20 + hottest women in venezuela

Hot venezuelan women are amongst the world's most sought after. Their light skin, coupled with dark hair and eyes, brings an exotic look to them. They're still famous for their toned, muscular bodies. Other than maybe russia and ukraine, you'll never see as many women with fitness model-quality bodies as you do at the start of the work day in downtown caracas. But not all these ladies are pretty faces. They are both known for being well trained and possessing a strong sense of style. So if you're searching for a foreign wife, a good place to start will be to find a venezuelan girlfriend! Here's our list of hot women from venezuela who can make every man go mad. Actress, model, presenter
this babe from venezuela is living proof that a woman can be both attractive and successful. Gaby was born in caracas, and began her career as a model. But she soon realized the passion of her life is acting. Gaby's had an excellent experience at acting. They have made her into one of venezuela's most famous women. She has worked on many films and on various tv advertisements. However due to her appearances in multiple telenovelas, she became a real celebrity. She has received several best actress awards and her career is still that. But not only a fine actor, gaby. She's one of the prettiest venezuelan women as well. Her beautiful body design and dazzling smile captured many men's hearts. Gaby marries fellow actor cristobal lander now. The pair has a daughter aged 11. Yet she is still fairly drop-dead even as a mom in her early 40s. Fit model
michelle lewin began her career as a runway model on apparel. Then she knew it was not her tea cup. She wanted to turn to styling the bikini. That part of her job at the gym took a lot of time. She soon became one of the most successful fitness models in instagram, thanks to her toned body and hypnotic appearance. Several requests from fitness magazines and blogs followed after she built a massive instagram following. She later became a cover model for playboy. Michelle appears to be very active on social media. She devotes her articles to smart diet tips and a balanced lifestyle. She also shares videos on instagram and youtube of her exercises, aiming to empower and encourage women to focus on their bodies. Who wouldn't give michelle a girlfriend? Actress, actor, miss venezuela 2011
irene eser is a pretty model and actress from venezuela. At a very young age, she began her modelling career. Ultimately she became one of venezuela's most popular stars. She has done a number of work on the design. She has collaborated for some of the most celebrated luxury companies in the world. Irene is still a real survivor of the beauty pageant. She became crowned miss venezuela in 2011. In addition she won the same year's miss beauty title. In 2012 she was on the miss universe pageant representing her country. Ultimately she was the second runner-up. Irene has known herself as an actor, in addition to modelling. She appeared in several telenovelas as protagonist. Always an extremely successful sexy lady. Her flawless body and incredible elegance won her a large base of fans. Actress, tv presenter, model, beauty queen
migbelis castellanos falls in love with youth modelling and entertainment. When she was just six years old, she started posing and competing in pageants. She easily stood out from the crowd with her beautiful physique, full lips and strong features. She won lots of pageants from teenage. She entered the pageant of miss venezuela in 2013, and won the title. She represented venezuela at miss universe 2014 the following year, and placed 10th overall. Lastly, she was also crowned nuestra belleza latina in 2018. She is the first beauty from venezuela and south america to win the award. Not just her pageant popularity has made her successful. It opened to her television hosting and her acting career. She has presented a variety of television shows which have boosted her popularity. She eventually starred in the reality show todo por la corona and became a household name in venezuela. Migbelis also maintains a fashion site named milynette, as well as her status as a tv host and a beauty queen. We can just say - yeah! Online sensation, youtuber, actress, singer, rapper, model, former host
this foxy lady is not only one of the sexiest venezuelan women but also a real millennial star. As an internet celebrity she achieved attention. Today she is known as the social media queen of venezuela. Lele is, interestingly, the first viner to generate over one billion loops. Ultimately she had as much as eight billion! What makes her even more remarkable is that when she first began her career on vine, she was just 16. She launched her youtube channel after vine was shut down, where she has as many as 14 million viewers. She streams various kinds of content on her website. This includes comedy sketches and a web series of her own. This young lady has found her way into the music industry in 2018. A single named "dicen," featuring matt hunter, has been released. It is not here where her successes end. Lele has appeared in several films and music videos. She co-authored a book, as well. Times magazine included her on their online list of the 30 most influential women in 2016. She'd met the then first lady michelle obama the same year. Let's not forget this beauty of venezuela is just 23! We cannot wait to see what she will do next. Another popular venezuelan beauty queen is model, beauty queen
