20 best girls in france

It was not easy to pick the hottest french ladies, after all. Thought about it
. It's like trying to choose the prettiest rose to choose the hottest french female. They're all sexy french ladies. To say the hottest french girl
is like claiming the wettest water. They are obsolete. They're hot if they're french and they're girl.
france is a land of french beauty, sculpture, passion and, well, hot women. Their beauty and beautiful facial features set them apart from the rest of girls around the world. So it comes as no surprise that this country is home to many bond girls and victoria's secret
angels. French women are famously picky in terms of health. Seriously, if you date most of the time a french woman
you never know what she is eating. Certainly there are some french fitness ladies, but almost all french women
so, it wasn't hard for us to find sexy french girls to place on the list of france's most beautiful women. It's time to show our
list of sexy french women without further ado.

Pauline Hoarau

pauline hoarau was born in r??union,
france. She moved to new york city, where she now lives, after she began modeling full time. She began her career solid. She won the title in the elite model
look when she was just 17. After signing a deal with the company elite
model management, she began to collaborate for the most prominent high-end labels. She represented tommy hilfiger, h&m, jason wu, ralph lauren, armani swap, topshop and others. She has also featured in elle,
interview, harper's bazaar, teen vogue, vogue, lust, and so on in the famous fashion magazines. So she
has won a special spot on our french hot girls list. Since she is just 25
years old, in the future we hope to see even more from her.

Élodie Yung

at the age of 38, this actress is evidence that as the years go by some of the women will get much more stunning. For this cause, our list of hot french women begins with ??lodie yung. Ã?lodie yung is an acclaimed french actress. The role that
made the world aware of her appearance and acting talents was elektra in the daredevil series netflix
and the defenders in the
miniseries, where she
took up her place. This actress has both cambodian and french roots,
which makes her beauty special. Yet she's more than just a beautiful face. She began learning karate as a nine-year-old, and won the black belt in her late teens. She then received her law degree from the prestigious la
sorbonne university in paris. Over time, though, she discovered that law isn't her passion, so she decided to study acting at the london academy of music and dramatic
film. Ã?lodie obtained her first acting role in the film les fils du vent. After her debut, french directors discovered her and gave her parts in famous movies and shows on tv
including the girl with the dragon
tattoo, les bleus, and gods of egypt.

Adèle Exarchopoulos

Another actress on our list of sexy french women is actress
ad??le exarchopoulos. This stunning twenty-five-year-old french actress starred at timpetill, shelves, and
le fid??le in the movies trouble. However, most people know her
from ad??le's appearance in the film blue is the warmest color. This actress was born in paris in 1993, while her last name suggests greek origin. As a nurse's kid and as a musician, acting wasn't her rational option. She shared the passion for disguising and acting even from a very young age. So she started taking acting lessons and when she was 12, she landed her first acting role. She appeared in over twenty movies since. She had the coveted troph??e chopard award and the c??sar award for her excellent acting skills. What's more, at the cannes film festival, she became the youngest artist in history to win the palme d'or prize, proving that she is as beautiful as she is good looking.

Melanie Thierry

we couldn't make a list of hot french girls without melanie thierry saying it. This stunning lady, 37, is a world-renowned actress and director. Melanie thierry started out in france as a model, but she soon discovered that modelling is not for her and decided that acting would be a better choice for her. It soon became obvious that it was she who have made the right choice. She began appearing in several french films and became part of the box office success the legend of 1900 at the age of 18. She has caught the attention of the
best directors all over the world following this role. As a result, she took on a part in charles ii, a bbc drama: the strength and the fire. Then, she got a leading role in aurora's 2008
hollywood movie babylon a. D at the height of her career. She was also a member of iconic hollywood films like the zero hypothesis, as well as several award-winning french films. Beautiful melanie thierry has won the c??sar award for most promising actress for her many roles, the best young actress award at the luchon international film festival, and the order of arts and letters award.

Delphine Wespiser

Model, tv host, politician
as for miss france 2012, delphine wespiser had to make it to our list of french hot ladies. After being known in the world for her talent, this girl made the most of her success by becoming a model, tv host and, shockingly, a politician. Founded in 1992, delphine wespiser has spent much of her childhood and adolescence in the alsace region. Afterwards she chose to pursue international business administration at the colmar iut. However, in 2011, she made a life-changing decision to vote for the miss alsace pageant. She became miss
alsace and she received the famous title of miss france two months later. By contributing back to the society, delphine agreed to spend her year as miss france, and continues to advocate about the causes she believes in today. She is the spokeswoman for several charities such as caravane de la vie which raises awareness about the value of blood donation. She's also an animal welfare supporter. She takes every chance to support the international animal rights project, and is herself a vegetarian. Delphine took the surprising decision in 2014 to change her career
. She is interested in politics and she now works as one of her city's 11
advisers, magstatt-le-bas.

