20 vietnamese hottest ladies

Vietnamese women have conventional inherent values so that you mute your worth, as a respectable and retrocessive womens with whom the womens would like to have a long-lasting relationship, and only then can they seek a relationship with the womens. Their husbands are treated as their ultmost priority by the girls as a result of which they are engaged in partnerships. Here are the world's top 20 hottest vietnamese ladies, you're definitely going to have a rough time dating any of these women, but don't be scared, after reading this article you can move on to our vietnamese dating gallery where you'll find plenty of super sexy vietnamese women you can actually date.

And rima nguyen

Artist, actress
at the age of 14, rima nguyen has won mat tim newspaper's pink face contest. The win got her numerous offers for modelling and
she was willing to consider some of them. Since her parents both had cancer this time around, she became the primary support for the family. The petite girl was working hard to develop her modelling and acting skills by shouldering the burden. She was among the top nine contestants in the competition at ao dai in 2016. She also appeared in the miss world contest vietnam
. As a result of these competitions the beautiful vietnamese was published in numerous publications. She has had the ability to pose for some of the most
popular brands. She has also been a frequently seeing model in several shows of fashion
. In 2018 rima nguyen took fourth place in the top vietnamese models in the world by popular vote. She was also the queen of mv
for her numerous music video appearances. In addition, she has starred a few well-received films in
. Rima nguyen is also developing her entrepreneurial skills along with her profession and aims to get involved in charity work.

Transport the business ngc

Type, travel agent
five feet and eight inches tall, and with excellent dimensions of 34-25-37,
tr abstract th diu ngc is incredible. She worked out and slimmed down to compete in beauty pageants while she was plumping as a teenager. She
participated in the 2015 contest for miss universe vietnam but did not win. In 2016 she received the royal flower prize at the competition ao
dai. Then she won the title of miss world of vietnam. As a result,
she became the representative of vietnam at the us miss world contest. In addition, she has competed in various vietnamese modeling contests such as top 5 potential queen. A
native of da nang, trng th loves sports as well as working as a travel agent. In addition, she wants to create a charity which will provide vegetarian rice to the poor.

Ha Anh Vu

In 2006, model, musician, author
in hanoi, ha anh participated in the miss universe vietnam and miss earth contests
. While she failed to win, she became famous in vietnam. As a result, she joined mot models agency with
and started modelling. The brown-eyed,
brown-haired beauty won the first european
female model and asian face award in the uk the same year. Ha anh's hourglass body has transformed this vietnamese model into a major star on the international modeling scene. For several lingerie fashion shows, the tall, glamorous model has walked the runway, and she has posed for brands like gucci and chloe. In 2010, she
was a judge of next top model. Involved in early music,
ha anh vu has also engaged in tv chanting competitions. She launched her 1st single model (take my picture) in 2011. In addition, she volunteers for a variety of charities. Ha anh lives in ho chi minh with her husband and
daughter while she doesn't fly for work.

And elly tran ha

Star, gravure idol, actress
born in 1987, elly tran ha, 31 years old, is vietnam's greatest bad girl. She is an actress and a model who, after her bikini pictures showed up online, rose to
stardom. Rather than blowing his mind over them, elly used her hotness to turn her life around. Now she is a vibrant star of vietnam's showbiz scene. Her sex appeal took her thousands of followers to instagram, and she also played roles in many movies including upstream dreams, ghost school and pearls. Furthermore, she was once the most searched online woman in south korea, which speaks volumes about how hot and sexy she really is. She is still a little enigmatic though. She hasn't shared anything about her family yet nor does anybody outside of her personal life know her husband's name. The mother-of-two also often blogs about her life and supports luxury products. That has contributed to an exponential rise in her success in a short period of time.

Hai Bang

the stunning hai bang has much more to say than it hits the eye. A talented musician, she sang until 2009 in m??y trenng. She has since become an instagram influencer
and gained more than 200,000 followers. The mother-of-two doesn't shy away from sharing her personal life with her fans. It seems she is loving motherhood really. Yet, she did not fail to maintain the sexiness that took her to the public eye partly. She wants baby number three at the moment, but is as ravishing as ever. With long hair and the classic elegance of vietnamese, it's no surprise that her work has made her so famous. Yet
she has not yet done so. She has preserved her sex appeal throughout motherhood, and will pursue her career so that the whole world can truly understand how amazing she is.

Tran le hoang bao

born in 1998, lehoangbao tran began her path to success quite early on. At the age of 11, she walked the modeling catwalk, and was also famous on social media. Being really pretty and young is a sure success in se asia and tran is on that road. Who knows where that's going to go in the coming years?

And phan nhu thao

born in 1988 at the age of 20, this lovely looking young lady was named top model of vietnam in 2008. She rose to fame with her participation in the second round of asia's next top model competition as a contestant. It did not appear that the fact that she was eliminated from the competition prevented her fame.

Vu hoang oanh ngoc

hoang oanh, born in hanoi in 1990, was runner-up in a 2012 modeling competition. She is intelligent as well as pretty, and has a degree in humanities. She has worked on several vietnamese news programs and has hosted a music program.

Nguyen lam thuy

Singer, actor, miss universe vietnam 2008
she was born in 1987 in thai binh and entered the miss universe contest in 2008 as miss vietnam. She received the award as miss talent and miss internet in that contest. She works as an actress and musician, and is married.

Diem My

Actress, model, mc
listed as an actress, diem my was born in 1990 and represented her country on the beauty pageant for miss world in 2010. She has starred in 5 vietnamese films at last count.