adriana vasini. Since she was 16, she has worked as a modeling model but then turned to pageants. That was a big step after she succeeded in winning miss world venezuela title in 2009. She competed in the miss universe the following year, and was named second runner-up. Adriana's elegant figure, strong features and angelic beauty make her one of venezuela's most attractive women. Yet this hot lady smoking is more than just a sweet smile. Adriana is very clever and he has learned pharmacy. We will both agree adriana is a beautiful mix of looks and brains. Actress, entertainer, model, singer
this venezuelan beauty merits a spot on the list of hottest women with her blond hair, delicate features and curved body. Kimberly began her career in small tv advertisements and ads. She landed many supporting roles in successful telenovelas in venezuela, including la trepadora. It was however her appearance as matilda roman in the grachi tv series of the nickelodeon that propelled her into stardom. She's received several awards for her work. She also grew into a household name. Kimberly also has a music background. Her soundtrack albums have enjoyed considerable success in venezuela on numerous telenovelas. She also did grachi's musical tour, and travelled across most countries in latin america. Kimberly is a real venezuelan media favorite. Critics agree she is a handsome, beautiful and talented young lady. She's already become a true teen star. Tv host, fashion model, miss universe 2013
without beautiful mar??a our list of hot venezuelan women wouldn't be complete. Her exquisite looks and a killer body make her one of the most beautiful beauties. Her stunning eyes and perfect locks make her much more desirable. Maria is now considered to be a beauty model. She's still styled to impress. At the age of 14, mar??a resumed her modeling career. Prior to submitting for the miss venezuela pageant she collaborated with many brands. She won the pageant and went on to miss universe, capturing the title there. So she became her country's seventh miss universe. Yet mar??a is much more than just a goddess of beauty and an eye-candy. To her it is not enough to host, model and participate in beauty pageants. She received a business and communications degree. She is also the creator and ceo of the foundation for the world of blessings. Your company aims to inspire young women and children. She also works to discourage underage pregnancy. She is now an spokesperson for the multinational scalabrini migration network. Model, miss venezuela international 2011
blanca aljibes, a popular model and beauty queen, is next on our list of sexy venezuelan females. Blanca has competed in several beauty pageants, both in venezuela and abroad. After participating on the miss venezuela international pageant she became successful. She did win the title, of course. She later competed at miss international pageant in japan in 2012, where she was placed in top-15 semifinalists. Model, actress, queen of beauty
dayana mendoza is one of venezuela's most popular and glamorous women. Her black hair and skin, stunning facial features and hot body smoking give her a complete ten. Dayana began her career as a model and a competitor for beauty pageants. She won the contest on miss venezuela in 20017. Then in vietnam she became the miss universe of 2008. She is also the 21st century first venezuelan miss universe. After the pageants dayana continued her modeling career. soon she became one of the most requested models. And outside venezuela she created a name for herself. She's a real international celebrity, now. She modelled brands like versace and roberto cavalli for haute-couture. That was not enough for this bombshell however. She has since begun to work as an actor, and has a promising future. Actress, model, miss venezuela 2006
ly jonaitis is venezuelan irresistible charm. She is a popular role model, queen of beauty, and actor. As a teenager, ly has competed in several beauty contests and won many awards. In 2006 she competed for the title in caracas. She defeated all 27 contestants, and claimed the venezuelan miss. She has represented her country at miss universe in 2007 in japan. She finished in as runner-up second. Today ly is best known for her work in international modelling. In france she collaborated for metropolitan designers. She has posed for many fashion designers, including christian dior. She also dedicates her time to acting and has appeared in los misterios del amor, a popular tv program. Ly jonaitis isn't yet a hottie, turning heads. She is a smart lady, who loves knowledge. Can you imagine she speaks english, french and spanish? Actress, model, beauty queen
