A new girls club for the most powerful women on the planet we pledge to trade and exchange our secrets, our knowledge and our power.

We are Women in Digital. 



Gender bias and discrimination is still running rampant within the digital and tech industries, which now bleed into marketing, advertising and communications. We’re no where near where we should be and we need men and women in all facets of our industry to mobilize for change.

Never before have women been so powerful. So entirely capable of actually making a difference. Why? Because we have digital.

Digital is our power.
Sisterhood is our secret weapon. 
Uniting is a must. 

Together, we aim to connect women in digital through engaging and educational events and then to enable them with the confidence and membership tools they need to exchange their power. The men who support us will understand our need to gather alone to regroup, share and find our sisterhood.

Join us.


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Our Events

You'll meet the power network you never knew you had, leave competition at the door and learn how to empower yourself by empowering others. You'll also learn all the latest in digital as we geek out on the nerdy stuff. Upcoming EventsFind Your City


Sorry guys, but with the exception of our Annual Conference, you are not permitted to attend our events. Why? By nature, when faced with challenges, women respond by creating community.

This is ours.

Women in Digital is exactly like your website reads – it wasn’t a networking event, it IS a network.  With your support, I am able to fearlessly pursue my career goals and stay centered to may values.  WID is life changing for me…see you at the next meeting!

Sarah Tsai

Sales Enablement Consultant, NR Media Group

As a new comer to a new state, Women in Digital offered me a place to share, network, learn and ask for help. The members are all strong and inspiring leaders who I feel privileged to be amongst.

Kristi Daraban

Vice President, Social Media, Nationwide Insurance

There is some kind of magic that happens at Women in Digital events. The group has empowered me in immeasurable ways.

Sara Smith Oberst

Executive Director Integrated Development , Resource/Ammirati, An IBM Company

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