Alizee (Jacotey)

Singer, actor, voice actress
we were not able to draw up a list of hot french women without including aliz??e. She's a french singer, dancer, and actress of voice. In the late 1990's she
became popular as the prodigy of myl??ne farmer. Aliz??e skyrocketed to fame after her first album and
she is now one of france's best-selling artists. Apart from being obviously skilled, the famous singer is on every list of french hot girls out there. What's more, two years in a row fhm magazine called her
the second hottest woman in france. Three months after it was released aliz??e's first song, gourmandises, went platinum
. The most successful song on the album was "moi... Lolita" which became number one single not only in france but in other european countries as well as in east asia. Now in her 30s, aliz??e manages to create hit
songs and she is still one of france's most popular ladies. It comes as no surprise, though, that she's part of our hot french women's list.

Melanie Laurent

Singer, actor, producer, screenwriter, pianist
melanie laurent is another actress on our list of french hot
women. Those who have seen famous blockbusters from hollywood, inglorious basterds and now you see me, are definitely acquainted with this stunning french actress who makes her way to hollywood. After g??rard depardieu discovered her talent, melanie laurent became popular worldwide when she was just a child. She made her acting debut in the movie the bridge when she was 16. She wasn't getting a huge part, but it ignited her curiosity in acting. Since then, she has had roles in successes in the box office including don't worry, i'm good, dikkenek, newcomers, room of destruction, the day i stitch your heart and others. Her extraordinary talent and unquestionable elegance won her coveted awards. The c??sar award, the coalition of women film journalists
award, the berlin international film festival award, the association's central ohio film critics award, and the screen actors guild award are only a couple.

Lorpheline marine

Maker, resident in internal medicine, miss france 2013
without marine
lorphelin, there can be no hot list of french ladies. As miss france and the miss world's first runner-up in 2013,
marine is considered one of the most attractive women not only in france but
around the globe. Marine lorphelin took advantage of her appearance to advance her modeling success. But this girl, besides modeling, has several other passions. She enjoys music and gymnastics and she has been playing drums since she was four. But most notably, by being a medical student, marine has proven that beauty and brains go hand in hand. In the future, she aspires to become a pediatrist or an obstetrician.

Eva gaelle verde

Actress, model
we do not believe there is a human who hasn't heard eva green's. Her elegance and excellent acting skills have made her one of france's most successful artists and secured her a spot on our hot list of french ladies. Eva green began her acting career as the leading character in a famous film called the dreamers by world-renowned bernardo bertolucci. Her fame was not short-lived, and in successful hollywood movies like kingdom of heaven, dark shadows, and 300: rise of an empire, she became a star. She was also at strange children's home for miss peregrine, the queen of jerusalem, among several others. Eva green's appearance stood out in the famous james bond movie casino royale when she was cast as the bond girl. The actress has won many awards for her outstanding talents in acting
. She took home a bafta trophy, and the empire award. For her appearance in the show penny dreadful, eva
ga??lle green has also been nominated for the golden globe, the most coveted award for tv shows. Eva was named by empire magazine as one of the sexiest screen stars of all time. Moreover,
she was on the hot 100 after ellen list. This thirty-seven-year-old is certainly deserving of a spot on the french hot women's list.

Roxane Mesquida

Roxane mesquida is actress, model
another actress who needs to be counted among french hot
women. Apart from her acting skills, she is known for her beauty all over the world. So we had to include her in the french hot
girls list. Roxane mesquida got her first break in the acting when she was just 11. Her first appearance in the bay of angels movie mary made her discover her passion for acting. Roxane has since appeared in famous french films a mon soeur! , the chair school and the grand voyage. She also got to play gossip girl in the popular american tv show. Acting is not the only thing this artist
keeps busy with. Elite brand management recruited her at the age of 14, and since then she has become a star. So it's no joke she made it onto our list of french hot ladies. Roxane is also excited about fashion and the popular fashion magazine vogue has celebrated her unique

Constance Jablonski

constance jablonski is another star on our hot french
list of girls who managed to dominate runways all over the world. Tv campaigns from the most successful high-end brands based on her stunning looks. It all began with her first big modelling job, est??e lauder. She had collaborated after that with d&g, donna karan, calvin
klein, hermes, cesare paciotti, nine west, among several others. Furthermore, the face of constance jablonski has graced the covers of the finest fashion magazines out there. Any of them are vogue, allure, harper's bazaar, vanity fair and claire marie
. Still, the fact that she was an angel at victoria's secret fashion show for six years in a row is what really put her on the hot french girls list! only the industry's top supermodels have managed to do it. What's more, this girl is only in her 20s, which means she's just starting her career. She will be wowing us a long time!

Bérénice Marlohe

Actress, model
there was no guy who watched the james
bond film skyfall and was not fascinated by the stunning woman named severine. Well, b??r??nice marlohe, a french actress, played the enigmatic,
alluring character. Since this actress' beauty and acting abilities caught the eye of hollywood, b??r??nice marlohe began collaborating with the game's finest in
. She
had collaborated with victor levin, the king of romantic comedies, in film 5 to 7. Along with hollywood
sweethearts ryan gosling, michael fassbender, natalie portman, cate blanchett,
and rooney mara, she also played a major part in the musical song to song. In addition, b??r??nice marlohe worked with josh hartnett and john malkovich in kill turn and revolt,
and she is currently working on valley of the creator. B??r??nice now lets us think in her forties that
certain women should not mature. So she merits a special spot on our list of french hot ladies.