there is no one like alexandra braun waldeck when it comes to gorgeous blondes. The body of alexandra's is beautifully toned. Around 5 p. M. She's one of the sexiest venezuelan women 10 foot tall. Alexandra had been a big star in the modelling industry and beauty pageants in her teens. She finally received the miss earth title in 2005. After winning the title, however, she did not continue modeling. She'd focused on writing instead. Now alexandra is a well-known actress in venezuela. For her role in the movie "uma" she has received many foreign best actress awards. "she has won several film festivals honors. That woman can really do whatever she wants. Actress
sabrina is a popular model and actress in the venezuelan telenovela. She was born in venezuela but has spanish heritage, which definitely contributes to her exotic beauty. when she was just 16 she joined the film world. She soon became the rising star because of her talent, but also because of her natural appearance, flawless skin, expressive eyes and a killer body. She's captured audience hearts in her telenovela roles. She acted both as the lady leading in love and as antagonists. In addition, she's also had success in the entertainment business. Don't panic if you fall in love with this babe, you're not alone. Millions of men dream of sabrina and so do we frankly. Singer
majandra delfino, actor, is a venezuelan singer and actress. She has built up her career in the u. S., so you may be familiar with this gorgeous lady and looks amazing. This bombshell is one lady with many talents. Her soulful voice and compelling songs were popular in america. She can also play the keyboard, guitar, and cello. As a 14-year-old, she began her acting career, and quickly began securing one part after another. Since moving to los angeles, she continued working on hit films and television shows. In 2000 she appeared in the oscar-winning film traffic by steven soderbergh. Her success was praised by fans and reviewers alike. She eventually received both an alma award and an sag award. The model
francys sudnicka is one of venezuela's most attractive women by far. Placed in spain, she is also from polish descent. His ethnic backgrounds thus make her an exotic beauty. She had lived in poland during her teenage years. She later traveled to venezuela to continue her career in the pageantry. She competed on the 2003 pageant of miss venezuela, and was in the top five. She later represented the polish community in a beauty contest in venezuela. She was the runner-up, and then polonia miss. She thus represented poland at the 2006 miss universe. This was just the second time in history that a miss venezuela competitor was qualified to represent another country at miss universe. She moved back to poland shortly after, this time for good. She continued to participate in numerous beauty pageants. Miss earth 2006 was the most successful, where she came in top 8. Francys is still very famous in poland, as she was the star of dancing with the stars, a polish version. Tv show presenter, model, miss earth venezuela 2011
osmariel villalobos is one of venezuela's sexiest females. She is a famous queen of beauty, and host of a television program. This stunning lady has long wild hair, a voluptuous body and is 5. 9 feet long. It is no wonder so many men dream of marrying her. The rise of osmariel to fame began when she won the miss earth venezuela title in 2011. She'd represented venezuela at miss earth 2012 the following year. She ended the contest as the second runner-up. She did win the miss photogenic award, though. This queen of beauty studied marketing and media. So she quickly became one of venezuela's most famous tv hosts. She is also the presenter of the morning show on portada. Osmariel has also had a good career in modeling and has collaborated for several fashion companies. She is now known for her love of fitness and is a health promoter. You're a bachelor fan? If so, you may also know osmariel as the juan pablo galavis, the show's former spouse. The beauty queen
ligia hernandez is one of venezuela's most popular beauty queens. She has appeared in many beauty pageants. She was later to become a popular model. Her first big appearance was at the 2008 pageant of miss venezuela, where she represented the state of aragua. She had been one of the top ten semi-finalists. Ligia was representing venezuela on a pageant in bolivia the same year, and was the fourth runner-up. She has sadly not got the crown. In the other hand, she won the special prizes and the titles miss photogenic and miss elegance
actress, model, dancer, spokeswoman, beauty queen
dominika van santen isn't just one of venezuela's most glamorous ladies. She's just a beautiful lady with a lot of skills. After representing her country at top model of the world in china in 2005, dominika became popular as a beauty queen. She was the second venezuelan to have won this coveted award. At the age of 16, she began her modelling career. She was at first hesitant to become a role model. Still, she followed the advice of her father, and applied for her first contest of modeling. It comes as no surprise that she won first place. His reputation then skyrocketed. She secured several modelling jobs and worked with various foreign firms. Pepsi, diesel, and phillips are among the most prominent. She also featured on cover of many magazines. Though dominika is known for her popularity in beauty pageants and modelling, she has also worked as a dancer, actress and spokesperson. Since her childhood years she has been doing ballet, and has been a well-known ballerina. We can all agree with her beautiful figure, angular eyes, and a dazzling grin that she is an exceptionally sexy venezuelan babe. Artist, actress
