20 fastest female dominicans

In this nation the people accept foreigners. It doesn't matter how old it is, but money speaks volumes. Some of the girls that you'll see are so beautiful. As other south american women, there is a tendency towards 'curvy' as being feminine, rather than the ideology of 'pencil slim is perfect.' Owing to the ethnic mix, variety in all facets of their looks is evident, but when we start choosing 20 of the best, you can be confident that each one of them will make your heart pound faster. Note: if you don't just want to look at pictures of beautiful dominican ladies, check out our dominican dating gallery for more.

Jimenez's song

while melody jimenez was born in santo domingo she grew up in the dominican republic and spain. Her spanish father and dominican mother ensured that she had lessons in modelling and dance. She also took courtesy and
elocution courses. As a part of this experience, when she was
11 she won a competition on a children's beauty contest. The pretty girl then went on to win several awards. And in several modeling contests she was a runner-up
. Melody started acting as a advertising model, while still a teenager. She's completed photoshoots for several worldwide publications since. From 2011 she and her husband, who is a polish photographer, took part in modeling events. Melody studied hotel administration, while working in the fashion industry. She
also speaks many languages. She speaks catalan, english,
french, german and polish, aside from her native spanish.

Montero de lineisy

was born in santo domingo where she had been raised by her single mother alone. When she was 14, she was noticed in an amusement park by modelling scouts. Her
mother, however, did not encourage her to take on any offers until she turned 18. The tall, brown-eyed dominican launched her modeling career in 2015, with an exclusive deal with prada. She has been an instant success with her stunning good looks and a sleek afro
hairstyle. Since then, she has featured in magazines such as vogue, and posed for brands such as chanel. Moreover, she has walked the ramp for some of the
biggest designers in fashion events. Now,
she ranks in the world's top 50 models. Yet lineisy wants to be a fashion designer and launch a clothes company after her modeling
career ends.

Mily Reuter

and stunning, mily has a dominican mother and a german father. Sandro guzman of ossygeno model management had seen her shopping in her hometown of higuey when she was 14. As a customer he took the young girl on, and she started modelling. She was the contestant of the dominican republic in elite model look world
finals in 2011. The brown-eyed model has since done shows with chloe, tommy hilfiger and other major brands. She has collaborated for fashion houses such as the national italian costume
. She was also in photo photography for jute magazine and several other publications. Miley
wants to explore the globe. fortunately she is willing to travel different countries as part of her career. She is often popular on social media and also posts for her fans
selfies and other images.

Ysaunny Brito

The dominican republic is known for the mild air, gorgeous beaches and curvy ladies. Yet ysaunny brito is a totally different woman type. She had never felt back in her country that she might become a well-known figure in the fashion industry. But after she won the prestigious modeling contest at the age of 18, she soon launched into her career in paris, france by working with companies like kenzo and ralph lauren. She has since been very famous not only on runways but also on social media. She has more than 26,000 fans who admire her beauty everyday. She often blogs regularly about her designs and runway appearances. In reality, that's exactly what helped herself to remain in the fashion industry's spotlight and to walk for various designers and fashion companies including jean paul gaultier, balmain, and etam.

Arlenis Sosa

For dominican women model
arlenis is a fantastic start. Black skinned body, sensual, and even a supermodel. She graced the catwalk and styled everything from night gowns to bikinis. Placed in montecristi in 1989, she moved to new york in 2008, and was signed by a major modeling agency immediately. She was featured many times in vogue magazine. With her money, she founded a foundation to support children with diabetes in her home country

And claudia cruz

Acress, tv host, actor, miss world 2004
claudia is known as a model, television presenter, actress and a beauty pageant title holder who represented her country in the 2004 miss world contest. Claudia was born in 1986 and she won a couple of others held in the dominican republic aside from her 2nd spot on the miss world pageant.

Massiel Taveras

Massiel taveras identifies host, artist, actress, producer, miss dominican republic 2007
tall and most deliciously stunning type. She was born in santiago in 1984 and stands an impressive 5'8" which makes her severe model stuff. She works as both a presenter and artist, and as an actor. Massiel was crowned miss dominican republic in 2007 and represented her country on the 2007 miss universe pageant as well as a number others before her. Sexy, wet and lovable.

Com yahina guzman

yahina is a dominican model, with her mad hair, tall, and instantly identifiable. Another dark skinned supermodel who isn't heard much for. Not even an anniversary or other things so we got a snap. They tell she has smooth thighs. We may say that's not something that we look at the picture.

Zoe Saldana

The biggest issue surrounding zoe appears to be star, dancer
the one about her race. In reality, she was born in new jersey, usa, in 1978, part-raised in the dominican republic, her father's nationality. She's come a long way when you look at the movies she's starred in. Avatar, caribbean pirates and star trek, to mention only a handful of blockbusters. Her early profession was as a dancer, and she made her debut in law and order, a television drama, acting career. She was a top model, as well.

Amelia Vega

Actress, actor, model, miss universe 2003
born in 1984, when she was named miss universe at age 18, amelia reached the real big time in 2003. She followed in the footsteps of her parents as in 1980 even her mother was a queen of beauty. The year the girls spend as miss universe, they do a lot of charitable work and fundraising. She moved on to a modelling job after living in her new york flat. As a musician she has released a couple of albums. Connect to that a few movies, and host a television program, amelia is a really busy person.

Tahiry Jose

Maker, reality star, socialite, tv personality
tahiry, born to dominican parents, is a native new yorker. She is a true beauty, dark skinned and with her intellect matching her looks. She graduated from the law school and has been interested in designing clothes and putting her name on some nail polish. She was star of a reality television program. Connect to that a few films she's made and tahiry's a really busy lady.


