A new network with all the power. We are women in digital. 

Your digital chops make you one of the most powerful women on the planet. Together, we join to share knowledge, to inspire each other and to become empowered by that strength. Forget the old boys clubs, they’ve got nothing on ours. 

Why we exist. 

We are more powerful together than alone and there is work to be done. In digital, more men then women hold the power positions. We have also been fighting against each other for far too long. It’s time we unite to share what we know and build a new future.

How we do it.

We pledge to grant 12 “gives” and 12 “asks” to other members per year. Giving is the easy part. Our members find making a true “ask” to be the most transformative challenge. Read the pledge here.

Who joins.

Our events and memberships are exclusive to women in digital marketing, advertising and communications. And not men. Why? Honestly, it just happened that way and it works. Our first event excluded men so our founder could delivery her tell all without fear of male judgement. We’ve kept it that way ever since.

Join Us.

Support Yourself and Women in Digital

Become a Member

You’ll get all the love– like serious event discounts, access to our locked down member forum (where we feast on each other’s brilliant insights and exchange “asks” and “gives” daily) and first dibs on tickets to all events.

Our first 300 founding members get a FREE Women in Digital bracelet. More details.


Annual Membership

$250/ Year
  • Log in to private “ask” and “give” forum
  • First access to in-demand, sold out events
  • Significant discounts on all events including $200.00 off our national conference
  • FREE Women in Digital Bracelet
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Rock Your Spirit + Your Mind

Forget those awful networking events. This is a network.

Something magical happens when you break all of the rules and put the most powerful women in digital marketing, communications and advertising into one room.

Our events are structured to envoke engagement – true engagement. We put our pledge into practice and grant “asks” and “gives” while our speakers you inspire with their vulnerability or empower you with their digital badassery. 

Blog and Podcast

The latest from the Women in Digital team (and you).

The New Women in Digital

What began as a single event in Columbus, Ohio has now become a national movement to empower women in digital by connecting them to their most powerful allies – each other. Today, we are thrilled to reveal the new Women in Digital brand and website.

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Why I’m Here

Last week, I celebrated the one year anniversary of the job that I almost didn’t take. There were many reasons that I almost turned down the chance to lead social media at a Fortune 500 company, most of which were in my head. Many of which stemmed from the three quotes that I listed above.

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Episode 6: SXSW Podcast Stage

by Alaina Shearer and Kelsea Wiggins | Slings and Arrows