Jennifer Pham

Beauty queen, actor, model, tv host, mc
jennifer appeared in the 2006 pages of the asian miss in america, following which she returned to vietnam. In her brief life, she was married, divorced and remarried again. Jennifer was born in 1985 and has won quite a few modeling contests. She has acted in one film and spends much of her time on philanthropic activities.

Anh Thu

Singer, actress
thu is a very popular actress and actor. Unfortunately, a lot of details about her does not exist in english. Her age will be in her 20s someplace.

Ly Nha Ky

Actress, model, businesswoman
born in 1982, ly nha ky was trained for 5 years in germany after which she returned to her home country to be close to her family. For one so stunning, her desire to become an actress was no challenge and eventually she acted in several films.

Diem truong tri truc

Star model, actress, goodwill unesco envoy, beauty queen
she is one of the few vietnamese girls to have been recognised globally for one of the most stunning faces of 2014. Formed in 1987, she entered numerous beauty competitions and represented vietnam on the miss earth pageant. Her profession is primarily as a fashion model.

Seeing thi hoang my

Beauty queen, artist, social worker, filmmaker
born in dong nai province in 1988, this lovely young lady represented vietnam in the 2011 miss universe contest. She is identified as an athlete, a social activist and a filmmaker. She works as host, poet, and dancer. She speaks fluent english, and is a person to respect and support the younger generation.

Elizabeth Thuy Tien

extraordinary tall for 5'9" vietnamese lady, elizabeth works in the us as a model. She was born in 1983 and her beauty has made her one of vietnam's best-known catwalk stars. She has made several appearances in modeling magazines.

Tila and tequila

Tv and social media personality
tila was born in singapore in 1981, and she is a little woman of just 4'11." Don't be fooled by the height as she has starred in several magazines like playboy. She hosts a tv show also on facebook and myspace has over a million followers. She is an excellent singer and she has done her acting job. Since what can only be described as a tumultuous childhood she has done quite well.

Bebe Pham

Artist, actress
bebe achieved from the time she was a little girl with her dream of being interested in the film industry. She was born in 1983, and after finishing 3rd in the race for the vietnam super model her star has grown. She is the first vietnamese model to undergo instruction in underwater modeling and this has greatly increased her fame. Her modelling work has led to offers featuring in films.

Maggie Q

Actress, artist, animal rights activist
in maggie quigley's chromosomes there are irish, polish, and vietnamese. She was born and raised in the usa, and was able to pursue a modelling and acting career with the help of her parents. Placed in hawaii in 1979, she started her career on the tokyo catwalk. She has starred in many tv series as well as in hollywood films including mission impossible 3 and the divergent. She is a very stunning and excellent actress.

Michelle Phan

Makeup artist, blogger, voice actor, youtube star
with her fashion and beauty videos on youtube this smart young lady has made her presence known. She has over one billion views, and only seven. 5 there are 5 million fans. She is co-founder of 'ipsy,' the most dedicated and vast online beauty community in the world. This young woman, who was born in boston in 1987, has accomplished much for one so young.

And veronica ng??

Dancer, actor, vocalist, model
veronica was born in 1979 in tra vinh, vietnam. She is classified as a actor, musician, artist, and role model. It feels like she is doing it all. She appeared in about 10 films. Her road to success has been through the regular pages of fashion, modelling, calendars and magazines. As a artist she has also enjoyed quite a bit of success. She made 5 cds and 5 dvds for the songs. She has also worked on television on dances with the stars.

Mai Phuong Thuy

Actress, model, beauty queen
mai phuong thuy got a wonderful start in her career when miss vietnam was crowned in 2006. She was just 18 years old then when she was born in 1988. Thuy finally fell to 17th place in the beauty contest for miss world. She spent most of her time collecting funds for charity, as miss vietnam was her responsibilities. Now mai phuong thuy is also an actor, artist, tv show host and a model.

Luu Thi Diem Huong

Miss vietnam world 2010
if you get called on the miss earth pageant as the best swimsuit model, you're sure to look great and sexy in your bikini. Enter miss huong in 2010 who kept the title. She was also vietnamese at miss world that year. She was born in 1990, and went on to win a number more pageants. There doesn't seem to be any more details about this stunning young lady after that as she married in 2011.

With nguyen thi huyen

Miss vietnam appears to be a perfect way to launch a career in 2004
beauty pageants and get noticed and this young lady, who was born in 1985, was crowned miss vietnam in 2004, aged 19. She went on to become a semi-finalist at the 2004 miss world. She graduated from a uk university as a journalist, and was married in 2007. She did some media work and even started her own marketing agency. She went on to earn her ph. D. From the news and technology school.

Kim Lee

Dj, model
kim lee was born in 1988 in orange county, united states. In 2011, she was voted the world's sexiest lady. Her parents are a blend of french and vietnamese. Her record of interviews and work with celebrities is a mile long. She has featured in magazines, music videos, some models, television advertisements and films. Kim lee is an incredibly busy lady. She took time to study music right in there, and learnt to play the piano. The sexiest name suits really well when you look at her pictures. Beautifully hot and capable of ogling.

And angie vu ha

Actress, model, dj, producer
angie wair born on june 1, 1987, vetnam is based in new york city. She's known for being an actor and a model. Angie vu ha has the name as the sexiest dj in asia. She stays busy with performing, entertaining, recording, music events, modelling, and theatre. Angie makes her own songs. She also won miss social by playboy in 2012. Angie has its own modelling agency and makes a lingerie of her own.