Berg??s-frisbey la strid

??strid berg??s-frisbey, actress, was born in spain in 1986. We have included her in the hot french girls list even though she wasn't born in france. This is because she accepted her french heritage and as a french-spanish star, she needs to be known. We didn't think there is a human in the world
who is only known by their eyes until we have seen this actress. Astrid's distinctive pigment of eyes gave her major roles in hollywood movies and made her beauty one of a kind. So we've got to place her on the sexy french girls list. Her two-tone irises in the hit movie i roots were a focus of l publicity. Ã?strid berg??s-frisbey, however, is not popular merely because of her personal characteristics. Ã?strid has excellent acting skills and she also points out that she never mistakes herself and every time she gets a new part, she attempts to turn herself into a different person. So it's no joke she appeared on box office hits like king arthur: sword tale and caribbean pirates: on stranger tides.

And lea seydoux

Actress model
lea seydoux is another bond girl on the french women's hot
list. Her role in the continuum of james bond showcased her stunning beauty and excellent performance. So in this post, she deserves that we count her among the hot french ladies. Lea has begun focusing on her international career after featuring in a number of french films. Although her appearance is undeniable, she wanted to show to the world that she could also act. Unsurprisingly, blue is the warmest colour she has managed to secure a leading part in a box office hit. Her role as the h blue-haired lesbian emma has been widely applauded critically and has opened the door to lea's international career. In famous films like inglourious basterds, midnight in paris, goodbye, my wife, and belle ??pine, lea seydoux starred. She also had roles in robin hood, mission: impossible - ghost protocol, the grand budapest hotel, etc. Her work has been recognised globally and she
has won more than 16 awards and 30 nominations. Four of them are ohio film critics association award central
and cannes film festival winner.

Rachel Legrain-Trapani

Actress, tv host, model, beauty queen
rachel legrain-trapani had to be included in the list of sexy french women as miss france 2007. The distinctive charm of rachel stems from the fact that she has french as well as italian origins. Rachel legrain-trapani is incredibly intimate. But we have not been able to find a lot of details about her online. However, her becoming miss picardie 2006 and miss france 2007 is more than enough to get her on our list of sexy french ladies. This girl, besides being gorgeous, has a kind heart too. As she was voted miss france, she decided to replace her first runner-up at the miss world contest to increase people's awareness of the special needs. This is because sophie vouzelaud, the first deaf person to compete in miss france's finals, was her runner-up. Miss world's commission, however, did not accept the request
and rachel had to represent her country at the competition. However, she
used her fame to raise awareness of many vital issues and she is now active on many charitable projects.

Camille rowe the amazing

Model, actress
camille rowe is yet another stunning star on our hot french girls list. Camille rowe was born in paris, france and succeeded in establishing a modeling career not only in her country, but throughout the world. This model is well known for her work with dior. The list of famous fashion brands, however, goes far farther than just one name. Camille rowe was only completing her degree when she was spotted by a model agent in a caf?? in paris. Instantly she became the face of a popular chlo?? brand. No, it didn't interrupt her job there. She featured in popular magazines such as vogue, elle, playboy and marie claire. She was, however, part of promotions for louis vuitton, victoria's secret, tommy hilfiger, h&m, etc. Camille is also an actress, aside from having a modelling reputation that most girls
would only think of. She played a part in a popular french film called our day will come, where she worked alongside prominent actor vincent cassel. Currently she is working on a variety of movie campaigns.

Sigrid Agren

sigrid agren is another pretty star on our list of french hot
girls. When she was only a teenager, she began modelling and has been the face of many high-end brands including prada and armani jeans. She now runs and travels a blog about her life. When she was just a teenager sigrid agren became popular. Since competing in the prestigious model look finals in 2006, she catched the attention of high-end brands. Sigrid was evidence you don't have to win a race to get a fantastic career in modeling. In reality at the height of her career she was one of the highest-earning french models. She has worked with brands like rodarte, ralph lauren, calvin klein and donna karan. And she became armani jeans and prada's smile too. She marched for louis vuitton, alexander mcqueen and yves saint laurent, what's more. The covers of the top fashion magazines such as elle magazine and harper's bazaar have graced her profile.

Mathilde Frachon

Fashion model
beautiful mathilde frachon is a popular model from
france which has managed to walk the high-end brands' runways around the world. That is why we have included her in the hot french women's list. The beautiful greenish-blue eyes and toned body of mathilde frachon captured a scout's attention in the streets of paris. The famous website models, almost
immediately after she began her modeling career. Com called her "the week's icon." Mathilde began working with prominent fashion designers such as dkny, ossie clark, moschino, and dolce & gabbana after her first fashion show for charlotte ronson. She also appeared on runway shows for marc jacobs, kenzo, karl lagerfeld and elie saab. Mathilde
frachon was also on the covers of several fashion magazines, in addition to walking the runways around the country. She appeared on teen vogue's pages
, elle, marie claire, harper's bazaar and of course vogue.