Hip-hop style
you can add yourself to this platform if you're tall. She needs a handsome boyfriend. And if you want huge breasts, suleika, from the dominican republic, you'll love. This babe is a really sexy eye candy, but not much detail about her. She is looking to be in her mid-twenties. A screenshot will persuade you.

Roza gut

this stunning young lady, born in 1987 in santa domingo. She is 5'11" so asking for a modeling job. In 2005, she captured the look of the celebrity model, and has since graced magazine covers and modeling runways. Others identify her as a model whose skin and hair are beautiful. Any pictures of her model panties are hot enough to make a grown man weep with lust.

Rose milani

She may be a model, actress, fitness coach, entrepreneur
petite, but she sure has a booty. She is a model of haitian descent, dominican-born, thus the black hue. She is an actor, fitness consultant and an entrepreneur. Milani also does some singing and makes videos for music and designs posters for events, covers for magazines and has also tried her hand as a talented makeup artist. Her star is rising again and she keeps enjoying it. Nice and busy.

Celines Toribio

Celines has been around for a while since actress, model, television presenter, producer
starting her career on television in 1995. Formed in 1975, she graduated with a mass media diploma. She has done her modeling share, and has starred in a few movies, but for some time she has dominated reality shows. She has been voted one of the 50 prettiest ladies.

Michelle Rodriguez

michelle was born in texas, usa in 1978, she was of dominican parentage. Her big moment came in 2000 when she played the title character in "girlfight." With her performance in "the fast and the furious," she continued this popularity and we all know how successful that genre of movies has been. Very handsome and very artistic.

Yaris Sanchez

Hip-hop model, actress
this is a kid who looks really cute and can still wear bikinis. Yaris is about 25 years old, of course she's from the dominican republic and enjoys posing for the video. Superb booty as shaded by her similarly stunning female breasts. We are both pleased to know that she prefers sex to sleep, and that she may still be drawn to some ladies.

Trina (Katrina Taylor)

this lady appears to like using her first name's simplified version easily. It's sort of a joke. Trina was born in 1974 and the single name is because she is an american rapper. Like ice you remember. Only one name. She made several fairly good songs, and was nominated ten times as the best female artist, never winning. The number of music awards that she was nominated to fill up so much room, let's say she's pretty good at what she's doing.

And erica mena

Reality show star, former model
erica was compared to jennifer lopez, who isn't all that bad, is it? She was born with parents from puerto rica and the dominican republic in the usa in 1987; that is why she gets a mention here. She is tall, stunning and very intelligent too. She is described as a model, actress, and author. At 14 she began her career as a model. She has a son in, and out of, a few relationships.

Alejandra Cata

Model, instagram star
this dominican beauty has become a symbol with her fame. She was first born in 1978. Not a lot of details about her but when they began making videos of models in a changing room between catwalk appearances she rose to fame. The reality is that she is famous because she is a attractive, very good looking lady. It is pretty easy.

Mayoli Sena

Founded in 1989 model
mayoli is better known as a model and a vixen. That means foxy. She acts as a dancer but her posing in several famous magazines has seen her on the cover or in photographs. Modeling lingerie is what she wants and we want to see it as well. Voluptuous is a term that springs to mind very readily.

Kat DeLuna

Singer, songwriter, dancer
kat is better known as a singer, and when she began attending a performing arts academy, she was serious enough about being in the entertainment industry at age 14. She was born in 1987, and raised in the bronx and the dominican republic. She is classified as a musician, songwriter, and dancer in the usa. During her career so far she has had a successful success as a artist making many records and recordings. It allows her to be a really sexy-looking actress too.

And alisa reyes

Writer, artist, actress, acting coach
what ethnicity alisa is with a background check that makes us italian, irish, caribbean, indian and dominican is difficult to ascertain. We're going to go for the dominican, for the sake of this post. She was born in new york, in 1981. She has tried her hand with animated characters in a few videos and voice-overs. She creates or publishes items like books for children while she is not working. Alisa has its own superboat racing unit, as an optional bonus. Sporty, sexy, clever.

And cris urena

Renowned as a luxury blogger, fashion model
cris is based in new york where she wowed all the hot blooded males when she modeled victoria's secret lingerie. Founded in 1991, she grew up in the dominican republic but moved to the us when she was very young. She has also made roles in four films. Her pictures are so hot and attractive, showing off that beautiful body, it's not hard to see we're going to hear even more about this gorgeous young lady looking.

Kimberly Castillo

Miss italia nel repubblica dominicana 2010, miss dominican republic 2014
kimberly rose to fame in 2010, in a beauty pageant. But when she represented the dominican republic in the 2014 miss universe contest she really turned heads. She was unplaced because we all know that the judges are a little nuts in this competition. She stands an incredible 6' tall, so only short guys will dream of her. Kim has two degrees, clever as well as stunning, one for architecture, the other for fashion design. to understand how beautiful and hot this girl feels, you have to see pictures of her.

Geisha hill

Actress, model, tv host
this stunning young lady was born in 1987, and through school and university, she studied graphic art and some other subjects. She is listed as an actress, and now lives in new york. She plays the drums for her passions, and has a wide variety of sporting activities. Even she is an experienced model. You can add attractive, sexy, and sweet.

Diana escotto: "mizz dr"

Supermodel, actress
diana enjoys being referred to as mizz dr. She is a supermodel and actress aged 26, but not much information seems to be available about her. What we found is that the "dr" could mean "derriere," which is french for the butt. Diana is given a beautiful booty. It is rumored she's active in the hip-hop scene.