Why we exist. 

In digital, more men than women hold the power or leadership positions. Our mission is to empower individual members who will then empower each other. We like to call it a new girls club.

How we do it.

We pledge to grant 12 “gives” and 12 “asks” to other members per year. Giving is the easy part. Our members find making a true “ask” to be the most transformative challenge. Read the pledge here.

Who joins.

Our events and memberships are exclusive to women in digital marketing, advertising and communications. And not men. Why? Honestly, it just happened that way and it works. Our first event excluded men so our founder could deliver her tell all in the confidence and safety of a female audience. We’ve kept it that way ever since.


Rock Your Spirit and Your Mind

Forget those awful networking events. This is a network.

Something magical happens when you break all of the rules and put the most powerful women in digital into one room.

Our events are structured to envoke engagement – true engagement. We put our pledge into practice and extend “asks” and grant “gives” while our speakers inspire with their vulnerability or enlighten with their digital badassery.

So Much to Say, So Many Pixels

Blog and Podcast

The Value of a Women in Digital Membership

The Value of a Women in Digital – How to Sell it to Your Boss or Yourself By: Angela Petrie Becoming a founding member of Women in Digital means becoming part of a movement. A movement to influence our industry’s future, and better yourself and those around you. It...

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Dear Cincinnati,

There's so much I left out yesterday. So, I feel a letter is in order. You left Michelle and I completely invigorated and neither one of us could sleep last night in spite of the fact that our bodies are aching from the exhaustion and mental energy spent and invested...

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Episode 6: SXSW Podcast Stage

by Alaina Shearer and Kelsea Wiggins | Slings and Arrows

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