without veronica schneider no list of sexy venezuelan women will be complete. This stunning model and actress began her career in beauty pageants. First of all. She had won the award for miss monagas. Then she won the miss venezuela crown in 1998. She went to seychelles later that year, to bid for miss world's title. She has not qualified to get into the semi-finals sadly. Even this stunning lady is very intelligent and well educated - she has a degree in computer science. She discovered nevertheless that performing was her true calling. She has signed a deal with venevision, venezuela's largest television network. She quickly became a popular telenovela star. She moved to peru after several hit tv shows, where she started her career in the acting. She eventually appeared in 2012, in a venezuelan adaptation of the mousetrap by agatha christie. Veronica is now a parent with two twins. We may both agree though that this beautiful mummy already looks amazing. She became one of the most famous venezuelan women by actress, model, beauty queen
norkys' long legs, sexy lips and overall sex appeal. Every man would like the smoking-hot beauty to date. Although she began her career in beauty pageants, and was miss venezuela's first runner-up in 1999, norkys had other ambitions. She has won many awards and beauty pageants. Then she gave up on beauty competitions too. And her pageant popularity has opened the door to her career in modelling and acting. She also featured in many television advertisements and has a short-lived career in modelling. She then launched her own underwear line which proved to be a hit. She followed her performing career and landed roles in many films. She eventually married a colleague leonardo luttinger and had a son. And even though she is in her forties, norkys remains one of venezuela's most glamorous ladies. Actress
shannon de lima is a model and actress from venezuela known for her striking looks. Since becoming the first runner-up at the miss earth venezuela in 2005, she had attained international recognition. Shannon has been one of the most sought after models since this pageant success. She has partnered with several fashion designers. You can even spot her on covers of numerous magazines. Furthermore, shannon has launched her own fashion company and maintains a lifestyle blog. She has also worked as an actress and because of her appearances in el est??mulo and betty in ny, she has become a household name. But the american population knows her mainly because of her marriage to marc anthony, the famous singer and salsa dancer. Just months after his divorce from jlo they wed. So everybody at the time was worried about shannon. although shannon and mark broke up in 2017, in the articles pertaining to her ex-husband, magazines still reference her. Social media star
while most hot venezuelan women are former beauty queens on our list, mariana ??vila has taken a radically different route to fame. After graduating in journalism with a bachelor's degree, this venezuelan babe began developing her career as an internet star and influencer. Mariana is a cast member of yolo adventures, an immensely popular youtube channel which has more than 2. 6 million clients. She also has more than 130 000 instagram followers. She regularly shares extremely hot images so it's no surprise she's got a lot of fans. In addition to her status as a social media model, mariana frequently serves as a writer and news anchor. Actress, model, miss venezuela 2017
sthefany is an ex-pageant beauty queen, actor, and model, known for her rugged and curvy physique. At miss venezuela 2017, she represented her state, and won the title. She impressed the judges at miss universe in bangkok the next year, and became the second runner-up. She went on to work as a model and an actress after her successful pageant years. Also she's a big instagram celebrity, with over 1. 2 million practitioners. while sthefany has made her wealthy and popular for her breathtaking looks, she still enjoys formal education. She is currently practicing law at university of santa mar??a in puerto la cruz. Instagram model, kylie jenner's personal assistant
victoria villarroel gamero has had quite an interesting start to her career as an instagram celebrity. In reality she became famous because she was kylie jenner's personal assistant. She spent quite a lot of time with the kardashian-jenner clan, so she published her pictures in magazines around the world. soon, viewers begin to wonder who the beauty is in the background. Later, victoria began to work with kylie's sister kendall and their boss chris, making her ever more famous. She also appeared in a kylie app episode, what's like being my assistant. Her association with the jenners helped her attract more than 550,000 instagram followers and co-found the court magazine. Now she is planning her wedding party with her ex professional soccer player fiance marco lobo.