve - not much. That is precisely why leila lopes has made her way onto our list. This angolan beauty first captured the interest of all by becoming miss angola in 2010 followed by winning miss universe in 2011. Right then and there leila became the first angolan
descent contestant to win the title. The title of the miss universe has brought various social responsibilities to lopes, some of which have to do with raging social and environmental problems. In fact she also went to brazil to attend the un sustainable development conference in 2012. Her sparkling eyes are what pulls people toward her, but what makes them fall in love for good is her gentle disposition. She is above all a young adult wanting to contribute back to the city, to empower and encourage the young people in the next generation.

Jasmine Tookes

Model, victoria's secret angel
jasmine tookes, a real california teen, is coming up next on our list of beautiful black women
Jasmine is a young woman who is incredibly competitive and enjoys athletics. She was an involved gymnast as a teenager, and played volleyball
. We bet these two sports are the reason why she now has such a killer body
! She became a member of the secret family of victoria in 2015, and we have not been able to get enough of her ever since. She appeared in vogue and in harper's bazaar editorials. In addition, she featured on the french and us elle covers, spanish vogue, vietnamese harper's bazaar, and maxim. Furthermore, her slim body makes her a desirable commodity on the runway. For this cause she is the go-to model for burberry, salvatore ferragamo, dkny,
balmain, tom ford, oscar de la renta, tommy hilfiger, versace, and several more.

Iman chanel

currently one of the world's most famous afro-asian models, chanel iman leaves starstruck viewers with her unusual looks. The fact she is of african american and korean descent makes her
one of the most exotic entries on our hot black women's list. At the tender age of 12, she turned to modelling, and found nearly immediate success. In 2006 she came third in ford's world supermodel series. Not long after that, she began to feature in editorials in many foreign publications such as vogue, harper's bazaar and elle. Chanel is also a committed feminist, aside from being an extremely beautiful face who stars in commercials and sometimes music videos. She raises awareness about educational problems and is actively active in founding elementary schools in uganda and tanzania. Besides that, iman is also sponsor of many young girls from kenya.

Dad rosario dawson

Actress, author, artist, comic book writer, political activist
a beauty whose private life is something of a
mystery, rosario dawson is one of those beautiful black women who rage against objectification. She was 20 years old when she made it a priority for every interview to wear
an oversized t-shirt. while such a decision was rare, not to mention dangerous, dawson still has built up an outstanding career in acting. She landed roles in many famous films, most notably men in black ii, sin city, 25th hour, and seven pounds. What makes rosario stand out though is her liberal views. In addition to publicly supporting barack obama and bernie sanders, she was arrested in washington d. C. After democracy spring. Make no mistake about it - rosario dawson is out there one of the most feisty young black ladies.

Keke Palmer

Actress, actor, musician, songwriter, presenter
keke palmer is a real example of a child whose gifts have been inherited by their parents. Keke was five years old the first time she set foot on the stage
. And she'd enjoyed the show. Her on-screen debut came in 2004, in barbershop 2: back in business. That one part was enough to transfer her to california, seeking a serious acting career. A few small roles in tv series such as e followed. R. Legislation and order: svu. At around the same time palmer began experimenting with music, which later led to her debut album - 'so
uncool. '
today keke is a proud host of her own talk show, as well as a cast member of star and scream by lee daniels.

Jourdan Dunn

Model, actress
since 2007 there has been scarcely a runway
presentation that hasn't featured the golden girl of the fashion industry - jourdan dunn. And
that's no surprise - people always define her attributes as eternal, and her work
ethic as impeccable. So jourdan was rapidly gaining attention. Although it's no secret that some artists shy away from recruiting color models, jourdan is still an exception. As such she was the first black woman in the 21st century to pose for prada. However, since then she has often shamed designers for making her the only color model in their series. Despite her unspoiled behavior, she is nevertheless employed by labels including louis vuitton, ralph lauren and valentino. Dunn has featured in several magazine editorials, aside from an impressively long catalog of runway shows. some of these include many foreign magazines, including vogue and elle, as well as madame figaro. Today, jourdan is one of a growing community of designers
who appear to be the next generation of supermodels.

Janelle Monae

Singer, songwriter, musician, actress, producer
often referred to as one of today's most thrilling r&b artists, janelle mon??e has obviously shown that she has much
to give to the world. Hot black women in music,
particularly r&b, are not an uncommon sight now. And what is it that makes janelle stand out? The solution is easy - her versatility
and her willingness to step outside of the box. This extremely talented singer and songwriter has a distinct approach to music. In other words, she fuses jazz,
punk, and new wave, and she gives it a vibe of science fiction. She makes her
public think that art and culture are inseparable from each other. Her solo debut ep, the chase, was released in 2007, and that was noted by none other than sean combs. The two quickly began to work on other projects for mon??e. the impeccable beauty has also appeared on the big screen apart from acting, songwriting and producing. In other words, she landed big roles in moonlight and mysterious figures. It is very clear that everywhere she goes, janelle leaves a
lasting mark.

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