A new girls club for the most powerful women on the planet we pledge to trade and exchange our secrets, our knowledge and our power.

We are Women in Digital. 





September 12 – 14, 2018

Our Events

You'll meet the power network you never knew you had, leave competition at the door and learn how to empower yourself by empowering others. You'll also learn all the latest in digital as we geek out on the nerdy stuff. Upcoming EventsFind Your City


Sorry guys, but with the exception of our National Conference, we would prefer you not attend our events. Why? By nature, when faced with challenges, women respond by creating community.


This is ours.


Private Slack

Join 900+ members on our private Slack for a 24/7 power exchange on topics ranging from salary negotiation to mansplain handling or the nerdiest of digital know-how.

Peer Circles

You’ll be assigned to a totally confidential Ask & Give peer circle in your city.

Free Events

Free monthly meet ups, $200.00 off our national conference and discounts to partner events (like 24% off SXSW).


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